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March 28, 2008
Careers in Advertising: An unusual option
We look at the not-so-common career in typography and what it entails in the advertising domain.

Study US: While renting...
Here are a few things to keep in mind while searching for an apartment to rent for the duration of your studies.

Now find out how much your skills are worth
For those mulling their first job offer and wondering if they are being paid right, here is a website that could give an indication.

March 27, 2008
Careers in Advertising: Colleges and courses
Colleges and courses available, with fees and syllabus.

Considering an internship? Read this!
Is an internship relevant for students from all streams or is it best left to MBA graduates? Find out!

March 26, 2008
Career watch: The creative and not-so-creative world of advertising
We take a look at the main career options in the field of advertising and what they demand.

'In business, the name of the game is innovation'
In an email interview with's Shifra Menezes, entrepreneur Avirat Sonpal talks about how he started off as an entrepreneur and what it takes to make it big.

March 25, 2008
CBSE Class X science solution for you
Solutions to the CBSE Class X science examination.

Study Abroad: Tips on how to crack the IELTS
Experts from, present self study tips and strategies for all the four modules of the IELTS.

10 tips to get noticed in your GD
Here are some of the things that you can do to make a winning impression in your GD .

March 24, 2008
'To be successful, you need a compelling vision'
Meet Shirish Nadkarni, co-founder and CEO of

IIT-JEE: Preparation tips for chemistry
In our continuing series on the IIT JEE adn preparation tips, we look at the various sections of the paper and how you can score. Here we will look at the best manner in which chemistry can be revised.

March 21, 2008
Study UK: Is taking the IELTS compulsory?
Part 2 of the transcript of the chat with British visa officials.

March 20, 2008
Class X: 4-day study plan for science
Important chapters and topics you should prepare for.

Study UK: 'Can a family friend sponsor me?'
Part I of the transcript of the chat with Uk visa officials.

March 19, 2008
Careers in the Merchant Navy: Training and institutes
India has many fine maritime institutes set up by the government, all of them very demanding and very rewarding. Choose wisely.

Study US: The why, what and how of university selection
Factors to consider while shortlisting foreign universities to which to apply.

March 18, 2008
Merchant navy: A career on the high seas
All you need to know about careers in the Merchant Navy.

8 things you should NOT do in a GD
What you are evaluated on and what you should avoid in a group discussion.

March 15, 2008
Class X exams: 9 most common maths mistakes
Committing these mistakes could deny you a perfect score. Check them out!

March 12, 2008
CBSE Class X mathematics solution for you
Get Ahead invited Top Careers & You to solve the CBSE Class X mathematics paper held all over India on March 11 and give solutions. Check if you have got those answers right.

March 11, 2008
Want a work-from-home job?
Kshipra Singh discusses stay-at-home job options with Get Ahead readers.

Performance appraisal: Dos and don'ts
It's that time of the year when your boss will give you the most confusing but important paper that you have to fill every year. Performance appraisal is round the corner and here are some dos and don'ts that will help you impress your appraiser.

March 10, 2008
Workplace woes: Bullying worse than sexual harassment
A new study has revealed that workplace bullying is more harmful than sexual harassment for employees.

March 07, 2008
Common complaints against office HR departments!
Do you know what are the top common mistakes that the HR department of most organisations make? Here are some and what they should do to avoid the same.

March 06, 2008
Careers in Law: Opportunities abroad
The opportunities for Indian law graduates abroad are getting brighter. We take a look at why and how you can take advantage.

IIT JEE: Adopt the EMD approach
A look at the flow of the examination in 2007 from the composition of the Paper 1 and Paper 2

March 04, 2008
Career watch: The colourful world of animation
Animation is a blend of the entertainment industry and technology. The range of jobs available for a computer animator can be mind boggling. Here's a look at some of the courses avaliable.

Maths for Class X: A 4-day study plan
Examination experts from have prepared a four-day focused plan for the readers of

March 03, 2008
'Why can't Indians build a great product in India?'
Three Indian entrepreneurs build a software product that promises to give a tough fight to the world's best in the space of domain storage.

Are you ready for IIT JEE 2008?
We kick of the series on IIT JEE 2008 preparation. In the first article of the series we look at the structure and section-wise break-up of marks.

