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October 31, 2007
'Profit-making runs in my genes'
Vikas Kedia, founder of mobile gaming company, MobiTrail, speaks about the spirit of entrepreneurship, his future plans and how his father's small textiles business taught him a lesson in making profits.

CAT 2007: Scream from the roof-tops if you must!
I know they say you never know what could happen on D-day. But this piece is not about whether you can change what happens on D-day; it's about how to influence that day's events in your favour.

Interior design: A lucrative career option
If you are looking at making a career in interior design, here's some helpful information.

'CAT is going towards reasoning and logic-based problems'
Experts from Career Launcher join us to discuss CAT 2007 strategies. How should you best spend the final three weeks? What can you do to avoid stress?

Know the GRE: Reading Comprehension
GRE test takers often complain that Reading Comprehension-based questions need a lot of time. They are possibly right, but only to an extent. In GRE we normally see two types of RC passages, here's a look at the first.

October 30, 2007
Cracking CAT: A reader's experience
Get Ahead reader Bharat Jaruni shares his CAT experiences. He includes his strategies for the different sections as well as his overall approach.

CAT 2007: The RIGHT strategy
When you look at a CAT paper, there are two variables which help you maximise your score viz Attempts and Accuracy. Neatly juggling these two parameters will help one score the marks that would be required to get that coveted call from the IIMs.

October 29, 2007
Test yourself with this free Mock CAT
Come Sunday, November 18, and many of you will be taking the Common Admission Test. To help you perform better, we offer CAT strategies and tips as well as live chats with trainers every week. Here's a mock CAT help you practise and gauge your skills.

Count Down: 3 weeks to CAT 2007
There are only three weeks left before CAT 2007! How can you best use your time to maximise your percentile? Read on

You have to react to news as it breaks: Shereen Bhan
She's one of the most recognised faces on television. She has interviewed the who's who of Indian business and then some. She was voted FICCI Woman of the Year in 2005 and has been oft described as one of the few TV journalists to add a touch of glamour to the field. CNBC's Shereen Bhan gets candid.

October 26, 2007
CAT 2007: Twenty practice questions
Twenty questions from various sections of CAT 2007. Determine your strengths and find your weaknesses.

October 25, 2007
Share your CAT experiences here!
CAT aspirants document their fears and expectations. Former CAT takers tell us how they aced the exam, or where they slipped up. What about you? Any CAT related stories to share?

'We would hire 500 good people today'
Bhavin and Divyank Turakhia, co-founders of $300-million company Directi in an interview with speak about their company's vision, their future plans and how they succeeded as entrepreneurs.

October 24, 2007
GRE: An answer key for 10 mock questions
Yesterday, we provided 10 questions that best represent the Quantitative section of the GRE. Today, we analyse and answer those questions.

Is your office spying on your online activities?
Several companies keep tabs on their employees' Internet usage and defying organisational policies on the issue could get you fired. Manpreet Juneja explains.

MBA calling? Choose wisely
With the Indian economy growing at the rate of 9+ per cent and almost every widely known and unknown multinational queuing up to set up shop here, it is only natural to expect a surge of career opportunities.

October 23, 2007
Know the GRE: How to solve Quant problems
A look at the Quantitative component of the GRE, specifically, the Mathematics questions. How should you approach them? How can you recognise certain patterns or questions types? Read on

Want a career in instructional design? Here's how!
There are many new training institutes that offer ID training. A large part of these institutes actually are run by companies that are in the business of e-learning.

A million-dollar company built on a failure
Vishal Sampat, CEO of, is an example of how failure can act as a stepping stone to success. Though his first internet venture failed, today he owns a million dollar company. All because he persevered with his dream.

October 22, 2007
Living in a jet plane: A pilot's career
Rising number of airlines has meant soaring demand for pilots. A look at this high-flying option.

CAT 2007: A test of self-control
CAT isn't only about strategy and perseverance. It's also a test of self-control. How can you master yourself before mastering CAT? Read on

What you should know about a career in Instructional Design
Do you have good English language skills? Do you have an analytical bent of mind? Do have a passion for teaching? If yes, this might just be the career for you.

