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This article was first published 5 years ago  » Getahead » How yoga changed Shilpa Shetty's life

How yoga changed Shilpa Shetty's life

June 21, 2018 10:51 IST
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The actor uploaded a video of her doing pranayama on Instagram on Yoga Day.

Shilpa Shetty

Photographs: Courtesy Shilpa Shetty/Instagram

'Dear Instafam, 'prana' means life (no life without breath), and 'ayama' means practice/control,' wrote Shilpa Shetty on her Instagram page. 

'So when you practice control over breath you WILL have control over your LIFE and MIND,' she added.

'It not only cleanses 72,000 nadis/channels, your mind and blood, but that cleansing process translates into energy, SHAKTI.

'This power helps you positively manifest your AURA, RELATIONSHIPS, SELF-AWARENESS and GOALS.

'This International Yoga Day start with pranayama. Welcome the NEW you. Inhale the future. Exhale the past. Enjoy the present.'

When Shilpa Shetty was suffering from cervical spondylosis, the physiotherapist advised her to do yoga.

'That is how I got into this and realised it (yoga) not only healed my neck, but also strengthened it as well,' the actor said in an interview.

'The most important thing about the injury is you need to strengthen it back again from the core. Yoga helps you do that.'

Talking about the benefits of yoga, she added, 'Yoga is quite brilliant. You feel peaceful after doing yoga, and peace equals to happiness.

'I feel yoga is the road to happiness. It is about body balance and building core strength.

'It not only strengthens your body, but also your mind and bones. The alignment of these three aspects of your life make you far more centered, energetic and stronger.

'Early morning or evening yoga (before sunset) is great. As long as you haven't eaten 2-3 hours before.'

Shilpa Shetty

The actor dedicates at least 15 minutes a day for her breathing exercises.

'If I can't do my entire workout regime, I follow my fitness schedule thrice a week. Yoga and weight training too,' she said.

'Once you are over 35, you lose a lot of muscle mass and bone density. Hence you need to work on strength and agility.'

Her favourite exercise is the the rope workouts, which she enjoys learning.

Shilpa is also doing advance yoga right now. 'That requires a lot of core strength building.'

When quizzed about the secret to her svelte figure she added, 'I just walk take the stairs wherever I can. No separate cardio.

'I eat a heavy breakfast, heavy lunch and a lighter dinner.

'You only need energy in the day that is why we need to keep the carbs low at night.

Shilpa Shetty

'I take a high-protein fibre diet.'

Her advice to stay healthy is 'choose the right carbs'.

'I eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits that have fibre and minerals,' she adds.

'I have at least two liters of water, that is, eight to 10 glasses of water.

'It may not necessarily be just water. It can be lime water with mint. I always carry a glass bottle that has mint, sauf (fennel seed) and jeera (black cumin).

As for what she avoids, Shilpa said, 'I try to avoid refined things like white sugar, white bread and fine flour. Not so much rice though.

'I try and stick to red rice and brown rice.

'A few times, if I like to have naan with butter or biryani, I do indulge in it.'


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