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Are you superstitious during an India game?

By Rediff Cricket
July 10, 2019 14:39 IST
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Share your cricket superstition tales with us.

An Indian fan

IMAGE: Sudhir Chaudhary attends every home game of the Indian cricket team. Photograph: Paul Kane/Getty Images

There are superstitions and there are superstitions.

And then, there are cricket superstitions, which belong to a different league altogether.

From sitting in the same place, to wearing the same clothes, to eating the same food, to not watching an India game, to not speaking while watching the match... it goes on and on.

So do share your funny, bizarre, crazy, hilarious cricket superstition stories with us. With pictures if possible. And videos too (You can upload the videos to our video sharing site,, and share the links with us.)

Do send in your cricket superstition stories to, along with your NAME, AGE and LOCATION, and we'll publish the best ones right here at

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