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Dress Like Aahana, Genelia For New Year's Eve

December 26, 2022 12:40 IST
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It's time to fondly wave 2022 goodbye with the most extravagantly suitable New Year fashion protocol.

Where should you go looking for the top tips to get into the appropriate 2023-welcoming style...

Why to apna celebs, of course.

Tip #1: Find a nice flower to put behind your ear or weave in your hair. They cost little and work magic.
The white-yellow champa blossom steals the show from Aahana Kumra's blue paani and sunny days-<wallah dress.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Gaia Tree Label/Instagram


Tip #2: It's all about the tresses.
Updo. Undo. Deconstructed messy bun. Sideswept. Lemonade braids... Plan your hair like Deepika Padukone has -- is it planned? -- in the borrowed-from-the-boys-cut pink pant suit.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Joolry/Instagram


Tip #3: Yes jewellery or no jewellery?
Less can always be more and zilch jewellery is often a great way to go.
But if you would like to flaunt it, choose a few stand-out stylish pieces like Genelia Deshmukh has with her glorious Merlot-hue strappy dress.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Joolry/Instagram


Tip #4: Sequins are for New Year bashes. You can't shy away from them at NYE, gals.
Mithila Palkar says she is 'channeling her inner shiny disco ball style with a sprinkling of Ariana Grande' -- hmm -- in the pale sequin number that's great for sipping cocktails at the bar.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Anmol Jewellers/Instagram


Tip #5: Show off your best feature/s.
Stand in front of the mirror and decide if it's lovely abs you wanna highlight or your giraffe-elegant legs etc etc.
Sharvari knows she has cleavage to show off and chooses clothes with that single-minded purpose in mind.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Joolry/Instagram


Tip #6: Two hard and fast rules -- you can NEVER go wrong in a sari. Nor EVER with white.
Look at Shwetha Tripathi Sharma. It's QED on both counts.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mala and Kinnary India/Instagram


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