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June 30, 2008
CV writing: Keep it honest, relevant, simple
What is it in a CV that gets an interview call and what is it that gets it chucked in the bin? We ask recruiters just that.

IT grad, now you can get industry-ready online
Mindlogicx Infotech, an R&D-based technology firm at Whitefield in Bangalore has now for the first time launched an online finishing school which would help aspirants from any part of the country to nurture their dream of being industry-ready when they join the IT sector.

June 27, 2008
CAT 2008: A comparative study of sections, topics
To help this year's test takers crack CAT 2008, experts from have analysed the last 4 CATs in the deepest possible detail.

'No dearth of jobs for Indian students in Canada'
Canada is one of the top destinations for foreign study for Indian students, says the director of the Canadian Education Center (CEC), Maria Mathai.

June 26, 2008
Study Abroad: 10 tips to packing smart
As much as you don't want to upset your Mom for not taking stuff that she wants you to, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to deciding what gets to be part of the 20-something hour flight and what does not.

June 25, 2008
All you want to know about Class X online admissions
In a chat with Get Ahead readers on June 23 Varun Seth, one of the students who developed, guided Class X students on how to apply online for admissions to colleges in Mumbai.

June 24, 2008
The right way to quit your job
Leaving your job doesn't have to be a bitter affair. Tips on how to leave without creating bad blood.

June 19, 2008
12 steps to surviving abroad
More and more students are going to colleges abroad to get international exposure. Here's how to plan and live your dream.

Are you cut out for Arts, Science or Commerce?
Young Buzz career consellor Deepika Hegde chatted with GA readers about education and career options avaliable after Class X adn XII. The transcript.

June 18, 2008
Applying to college? Make an informed choice
Choosing the college you will spend the next five years of your life at is a big decision. And as with most big decisions, there are a number of things to consider before you make your choice. Weigh them wisely before making your choice.

June 17, 2008
Open office? More reason to watch your manners!
If you happen to work in one of these open offices, there are some 'unwritten' rules you might want to follow to keep your work environment conducive and productive. Here's how to work effectively and make the most of your open office!

June 13, 2008
Now you can apply to Mumbai's junior colleges online
Three engineering-cum-MBA students have developed a web site that will help Class X students apply for college admissions online in Mumbai.

June 12, 2008
College admissions: A checklist
A checklist of the documents you will need to submit along with your college application form.

June 11, 2008
Unhappy with your board results? You have options
Education boards have instituted remedies for For students let down by their Class X results: re-totaling, revaluation and re-examination.

Universities to step up anti-ragging measures
With the new academic session about to begin, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has asked all universities to take steps against ragging. Read on to learn more.

June 06, 2008
5 career needs of every professional
Want your career to go places? Here are the necessary steps you need to take.

June 05, 2008
Students: 10 things to know before you fly abroad
10 things you must remember if you are planning to book a ticket to go abroad for studies.

June 04, 2008
5 worst entry level jobs for freshers
The urge to start working and become financially independent is compelling. However, take some time off to evaluate your options.

June 03, 2008
Indian students anxious about their job prospects
Indian students are worried that the economy's current instability may adversely affect their job prospects, according to a study by global management consultancy Accenture.

May 30, 2008
Tips from this year's IIT topper
'Focus. Give every subject equal importance. Keep a basic but flexible schedule,' says this year's IIT topper.

Now, MBA in media & entertainment
Subhash Ghai's Whistling Woods has tied up with Manipal Education to introduce a two-year MBA degree in media and entertainment.

May 28, 2008
Engineering students zero in on the IT sector
According to a survey by global information and media organisation The Nielson Company, the IT industry is the most-favoured sector for engineering students who will be graduating in the year 2009. Read on to learn more.

Study UK: 'Visa procedures are less scary now'
Dan Chugg, the First Secretary and the official spokesman of the British High Commission in New Delhi, in an exclusive phone interview talks about studying in the UK.

May 27, 2008
Awe-inspiring: The waiter who will be an IAS officer
Jayaganesh's story is inspiring not because he did not lose heart but also because he comes from a very poor background in a village in Tamil Nadu, and though he studied to be an engineer, he worked at odd jobs, even as a waiter for a short while, to realise his dream of becoming an IAS officer

All you want to know about online MBAs
Here's all you have ever wanted to know about online MBAs.

