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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » Disha, Mira, Mouni Say YES! To Black

Disha, Mira, Mouni Say YES! To Black

December 27, 2022 10:21 IST
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If you are struggling to stay far away from the trusty LBD, or even from black, for the 31st... Don't.

An eternal classic, it's so, so, so much more than just a colour.

It's flattering. Versatile. A little badass at times. But mostly top-notch sophisticated.

Be ready to break a few hearts -- and not your bank -- as you grandly float out of 2022 in the majestic shade.

A few cues from an assortment of fashion heroes...


Mm-hmm, what a delicious arc of peepholes.
If you don't flash a bit of leg and quite a lot more as Disha Patani does at a 2022-2023 New Year do, then when will you, pray tell?
Photograph: Kind courtesy Disha Patani/Instagram


A mermaid profile in black like #DimpleDollSoundarya aka Soundarya Sharma can be mighty erotic, even if you are soberly fully clothed.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Soundarya Sharma/Instagram


It's something in black.
Not sure of its exact species.
The point is: Even Karishma Kotak's casual black is NYE-befitting.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Karishma Kotak/Instagram


Thumb rule: Aim for the shortest distance between necklines and hemlines.
Mouni Roy is puttering along on a good path.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mouni Roy/Instagram


Sleek as a black cat.
A kittenish Mira Kapoor owns the night in a beaut of a one-shoulder top and elegant trousers.
The shoes? Sort of meh...
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mira Kapoor/Instagram


Green jewellery. Gold. Black. And a sari.
Esha Gupta on how well the LBS (Long Black Sari) functions for bringing in 2023.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Esha Gupta/Instagram


Sara Tendulkar calls the flight of steps, that take a guest into the Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, a 'STAREcase'.
Yeah, you can't help gawking at her lacy but endearing dress.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sara Tendulkar/Instagram


Hasn't the Maldives and its overwatervillas seen all of India's top beauties?
Mehreen Pirzada joins the list in a crisscross cropped top and flared skirt that's a must wear, folks.
The only thing prettier than Mehreen on the white sand is the setting sun behind her.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mehreen Pirzada/Instagram


Latex Lovely: Sonnalli Seygall's high-neck number will bring on the gasps.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonnalli Seygall/Instagram


Another super latex moment worth emulating -- pleather skirt, knit top with beads and faux diamonds hanging from the waist, leather boots, windswept hair.
Step back, people.
Sakshi Malik is licensed to kill.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sakshi Malik/Instagram


The flowers are no match for the overall allure of what Shanaya Kapoor put together -- the black ganji and pinstripe trousers etc.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shanaya Kapoor/Instagram


Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/
Feature Presentation: Aslam Hunani/

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