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This article was first published 3 years ago  » Getahead » Food » 4 delicious recipes from a Thai kitchen

4 delicious recipes from a Thai kitchen

November 17, 2020 13:24 IST
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Chef Suriya Preechapiputpong from Thaiphoon shares his special Thai recipes.

Bah Mee Tom Yam Namkon


  • 100 gm ramen noodles
  • 200 ml coconut milk (thick)
  • 50 ml coconut milk (thin)
  • 10 gm tom yum paste
  • 10 lemon grass sticks, sliced
  • 10 gm galangal, sliced
  • 5 kafir leaves, julienned
  • 30 gm baby corn, sliced
  • 30 gm baby mushroom, cut in quarters
  • 40 gm prawns
  • 10 ml lime juice
  • 15 ml tamarind pulp
  • 5 ml fish sauce
  • 5 gm palm sugar


  • Saute tom yum paste with oil till it leaves a nice aroma.
    Add kafir lime leaves, galangal and lemongrass.
  • Add 200 ml thick coconut milk and saute.
    Stir in the tom yam paste followed by baby corn and mushrooms.
  • Add prawns and cook till it is half done.
    Add coconut milk of thin consistency, seasoning and keep simmering till the prawns is cooked well.
  • Add fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar water, tamarind pulp and cook it well.
  • Adjust the seasoning as per your taste and liking.
    Serve the dish with ramen noodles.

Khai Soi


  • 30 ml vegetable oil 
  • 150 ml coconut milk
  • 200 ml water
  • 50 ml coconut milk (thin)
  • 15 ml tamarind paste
  • 3 tbsp khao soi curry paste
  • ½  tbsp khao soi powder
  • ½  tbsp palm sugar
  • 100 gm marinated chicken
  • 50 gm soft boiled eggs 
  • 10 lime slices
  • 2 tbsp fish sauce
  • 2 tbsp boullion
  • 20 gm crispy noodles 
  • 20 gm onion, sliced
  • 1 tbsp garlic oil
  • Coriander, chopped
  • 5 gm sambhal oelek
  • 60 gm chop suey noodles  


  • Saute khao sai paste with oil till it gets a nice aroma.
    Add 150 ml thick coconut milk and saute till the coconut leaves aroma.
  • Add chicken and cook till the chicken is half cooked.
    Add the coconut milk of thin consistency.
  • Add tamarind paste, khao soi powder, palm sugar, soft boiled eggs, fish sauce, boullion, salt, pepper and keep simmering till the chicken is cooked well.
  • Adjust the seasoning as per your taste and liking.
    Top it up with garlic oil, sambhal oelek while assembling the noodle bowl.
    You can serve with flat egg noodles and a side of crispy noodles, onion slices, lemon slices and coriander for garnish.

Nam Tok Gai


  • 180 gm chicken thigh boneless
  • 20 gm onion, sliced
  • 20 spring onion, sliced
  • 5 springs of mint
  • 5 coriander leaves
  • 15 gm khao khua (roasted sticky rice with herbs)
  • Salad dressing
  • 50 gm cucumber
  • 20 gm cherry tomatoes


  • Marinate the chicken and set it aside for a few hours.
    Grill the chicken till it is cooked and then slice it. 
  • Slice onions, cherry tomatoes, mint, coriander, spring onions.
    Mix all ingredients well with the roasted sticky rice, sliced onions, salad dressing and herbs.
  • Serve the dish with cucumber on the side.

Massaman Curry


  • 40 gm red curry paste
  • 50 gm potato
  • 25 gm peanut, crushed and roasted
  • 200 ml coconut milk (thick)
  • 15 gm garam masala
  • 20 gm tamarind paste
  • 5 ml vegetable oil
  • 5 gm boullion
  • 200 gm steamed rice
  • Onion cubes for garnish


  • Saute the curry paste with oil till it gets nice aroma.
    Add 200 ml thick coconut milk and saute.
  • Add potato followed with garam masala, tamarind paste, boullion and keep simmering till it is well cooked.
    Adjust seasoning as per your taste.
  • Top it with onion cubes, and crushed roasted peanut and serve with steam rice.

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