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Did Jadeja Take IPL 2024's Best Catch?

April 20, 2024 13:16 IST
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IMAGE: CSK team-mates congratulate Ravindra Jadeja on his brilliant catch. Photograph: BCCI

Friday night's clash witnessed a display of sharp cricketing prowess from K L Rahul and Ravindra Jadeja.

While Rahul's agile work behind the stumps proved pivotal in stifling CSK's batting lineup, Ravindra Jadeja once again showcased his reputation as a fielding maestro.

Notably, Rahul joined the ranks as the second wicket-keeper for LSG to effect three dismissals in an innings, following Quinton de Kock's feat against SRH in Hyderabad last year.

A look at the best catches of the match:


K L Rahul

KL Rahul

Rahul showcased his exceptional reflexes with a stunning diving catch to dismiss Ruturaj Gaikwad!

Yash Thakur's delivery, a well-directed length ball that seamed away slightly, deceived Gaikwad, who drove away from his body. The edge flew towards Rahul behind the wickets, and with a full-length dive to his right, the LSG captain displayed remarkable agility to pouch the ball, sending Gaikwad back to the pavilion for 17 runs off 13 balls.

Later, Rahul showcased his safe hands behind the wickets with a sharp catch to dismiss Shivam Dube too.

Marcus Stoinis, bowling the first ball of his spell, delivered a short ball. Dube, known for his power-hitting, went for a big pull shot from outside off-stump. However, he miscued the shot, slicing the ball high in the air towards mid-wicket.

Recognising the opportunity, Rahul called for the catch with confidence and then displayed excellent anticipation, sprinting forward to pouch the ball comfortably. Dube's dismissal for just 3 runs off 8 balls proved to be a crucial blow for CSK, putting them on the back foot.

In the 13th over, with CSK already under pressure, Krunal Pandya produced a clever delivery to dismiss the dangerous Sameer Rizvi.

Pandya, sensing an opportunity, cleverly shortened his length and induced some turn on the ball. Rizvi, attempting a big heave across the line, lost complete control of his shot. Lightning-fast behind the stumps, Rahul capitalised on Rizvi's misjudgment with a simple yet effective stumping. The dismissal, for just 1 run, left CSK in a precarious position at 93/5.

Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja

Jadeja's reputation as a fielding great was cemented once again on Friday night, as he produced a sensational one-handed catch to dismiss Rahul during CSK's clash against LSG.

The drama unfolded in the 18th over of LSG's chase. Rahul, looking dominant with a score of 82 off 53 balls, attempted a cut shot off a short and wide delivery from Matheesha Pathirana. The ball seemed destined to race past the infield, but Jadeja, positioned at point, had other plans.

Jadeja dived full-length to his left, defying gravity as he snagged the ball with his outstretched left hand. Disbelief washed over the crowd as both Rahul and CSK Skipper Ruturaj Gaikwad, stationed nearby, watched the improbable catch unfold.

Despite the on-field call being out, the sheer improbability of the grab sent shivers down everyone's spine. Replays revealed a tense few moments as the third umpire meticulously examined every angle. A crucial blind spot added to the drama, but upon closer inspection, it was confirmed -- Jadeja had his fingers firmly under the ball.

This one-handed stunner, arguably the best catch of the IPL season so far, not only provided CSK with a vital breakthrough but also highlighted Jadeja's exceptional fielding skills. While Pathirana's delivery might not have been a masterpiece, it became the catalyst for a defining moment in the match, thanks to Jadeja's brilliance.

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