February 29, 2008
Careers in hospitality: Some unusual options
The recent economic transformation of India has thrown up a number of unusual and rewarding places looking for skilled workers and willing to pay for them.

February 28, 2008
'It's a huge risk to under-utilise your innate talent'
An IIT and IIM alumni, Balu Nayar, the managing director of IMG India discusses his career and what he learned in his career.

Careers in hospitality: Colleges and courses
India has an incredible variety of institutes offering a selection of courses in the many branches of hospitality. A look at some of them.

'How can I ace my call centre interview?'
Here, Nasha Fitter, an expert in vocational and communication skills management for BPO and service-based organisations, addresses some of the queries we recieved.

February 27, 2008
Are you a people's person? A career in hospitality might be for you
Do you thrive in high-pressure zones where every day presents new, sometimes bizarre, challenges? Are you friendly and enjoy meeting new people? A career in hospitality is for you.

8 things to make an impressive CV
How to design an impressive and user-friendly CV.

February 26, 2008
Do foreign B-schools demand work experience?
Education consultant Karan Gupta hosted a chat with readers on study abroad issues. The transcript.

February 25, 2008
Study US: No iPod, no TV, get yourself a cell phone
Shailee Mehta, an ex-student of the University of Southern California, shares some useful tips for students who want to study abroad.

Want Microsoft India to consider your resume?
Chitra Sood, staffing director at Microsoft India Development Centre talked about the recruitment process at MSIDC during a chat with Get Ahead readers on February 22. Here's what you must do to get hired by MS India.

3 easy steps for a GREat vocabulary
A 3-pronged strategy that helps not only with the learning process but also with the retention of the given set of words, whether scrambled or in any order.

February 22, 2008
Class X: Mastering the art of solving geometry
How you can master some techniques in order to act speedily and accurately.

Snoozing at your desk? Time for a job change!
Are you bored to death of what you're doing career-wise? Maybe it's time for a change -- Shailja Mehta outlines how.

February 21, 2008
Legal process outsourcing: The next big thing
Here comes a trend that presents great opportunities for the country's legal eagles.

Are you eligible for an MBA abroad?
International education consultant Karan Gutpa responds to reader emails about various aspects of studying abroad.

February 20, 2008
Careers in Law: Top colleges and courses
Some of India's best colleges, with the higlights of courses offered.

February 19, 2008
Class X exams: 7 tips to finish your maths paper before time
Tips by experts at to help you to finish your paper well before time.

Are you cut out for a career in Law?
A look at the branches and career opportunities in the field of Law.

Skills every IT professional MUST have
While, a job as a software engineer looks very lucrative at first glance, once you get into the industry, you realise that it is not just your technical skills that will keep you in the race. Soft skills or people skills will decide how fast and well you climb the ladder of success.

February 18, 2008
Switched many jobs? Easy CV and interview tips
If you have switched many jobs recently, here are some tips on how to write your CV and handle the interview questions.

February 15, 2008
Beyond banking: Specialised MBA programmes
Many business schools are recognising the need to reach out to a more diverse group of potential candidates, including those who may not particularly intend to work in typical MBA positions. A look at a few.

Class X exams: 9 most common maths mistakes
Committing these mistakes could deny you a perfect score. Check them out!

February 13, 2008
Change your signature, change your life
Graphotherapist Chandraprabha Pupala talks to Shifra Menezes about the relatively unknown field of handwriting analysis.

Indians, Chinese study more than Americans
An American documentary suggests that Indian and Chinese students are spending a lot more of their time studying than the average American student.

Amity plans first campus in Gujarat
Amity University is scouting for land in Ahmedabad to set up its first campus in Gujarat.

February 12, 2008
Class X exams: The perfect 10 for Maths
Useful tips from experts at

Dharti Desai: From French teacher to CEO
In a telephone interview with's Shifra Menezes, this go-getter shares her success story and a few words of advice for budding businessmen and women.

What NOT to do during the admissions process
The waiting period can be stressful but there are some ethical and legal guidelines that must be followed during the admissions process. Here's a look at them.

All about studying in Canada

FREE mock CET for MBA aspirants
The CET on February 17 is the last chance for B-school hopefuls to qualify for the likes of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies and K J Somaiya Institute. We publish a a mock test to help them prepare.

February 08, 2008
AP sanctions new IT university
The Andhra Pradesh Government has approved a bill to establish the Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies. Read on to learn more.