October 12, 2007
CAT 2007: Sample Verbal questions
5 sample questions from the Verbal section of CAT. They cover two types of questions, both frequently seen on previous CATs. Answer key provided.

Photography as a career: Get certified
If you're keen to take up photography as a career and need technical skills to complement your talent, here are some institutes offering photography courses.

Office romances may seem rosy, but watch out for the thorns!
Although office romances have become quite a norm these days, they can lead to a career downslide if not handled carefully.

October 11, 2007
10 effective ways to stay motivated
There are times when it seems that the road to success is filled with nothing but boulders and gaping potholes. It is on this rutted road that you need motivation the most.

Work experience and the GMAT
An important aspect of the GMAT overall evaluation process is that it enables B-schools to have classrooms with great diversity.

October 10, 2007
Study Abroad: 10 popular programmes in Australia
A look at ten popular programmes in Australia for Indian students. Do you know the various options available? Fashion design? Nursing? MBAs? Read on

All you need to know about photography as a career
Are you the one of those people who's famous for snapping pictures at parties or who enjoys capturing various shades of life through a lens? If you want to earn a living using your creative side but need more information, then this article's for you!

October 09, 2007
Social networking could land you your dream job
Social media sites are fast growing into a resource that companies and professionals can use to find each other.

ISB increases scholarships by 55%
The Indian School of Business (ISB) increases scholarships by 55% for the incoming class; a total of rs. 3.3 crores to be awarded as scholarships.

CAT 2007: Advanced Verbal strategies
A look at some advanced level strategies and methods for CAT 2007 aspirants. Which questions should you answer? How can you shore up your vocabulary? Read on

October 08, 2007
CAT 2007: Ten common misconceptions
A look at ten common myths about the Common Admission Test. Is the CAT a test of aptitude? Is there any value to Mock Cat analysis? Read on

Workplace acronyms you should know
EOM? What does that mean? Even on -- Mondays? And what about ETA? Or KRA? Here's a list of common workplace acronyms and what they mean.

October 05, 2007
Study US: Presenting proof of income
Part 2 of a chat with career consulting expert Manisha Zaveri about various issues related to studying in the US.

October 04, 2007
'I scored 770 on the GMAT, with 3 months' preparation'
ISB student Mitali Gupta shares the strategy she used to crack the GMAT.

Is it too late to apply to a US university for Fall 2008? Find out
Career consulting expert Manisha Zaveri chatted with GA readers on September 19 and discussed various issues related to studying in the US. A transcript.

October 03, 2007
Why executives need to converse, through blogs
Executives failing to be proactive risk losing out in the fiercely competitive marketplace. And this is where blogs come in.

The ups and downs of freelancing
Freelancers, our modern day lone rangers, Bedouins of the working world -- how do they survive? Do they save? Do they have regular work? Here's a small peak into what you can do as a freelancer and how people are already doing it.

'How I founded my own company at 26'
At 26, he set up his own matrimony portal and managed it in his spare time from his living room at home. Murugavel Janakiraman, founder CEO of, shares how he went about making the website one of the leading portals in its field.

The what, when and how of the GMAT
Nirman Shetty Rajmohan, who scored 770 in the GMAT, shares some useful tips and advice on how to crakc the GMAT.

October 02, 2007
CAT 2007: Six tips you must remember
An in-depth look at the Quantitative and Data Interpretation sections of the CAT. Here are six can't-miss-tips that you must remember on test day.

October 01, 2007
CAT 2007: Strategy for a perfect blend of Speed, Accuracy and Attempts
A look at the Data Intepretation and Quantitative sections of the CAT. Which questions are easy? Which questions are difficult? How can you determine which questions to answer and which to avoid?

Stagnating at work? A mentor could help
Mentoring is intended to influence you from within, as a person. Mentoring is not about supervising you for a task or coaching you short term for a pending project.

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