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Aamna Sharif shows off her flexibility

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: May 25, 2021 16:00 IST
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Yoga might just be the secret to Aamna Sharif's killer bod -- her Instagram account is filled with impressive workout and meditation poses.

The pics are a proof that the television actress is a dedicated yogi and yoga is a key part of her fitness journey.

IMAGE: Aamna demonstrates a clever way to workout the legs and arms without too much sweat.
To stay relaxed, especially during the pandemic, she dedicates a few minutes to meditation daily.
It helps her stay grounded and keep her thoughts in check.
'We're all trying to help one another, but don't forget to check on yourself between the chaos,' she posts on Instagram.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Aamna Sharif/Instagram


IMAGE: Aamna pushing the limits with this balancing act.
She proves that one doesn't need fancy equipment to get a good workout.
'Yoga for me is not just about getting the posture right or being able to do complex asanas. Yoga is like food for my soul,' she shares.


IMAGE: This is how she took her stretching exercises a notch higher.
Aamna usually starts her day with some body movements, mindfulness and positivity.

IMAGE: Aamna looks ready to take off with aerial yoga.


IMAGE: 'Every morning I come to my mat with an intention and that sets a precedent for my entire day,' she says.
'My meditation journey has helped me overcome the lowest and the toughest phase of my life, it has helped me filter all the negative thoughts and focus on only the positive ones, made me be grateful for what I have rather then be thankless for what I lack... turn my weaknesses into my strengths... relate to people in a more humane way and most important to overcome all uncertain fears that crop up in life.'

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