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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Harleen Finds The Perfect Sunset

Harleen Finds The Perfect Sunset

January 18, 2023 17:07 IST
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Harleen Sethi followed her dil and ended up in Bali.

(If it was as simple as that we would give our hearts a major talking to too.)

Primed for some ocean-side bliss, the Broken But Beautiful actor hit as many strips of gorgeous sand as Bali possesses, we think.

Her pics are a full on reminder that 'she chooses to love herself unconditionally in every moment and every situation in life'.

The dancer-anchor did the karna-hi-hai Bali routine -- a fair share of pub crawling, evenings at stunning beaches, plunges into the clearest waters and lotsa eat-pray-love romping.

Most critical on that list was obviously Bang On Hols Dressing For The Socials. That's a life and death matter.

IMAGE: Imagine going into a store and choosing gross papaya-coloured swimwear?
If you see how well it worked for Harleen you might re-consider.
The shade is a lovely match against the toasty tones of the setting sun and the tropical green.
In this tweet-sparking, knee-weakening water ensemble, she could have bid for a role in an Indian remake of Blue Lagoon.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Harleen Sethi/Instagram


IMAGE: One more snapshot for you to see its wholesome goodness.
It's a cheeky little deal -- the half-a-dozen hip slits play a game of tease.


IMAGE: Beach Rule #253: Always greet the sun in the mother of all polka dotted bows. And the sun god will shine on you favourably.
Oh and let the naughty wind create a tempest with your matching skirt.
Woohoo Harleen.


IMAGE: H has special pyaar for the colour yellow. Maybe it makes her feel like a sunflower.
For some reason this pic reminds us of Priyanka Chopra stepping out of the water in a golden bikini in Dostana.


IMAGE: If can't afford a helicopter, find a bicycle.
A pretty white cycle, please.
And the right biking costume.
With school-girl knee-high socks just like Emily (did) In Paris.


IMAGE: There's a lot to feel envious about in this frame: Her locale. How yummy Harleen looks spilling out of a dress roses have chosen to dance about on. And that ice cream....


IMAGE: Bathing Suit No 3. It definitely outclasses the papaya stuff.
And there's the sunglasses. The hot-air balloons behind. Sparkling sea. An enviable tan. The tatttoo.
Dear Zindagi, give us a vacay like Harleen's.


Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/
Feature Presentation: Aslam Hunani/


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