May 22, 2008
ISB Dean: 'Getting quality faculty is the biggest problem'
Dean of ISB, M Rammohan Rao on ISB's new programmes, their unique selling proposition, placement programme, their recently launched pre-doctoral programme and dearth of quality faculty crunch faced by Indian management schools.

'My daughter went to India with stars in her eyes'
"She was sure about her decision. I had my doubts, particularly since we had no family or friends in that part of India. I could not quite visualise her alone in a completely new environment, in a totally different atmosphere. A thousand questions plagued my mind; and talking to relatives and friends about it did not help either."

May 19, 2008
Want a career with the Indian Air Force?
The Indian Air Force has always inspired awe. Here we take a brief look at the various career paths available the Indian Air Force offers and how you can scale the ranks.

Study Australia: 'Industry needs good students & Indians are good students'
Jamal Qureshi, Regional Marketing Manager, South East Asia, Perth Education City, Western Australia, talks about what is in store for Indian students in Western Australia.

May 15, 2008
The 'what and how' of CAT online: 3 possible scenarios
How will the infrastructure for online CAT be created? Will it be a single-day affair? What impact will it have on student preparation? An attempt to find answers...

Love the sea? Consider a career in the Coast Guard
Here we take a brief look at the various career paths available the Coast Guard offers and how you can scale the ranks.

May 14, 2008
Study Abroad: How to land yourself an assistantship
Finding an assistantship or a student worker job is the greatest priority of graduate students who get admitted to a university without funding. Here's how you can go about landing yourself one.

Can social networking help new students settle into university?
Can social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace help new students settle into universities? Researchers at the University of Leicester are trying to find out exactly that.

May 13, 2008
Study abroad: Australia's new student visa regulations
The Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia has introduced new changes to support and service Indian students.

May 12, 2008
India's naval institutes and the courses on offer
A look at the various naval institutes in India, the courses they offer and how you can sign up.

May 09, 2008
Fulbright Master's Fellowships for young Indians
The Fulbright Master's Fellowships for Leadership Development for outstanding young Indians to pursue a master's degree program at selected US colleges and universities in the areas of Business Administration, Communication Studies, Economics, Environment and Public Administration.

May 07, 2008
Study New Zealand: What you MUST know
Excerpts of an exclusive interview with Ms Kerry Greig, Immigration Manager with New Zealand High Commission and Mr. Maninder Singh, Expert, Admission services with BetterThink, a language division of Top Careers & You (TCY) on what you must know before going to NZ for higher studies.

How far would you go to 'fit in' at work?
Ever wondered why you were sidelined and your colleague got that promotion at work? Perhaps you should know how to 'fit in' at your work to and win the heart of your seniors.

May 05, 2008
All you need to know about careers in the Indian Navy
The navy is a wonderful way of seeing the world while serving your country and building goodwill. If you're willing to put up with the stresses of being on a ship and away from your loved ones for a long stretch of time, a career in the Navy could be for you.

May 02, 2008
Try your hand at this Mock MAT!
To help you prepare for the MAT scheduled to be held on May 3, we publish a Mock MAT to hone your skills and speed.

Study Abroad: Top Australian hospitality colleges
Well, in continuation to the article on careers in Australia, we look at various colleges and institutes in Australia offering career-oriented hospitality (commercial cookery / patisserie) courses.

Interested in a career in hospitality? Consider Australia
If you're interested in a career in the hospitality industry, you might want to think about traveling to Australia, where opportunities abound.

10 things to avoid at your job interview
If you really want the job for which you are being interviewed, make sure you do not commit these mistakes and instead leave a good impression on the interviewer.

May 01, 2008
Ready for the MAT? Test your verbal ability!
We publish the second part on the verbal ability and reading comprehension questions.

April 30, 2008
Test your skill and speed with the original MAT paper!
For students preparing for the MAT on May 3, here's the previous original question paper.

April 29, 2008
Study UK: Is MBA an expensive affair?
Part III of the unedited transcript of UK visa officials' chat with GA readers regarding studying abroad.

April 28, 2008
Study UK: Is work experience needed for an MBA?
Part II of the unedited transcript of UK visa officials' chat with GA readers regarding studying abroad.

April 25, 2008
Don't hand out your business cards like freebies!
Corporate grooming expert Suneeta Kanga highlights the do's and don'ts of business card etiquette.

Study UK: 'I was denied a study visa, what do I do?'
To questions related to UK study and study visas, Chris Breeze, student team leader, Visa Services, British Deputy High Commission, Mumbai, hosted a chat with Get Ahead readers on April 23. Here's part 1 of the transcript.

