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'What is the procedure to apply for TOEFL?'

May 26, 2015 11:15 IST
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"What matters is your focus and your ability to use the opportunities life will give you.

"If the greatest and most successful companies in America of modern times, be it Apple or MS, is made by college dropouts, then why are you worried about your back logs.

"Now focus on GRE, research, write good can reach where you want.

Overseas education consultant NNS Chandra shared these words of advice to an aspirant.

'How to apply for TOEFL?'In an online chat with readers on May 26, 2015, overseas education consultant NNS Chandra addressed queries related to pursuing a course in the US.

For those who missed the chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Thirumurthy MESALA: hi sir my name is Vijay. I did my BE in EEE with 6.46 CGPA with many no of backlogs but all those are been cleared before the final semester.

Will I be able to pursue ms in USA or Aus or New Zealand with this percentage and this much amount of backlogs

NNS Chandra: Hi Thirumurthy, Good for you that you had a wonderful engineering years!

I can see that. Because I were in the same boat 30 years back when I was doing my engineering.

Had backlogs (we used to call them 'supplees') challenging internals.

It did not stop me from continuing my academic career, and coming to USA.

It is all about your determination man!

What matters is your focus and your ability to use the opportunities life will give you.

If the greatest and most successful companies in America of modern times, be it Apple or MS, is made by college dropouts, then why are you worried about your back logs.

Now focus on GRE, research, write good can reach where you want.

ATLAS: My son is going for Management in Information system in Buffalo, New York.

What is the scope in India after his completion ? He has experience of 4 years in MNC after B.E.(IT).

NNS Chandra: Your son would be 40 minutes from my home! Great school, good community, and upstate New York is stunningly beautiful area, he would love it.

His BE plus MIS masters can steady his career. Absolutely. I would encourage him to focus more on research. That would expose him for more opportunities in life and career.

OCHITYA KUMAR PODDAR: Hi Sir, I am looking to do my Masters in Business Analytics either at Arizona State University or Rutgers University . Can I have your 2 cents on this ?

NNS Chandra: Both are great learning centers, Mr Kumar.

In my opinion, North East would give you opportunities in internships, volunteering and community. But I am a bit biased.

I was in Rutgers few days back. Took my students for a tour of their Med School.

AVISHIKTA DEY: My son would be completing his Masters in Commerce (Finance) from India next year, 2016.

He is interested to pursue his studies in the US.

Can you please help us on the courses and the procedure to apply. And also would like to know if he can avail scholarship.Thanks and regards, A Dey

NNS Chandra: Wonderful. Dey – can I assume that your son want to take up doctoral studies? Or looking to do short term courses?

Which school is he doing his masters? How is his GPA? Is his work research based?

Sweekar: I want to go to US for work, I have masters degree with 8+ years of IT experience. is it possible what all are the ways apart from education

NNS Chandra: Securing a job and coming to US in IT should not be a challenge these days.

We do not deal with those files. Look at online job sites like etc. and/or create LinkedIn profile, you should be fine.All the best.

arvind puri: My son has scored 95 per cent in 12th board exams. Now I want to send him to MIT, USA . Tell me how ?

NNS Chandra: Congratulations. You should be so proud, Puri.

MIT is an excellent choice. What kind of programme is he looking at? Math? Science? For UG or for Masters?

paras nagda: Greetings ! I am a CA and working as an EA to the CFO of a reputed company.

I am thinking of going to the States for an MBA among the top 10 universities after 4-5 years of experience.

Pl let me know if the 16 years of education criteria needs to be met since I am a CA.

Also, how valued is this degree there. Would like to know about scholarships as well. Thanks !

NNS Chandra: Good for you Paras Nagda. All the best.

Yes most schools must accept your academic process top earn the CA designation in their admission process. But you might require getting your academic content (course work) evaluated.

Your experience also counts.

Scholarships and financial assistance/aid is offered along with admission. There can be few college based and general funding sources my students go after. That is directed after securing admission.

ashoke das: Hi sir my son doing mba nd its last yer. He want to study uk or australia on human resource. Plz sujest me where i sent him for that. My buget is around 25 lakhs.

NNS Chandra: Can I know where he is doing his masters, Ashoke Das?

I can suggest both long and short term courses, as well as designation/certification opportunities in HR. Please let me know the details, grades (GPA), interests, internships done etc

AMIT SAHA: Dear Mr.ChandraMy son just passed ICSE with 96 per cent marks and he wants to be an Economist and he wants to study in Harvard University.

Can you please give your best suggestion so that he can successfully achieve his target!!

NNS Chandra: Congratulations. You should be so proud, Shah. Harvard is an excellent choice. What kind of program is he looking at? For UG or for Masters?

Gajanan Bose: What is the procedure to apply for TOEFL?

NNS Chandra: Hi Gajan, Please visit TOEFL website. Look at registration form.

Walk-ins are not allowed. You must register for exam.

You can Register Online - register 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pay with a credit/debit card.

Registration closes seven days before your test date.

You can register By Phone - Review the Registration Form before you call.

Registration closes seven days before your test date (not including the day of the test).You can register By Mail.

Download and fill out a Registration Form. And send.

Vinay Shukla: Hello sir, My name is Vinay, currently im pursuing B tech in 2nd year i. I wanted to know information about how to enter masachusets university for M tech? thanks

NNS Chandra: Dear Vinay – are you thinking of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) or UMass (University of Massachusetts)

Jeeten Gurbani: My Daughter has completed her Graduation in IT.

She would be interested in completing her Masters in US Pls suggest good colleges

NNS Chandra: Jeeten Gurbani – Can you be more specific, please?

From where did she complete her UG? Which University? Grades? Her subject areas? Interests?

Venkatesh: Hi sir, I have appeared for my TYBcom this year. Waiting for my results. I am very keen to join a financial firm, can you suggest me the best MBA program(finance) in Australia?

NNS Chandra: Please take a look at QUT Business School (Queensland University of Technology) and their MBA program in applied finance.

If you are interested in corporate finance – this programme could give you total support.

My student who went to this programme had all well about this.

University of Technology Sydney – UTS Business, is another place which I would request you to consider.

There are several programmes and schools in Australia.

If you are more specific and if I know your grades, internships, career interests I might be able to guide me more properly.

Rajan shah: hello sir I am rajan S, and I am a HSC student and I want to study BA from UK.

It would be a great help if you tell me the details of scholarships and courses, thank you

NNS Chandra: Hi Rajan S, which grade are you in? Which programme? Where are you studying? What are your interests?

If I know these I could guide you properly.

Merit scholarships are available in limited numbers, but is a challenge to get them as an international candidate.

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