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Lilly Singh turns up the heat in Vogue photo shoot

By Rediff Get Ahead
November 14, 2019 10:31 IST
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YouTube sensation Lilly Singh gets you in the mood for winter with her latest cover for Vogue

Photographs: Courtesy Vogue/Instagram

Winter is here, but Lilly Singh's Vogue cover is sure to make you break into a sweat.

Dropping some serious style inspiration for the season, she upped the glam quotient in a gold bomber jacket, paired with a black T-shirt.

With her hair worn loose in curls, she finished off the look with nude lips and bold eyes.

Dressed in bomber jackets, multi-colour silhouettes and floral dresses, Lilly provides serious style inspiration.

Sharing the cover on Instagram, she wrote an inspirational post for her followers: 'I don't know if you can relate but as I grow older, the biggest challenges I face in life are the ones that live within me.

'There are no longer bullies at school but rather a bully in my head.

'It's no longer about what people are saying but what I'm telling myself. It's no longer limitations from teachers and parents, but it's the limits I place on myself.

'It's the insecurity, the fear and the uncertainty. If you can relate, join me this morning in taking a moment to remember every time you conquered your inner demons.

'Remember every time you didn't think you could push anymore but somehow you did. The time your heart felt so heavy yet you still managed to lift it.

'The time you worked through dark, confusing clouds and moved forward anyways. This morning, let's remember to keep moving as we've always done.'

She added: 'When I was younger, I would never consider myself fashionable, fabulous or stylish.

'I definitely didn't think I was Vogue material. I was a weird, loud, goofy tomboy who was always doing the most silly tomfoolery.

'As I've grown up, especially recently, I've learned to fully embrace all parts of myself including how I speak, how I dress, who I choose to love, my career path and all my wacky tendencies.

'This is my first Vogue cover. God willing it's the first of many to come. It's a reminder that the most fabulous, stylish and fabulous thing you can be is your authentic self. That's true beauty. Thank you @vogueindia.'

Photographed by Greg Swales, the cover has been styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania.

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