April 24, 2008
Are there study and work programmes in the US?
Foreign education consultant Karan Gupta hosted a chat with Get Ahead readers and addressed all their Study Abroad questions. Here's the second part of the transcript.

Study US: 10 things to remember when you land
There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you can leave the airport.

April 23, 2008
'We didn't get the job because we were 17'
They set up their own company at the age of 16 and now, six years down line, the company claims to have clients in over 30 countries across the world. Meet Anuj and Anant Garg.

Study Abroad: Do you qualify for a scholarship?
Foreign education consultant Karan Gupta hosted a chat with Get Ahead readers and addressed all their Study Abroad questions. Here's the transcript.

April 21, 2008
Careers in the Army: How you can sign up
India has many military academies that take promising young cadets and mould them into the fighters and commanders of tomorrow. All expenses, including mess and books, are paid for by the military. Here'a a look at some of them and how you can get in.

Young housewives, re-launch a successful career!
The Tata Second Careers Internship Programme (SCIP) is reaching out to talented, qualified and experienced women who may have had to leave their jobs due to various personal/ family reasons. Read on to learn more.

5 ways to unwind at the office
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. Now, nobody wants to be Jack, but invariably at some point during work you find that Jack's shoes fit just fine. Here are some easy ways to recharge.

April 18, 2008
All about careers in the Army
As part of our continuing series on careers in the Armed Forces, today we look at the Army. Over the coming weeks we will also take a detailed look at careers in the Navy and Air Force.

IIT JEE: Find out how you fared with the complete solutions! in association with TIME, bring you the solutions to the IIT JEE 2008.

US work visa norms for students relaxed
Even as the H1-B cap for the year was reached for regular and 'advanced degree' students, the Department of Homeland Security announced an extension of the Optional Practical Training period up to 29 months.

April 17, 2008
Are you cut out for a career in the Armed Forces?
Wouldn't you like work that is not only highly rewarding, in terms of growth, camaraderie and pride but also provides you a way of repaying all that you owe your country. If your answer's yes, a career in the Indian Armed Forces might be for you.

GRE: FAQs on sections and scoring
Atul Prashar, examination expert from TCYonline, takes a closer look at the various sections of the GRE and scoring patterns.

April 16, 2008
Study Abroad: Top GRE FAQs answered!
Atul Prashar, examination expert from TCYonline, answers some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the GRE.

Indian students work, vacation in US this summer!
If you're planning on getting yourself a summer job, listen up! A programme by the US Department of State now gives college students the chance to land themselves a summer job in the United States!

April 14, 2008
Readerspeak: '27% quota will damage premier institutes'
We publish reader reactions to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold 27 per cent reservations for OBCs in IITs, IIMs and other central educational institutions.

How to explain a sudden 'I quit!'
If you have felt trapped in a situation where you need to explain and rationalise the decision you made to a prospective employer, here are a few pointers that you should consider.

April 11, 2008
Expert speak: Should you consider studying in Australia?
While some immigration experts predict the student surge to continue for some more time, past and present Indian students in Australia fear a host of problems like a job crunch and high living costs. We address some of these questions.

April 10, 2008
Will 27% OBC reservations jeopardise your admission?
The Supreme Court upheld a 27 percent quota provision for OBCs in Central educational institutions today. We invite readers to share their opinions on the subject.

Make a big impression with your English-speaking skills!
Tips on how to make a big impression in the IELTS by speaking right!

Will your roommie be a blessing or devil in disguise?
A student at Texas A&M University, USA, shares some pointers on how to go about picking a roommate in a foreign country.

April 09, 2008
14-year-old CEO's card game makes chemistry fun!
14-year-old Anshul Samar has launched the first product of his company, Alchemist Empire Inc -- a card game to make chemistry fun!

Study Abroad: Is your English good enough for the IELTS?
A look at the writing section of the IELTS and how you can improve your score with a simple-to-practice strategy

April 08, 2008
What online courses can do for you
An increasing number of professionals are opting for the flexibility and convenience on online courses. And here's why.

April 04, 2008
11 questions to expect at an IT job interview
The technical interview can be nerve-wracking for even the most seasoned IT professional.

IIT JEE: Are you prepared for maths?
The best method of revision would be to strengthen the areas you are strong in and brush up the areas you are weak in.

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