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Esha Shows her Love for Yoga

By Rediff Get Ahead
June 21, 2021 11:04 IST
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7 times Esha Guupta proved she deserves to be the poster girl for yoga.

IMAGE: For the stunning actress, 'Yoga is not a workout, it is a work-in'.
Esha says, 'Yog' is a pre-Vedic Indian practice, which is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual self.
'Hence personally I'm not a fan of the Western version of yoga where it's taken as a mere exercise.'
Photographs: Kind courtesy Esha Guupta/Instagram


IMAGE: 'Whenever I'm feeling negative, I try and focus on all the blessings I still have,' writes Esha.
'By God's grace if you have a roof above your head, food to eat, a family that loves you and is healthy, you are already blessed by God.'


IMAGE: Yoga is a way of life for Esha, who turned to yoga to curb her pandemic worries.


IMAGE: For people who lack motivation to get on the mat and take some time out for yoga, hopefully Esha can inspire you.


IMAGE: 'Be loyal and consistent, everyday try and be a better version of yourself. Don't think you are in a rat race. We all have our different paths, find yours with self love and positivity,' she shares.


IMAGE: Her impressive asanas show off her perfect form.

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