12 things your CV should NOT have
Creating a CV isn't about using flowery language and pretty fonts. There are certain things that put recruiters off and if you want to make a good impression, make sure you do not commit these mistakes.

6 simple tips to a better SOP
A PhD student at Texas A&M University share some useful tips for writing the all-important statement of purpose.

February 07, 2008
Canada: Education system and popular colleges
A look at the education system in Canada and the institutes generally opted for by Indian students.

February 06, 2008
The new love of IT professionals: Modelling!
Hundreds of young IT executives and youngsters from other professions are taking up modelling. Read on to learn more.

Canada as a Study Abroad destination
Want to study abroad?might want to consider Canada.

7 ways to initiate a B-school group discussion
Initiating a group dicussion (GD) is a "high-risk, high-return" strategy. Here's how you should go about making the first move.

February 05, 2008
An eco-friendly way to make Rs 80 crore
Chandrashekhar Hariharan changed career midway when he started building eco-friendly green houses. Today his company BCIL, is worth Rs 80 crore and he is happy that he took a gamble by leaving his cushy job as a journalist.

Home or away: Should you consider an MBA overseas?
Are there actually any real benefits of studying abroad? In a word, yes. And here's why.

Class X exams: What to expect in Science
A look at what experts have to say about the most recent outlay of the paper.

February 04, 2008
CAT to go online from November 2009
The directors of the seven Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) will meet later this month to discuss details of a proposal to take the Common Admission Test (CAT) online by 2009.

'IT salaries in Japan comparable to salaries in US'
Karthik Tirupathi, an expert in in Japanese language, management and culture training, addressed queries on learning and working in Japan in achat with readers. Here's the transcript.

From college to corporate: What you need to know
Tthree key career skills that will be vital as you transition to the workplace.

February 01, 2008
Study US: Violence against students a cause for concern?
With the recent violent incidents, parents and students across India are questioning the safety of studying in the United States. Some helpful tips.

January 31, 2008
Dr Arun Vakil, US visa expert, passes away
Dr Vakil, a US visa expert, had been a regular contributor to Get Ahead and hosted a number of chats with our readers.

Study UK: 'Can I work part-time?'
UK officials including Paul Michael chatted with Get Ahead readers on January 24. Part I of the transcript.

Study abroad: The what, why and how of networking
A PhD student at Texas A&M share some valuable inputs on how to make your education in a foreign country a success.

Taking the MAT? Take this FREE mock MAT!
The Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is scheduled for February 3, and experts from TCY have compiled a Mock MAT to help prepare for the actual test.

January 30, 2008
Entrepreneurship: 'An idea is an opportunity'
Rehan Yar Khan of the Indian Angel Network discusses how young entrepreneurs should go ahead with their startup companies.

All you need to know about Pune Univ's MCA programme
A detailed overview of the MCA entrance procedure for Pune University.

January 29, 2008
Taking the MAT? Test your skill and speed
These questions will help test-takers gain a hands-on feel of the test.

'At Microsoft it's not about a person's degree'
Chitra Sood, staffing director at Microsoft India Development Centre, talks about opportunities available to young graduates and interns at MSIDC.

January 28, 2008
ISB among top 20 B-schools globally
School of Business (ISB) has been ranked number 20 in the global B-school rankings released today by Financial Times, London.

Anna Univ: Free engineering education for the economically backward
The Vice Chancellor of Anna University, Coimbatore, Dr R Radhakrishnan made history by announcing that his university would provide free engineering education to brilliant economically poor students who cannot afford engineering education. An interview.

January 25, 2008
Class X exams: Geometry and statistics simplified!
Top Carrers & You presents the second part on speed strategies in Maths.

'Stocks profit, Rs 600...the wife is unimpressed!'
Sidin documents his intial forays into the SENSEX. Don't miss!

January 24, 2008
Speed strategies in mathematics for class X
Top Carrers & You discusses some simple tricks that will help Class X students solve their mathematics paper quickly.

'I nailed my IIM group discussion & interview!'
IIM-L student Bharat Jhurani narrates how he aced his group discussion and personal interview post CAT.

January 23, 2008
IIM job placements touch Rs 60-lakh mark
IIMs have received over 170 lateral offers ranging between Rs 30 lakh to Rs 60 lakh in the first two weeks of their placement season this year.

