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'Our Fathers Are Our Real Heroes'

June 16, 2024 17:11 IST
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Father's Day:

IMAGE: Girish Karadalli with his father Mahadevayya Karadalli and his son. Photograph: Kind courtesy Girish Karadalli

"I have learnt, and continue to learn, many things from my father. One of the main things I am trying to learn is to stay calm and composed in all situations," says Girish Karadalli from Kalaburagi, Karnataka, about his Papa, Mahadevayya Karadalli.

A person with clear ideas, the nature to bring everyone together, a leader by birth and always helping the people around him; he is none other than my father, Mahadevayya Karadalli.

His simple living habits and concern for society have earned, and continue to earn, him a lot of love and respect.

He is a famous writer, motivational speaker and well versed in economics.

I have always seen my father active in life. I hardly ever saw him sitting idle.

Earlier he was always busy with his bank work and social activities but, after retirement, he has dedicated most of his time for social activities.

Despite his busy schedule, he has always made sure that he spent enough time with his family. Generally, at night, we all eat together.

I remember the stories he used to tell me during my childhood. That's probably why I love reading stories, novels and telling stories to others.

My father was a banker by profession. Though he retired nine years ago, I never felt that he is retired due to his continuously active life.

It was only during the Corona period that I saw him at home. Even then, he was not idle. He would read, write, take online sessions and keep busy.

I have learnt, and continue to learn, many things from my father.

One of the main things I am trying to learn is to stay calm and composed in all situations.

COVID was a very scary time for everyone but my father always inspired them to be brave, accept the situation and face it with courage.

My father is a disciplined man. Although I can't be as disciplined as him, but I am trying to be more disciplined in life.

He has always given importance to health and follows his routine with dedication.

He is a straightforward person and speaks truthfully to one's face which sometimes hurts others. But, as they say, 'The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurt forever.'

Parents play an important role in child's development. We learn to face world with courage by seeing our fathers. Our fathers are our real heroes and the supportive force behind our fathers are our mothers.

This article is a tribute to my father and to all the fathers of this world for the sacrifices they make for their children and family.

We can't thank our parents for what they did for us. I have not achieved my goals but will continue to work towards them and make my family proud.

I have learnt a lot from my father and would like to be good person and a good father to my son.

Being a father, I can relate to the situations and hardships my father would have gone through; it's not an easy role.

Thank you, Papa. Thank you for being there for me always.

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you, Girish, for introducing us to your wonderful father.


Father's Day: Ram Singh

Photograph: Kind courtesy Swaroop Kumar

"My Papa was the most magnificent and magical man," says Swaroop Kumar.

My Papa, Ram Singh, married my mom, Durga. They were married for 60 years and known as Ramdurga.

My Papa was the most magnificent and magical man in my life.

No legacy was so rich in honesty as my Papa's. I am truly grateful to have my Papa in my life.

I thank my Papa for being such a great role model.

I am who I am because of my Papa.

Thank you for telling us what your father means to you, Swaroop.


Father's Day: Mohan Lal Roongta

Photograph: Kind courtesy Raj Kumar Roongta

"The best lessons my father, the late Mohan Lal Roongta, taught me were honesty, dignity and self-respect," says Raj Kumar Roongta from Kolkata.

My father is my way of life.

The best lessons he taught me were honesty, dignity and self-respect.

He has always been an inspiration for me.

Thank you, Raj, for telling us about your father.

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