'Great companies are always built on aspirations'
Investment banking star Rashesh Shah discusses his career and the lessons it has taught him.

Choreography: If you want typical, it's not for you
The opportunities are booming for talented dancers adn choreographers, but is your love for the performing arts enough? Find out.

January 22, 2008
Dance your way to success
A look at dance as a career option.

Compulsory recruitment in the army -- your say!
Last week, the Chief of Army, General Deepak Kapoor, proposed that one way of overcoming personnel shortage would be to introduce or compulsory army recruitment for youngsters for a limited period. What do you think of this idea? Let us know!

January 21, 2008
Oxford plans Indian Business Centre for future leaders
The University of Oxford to set up the Oxford University India Business Centre for research and education programmes.

Are you preparing for US studies? Tell us! Get Ahead users tell us how they are preparing for life overseas at US universities and colleges.

January 18, 2008
MBA calling: How to prepare for the personal interview
A few of the most commonly asked interview questions at B-school interviews and how you show plan your answer.

'Testing out' can save time and money
Miss A Gupta recently graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Texas A&M University. Here she shares some of her experiences with

January 17, 2008
MBA calling: How I aced my personal interview
Krishnan Sekar, a first-year student at IIM Calcutta, shares his IIM Indore interview as a part of the CAT 2006 selection process.

January 16, 2008
Why do some entrepreneurs fail?
Piyush Shah of the Indian Angel Network believes that until you are convinced an idea must be executed, it's hard to convince others and such a venture is likely to fail.

Class X boards: Parents keep exam stress at bay!
Some tips from examination experts from for the parents of students taking their board exams this year.

January 15, 2008
How to fund your education for studies abroad
Don't let the hole in your wallet stop you from studying abroad. Karan Gupta looks at some funding options for you.

January 14, 2008
Sit up and take notice: Office perks!
From the use of corporate jets to mediclaim, Resmi Jaimon explores employee perks organisations offer top-level personnel, mid-level executives and junior employees.

'I scored in the 100 percentile!'
An interview with Gourav Bhattacharya, a final year student at VJTI , Mumbai, and one of 2.3 lakh IIM aspirants who took the CAT 2007.

January 11, 2008
The prescreened computer interview: Are you prepared?
It is the age of the prescreened interview, where before you get to meet the HR representative of your dream organisation, you need to answer a range of questions that are designed to test not only your domain knowledge but your psychological bent of mind and behavioral predisposition. Here's all you need to know.

Group discussions: Myths demystified
Nobody can deny the importance of group discussions and personal interviews in the overall admission process for MBA. So, here are some useful inputs on the intricacies of GDs.

January 10, 2008
Class X: How to make mock tests work for you
Strategies to help you make mock tests an effective tool to crack the board exam.

Careers: What it takes to be a voice, accent trainer
What it takes to be a voice & accent trainer.

January 09, 2008
Post-CAT GD and interviews: The last hurdle
Now that the CAT results are out students still have to cross the GD and interview rounds before their dream of getting selected for the best B-school becomes a reality. T.I.M.E gives you a few tips.

BPO boom: A career in voice & accent training
Maahi Singh explores a career in voice and accent training in the thriving BPO industry.

When your boss divides to rule at the office!
Have you ever come across a situation where your boss purposely decides to play divide and rule? If the answer is yes then here's how you can deal with such a situation.

January 08, 2008
From journalism to B-school
A student at ISB, Hyderabad shares why she decided to do an MBA.

January 07, 2008
Does an MBA makes sense for you?
ISB's Director - Admissions & Financial aid, RANGA RAO I V, fielded readers' questions on MBA studies and the ISB course on December 24. The transcript.

January 04, 2008
Workshop on voice, accent training
The workshop will be organised in New Delhi from January 17-20, 2008.

Students double up as salesmen this festive season
It seems partying is not the only thing on youngsters' minds during the festive season -- many of them opt for part-time jobs, making a neat packet around the New Year.

January 03, 2008
Careers: Living and working in Japan
Important considerations once one has landed that job / posting to Japan

January 02, 2008
Growing job opportunities in 'The Land of the Rising Sun'
With an ageing workforce, increased openness (as opposed to insular ideas earlier) and positive inclination towards India-centric outsourcing, things have never looked better -- Japan is now becoming a land of rising opportunities for people who love challenges.

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