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August 31, 2007
US studies: Save money when buying textbooks
Did you know that textbook costs can run close to Rs 20,000 per term at US universities? Use alternative options to avoid these exorbitant costs.

Is English a problem? Here's help!
Do you understand the difference between an allusion and an illusion? Here's more help with homonyms

Is your office a war zone? Here's help
There are usually a few general types of people and situations that make workplaces a constant battle for sanity and progress to co-exist. Here are some of the most common stressors and advice on how to deal with them.

CAT 2007: 'Vocabulary is still important'
What should your daily schedule include? How can you best utilise your time between now and CAT? Read on

August 30, 2007
CAT 2007: '4 to 6 hours of study a day'
How should you study for CAT? Spend more time on your weak areas? Or spread time around evenly? Read on

Working women, get noticed for all the RIGHT reasons
More often than not, women have to invest twice as much to prove their competence in their domains. Here are a few tips to help you get noticed for all the right reasons!

B-schools to get more teachers
AICTE to induct 75 professors from across the country to implement programme.

How to fund your overseas education
A look at education consultants, educational loans and other ways to manage the steep costs of internatinal studies.

August 29, 2007
Why you should consider an education overseas
A look at the postives and negatives associated with international studies. Why skills will you learn? How can it advance your career?

August 28, 2007
Distance learning diploma in banking and finance
IIBF offers distance learning diploma in finance and banking.

CAT 2007: Analysing mock exam papers
A look at the quantitative and data interpretation sections of the CAT. Also describes how and why you should analyse your mock CATS

Tips to explain that sudden resignation
However easy it was convincing the previous employer to let you go (and suddenly at that), it is somehow inversely proportionate to the difficulty one has in explaining the same scenario to a prospective employer.

'Study finance for a career in investment banking'
Karan Gupta discusses MBA programmes, various degrees and competitive examinations.

10 ways to boost your self-confidence
Psychologists say that there are many little ways that can instantly help boost self-confidence. Here are some easy tips on how to do just that.

August 27, 2007
Study abroad: 'MBA is best bet for management'
Karan Gupta answers questions pertaining to foreign education: lifestyle, academics, tuition and more.

English gaffes from around the globe
We present a popular list of English bloopers discovered on signs, boards, hoardings and other public places. From Tokyo to Rome, here are some truly global gaffes!

First job? Tips to negotiate your salary
While most job seekers prepare comprehensively for the interview, they sometimes overlook the important step of salary negotiation with HR. Here are some tips on how to get what you deserve.

Improve your verbal score on CAT 2007
An overview of CAT 2007 and how to spend your final 90 days of preparation time. Also examines the verbal component and how you to your improve your score.

August 24, 2007
'Write with honesty and for yourself first'
Advaita Kala shares some tips on how to get published.

IIM and IITs' class-less future
Is the future of education online?

English errors: 'What's the worse-case scenario?'
A list of English errors that are so common, they're hardly even noticed!

August 23, 2007
CAT 2007: The benefits of mock testing
A look at mock CATs: How many should you take? How should you analyse your scores? How should you benchmark yourself against others?

US studies: 'Treat it as a life-time experience'
A former US student describes life in America. He talks about cost of living and communicating with professors.

August 22, 2007
US studies: 'You're a better person by the end!'
Aadhan Aazhi, former US student, describes life at his US university. He gives advice about spending money, adjusting and settling in to campus life.

August 21, 2007
H1B visas: 'Applications begin April 1, 2008'
Arun Vakil answers reader questions about F1, H1B and travel visas. How should you present your assets? What questions should you expect from visa officers?

CAT 2007: A ten-week study strategy
Atul Prashar provides a detailed ten-week study programme for CAT 2007. Where should you focus your energy? How should you allocate your time? Read on

6 ways to find the PERFECT job
Every professional dreams of landing that perfect job where the roles and responsibilities are in alignment with an individual's career aspirations and interests. Here's how.

Study Abroad: Beware of the Freshman 15!
Karan Gupta discusses various facets of US university life -- academics, socialising and the dreaded Freshman 15.

August 20, 2007
How to make office meetings a success
What a waste of time! Is that the first reaction to the announcement of an office meeting. Here's how to make your meetings a success.

English Errors: 'It's a doggy dog world'
Here's a list of English bloopers that are so common, few people even recognise them as errors. We present the bloopers side by side with the correct expression.

F1 visa: 'Only part-time, on-campus work is legal'
Arun Vakil, US visa expert, discusses the F1 visa and other aspects of the immigration process. He discusses behaviour for your US port of entry.

August 17, 2007
US studies: 'Get involved on campus'
P Banerjee, former US student, describes life abroad. She discusses academics, roommates and staying healthy at your US university.

Homonym help: Through the letter 'H'
Homonyms are words that sound the same when pronounced, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Today, we review homonyms starting with the letters F, G and H.

GRE: 'For top schools, target at least 1400'
Two competitive examination experts give advice on the Graduate Record Examination, necessary for postgraduate studies in the US and Canada. What's an ideal score? When should you start preparing? Read on

August 16, 2007
Leaving for the UK? Don't miss these tips
Vinod Salian, who has lived and worked in the UK since 2001, provides tips for students and workers leaving for the UK. Where can I buy furniture? What's shopping in the markets like? Read

6 ways to be a great boss
While the 'perfect boss' is a utopian concept, here is a quick checklist that will save you the heartburn of dealing with attrition and unhappy employees.

Taking the GRE? Train for at least three months
Atul Prashar and Pragya Nagar, competitive examination experts, give strategy and preparation details for the Graduate Record Examination. Those of you hoping to go to the US for higher studies, read on.

August 14, 2007
What you need to know about an airline job
What educational qualifications do you require to become a cabin crew member with an airline? What kind of salary will you earn? Read on to learn the answers to these questions.

US studies: Cite sources to avoid plagiarism
A look at writing research essays in US universities. How can I properly cite my sources? What is plagiarism and how can I avoid it? Read on

Do you suffer from 'email stress'?
A study has found that struggling to cope with a deluge of emails is leaving staff tired, frustrated and unproductive.

Study abroad: 'US best for job opportunities'
Karan Gupta gives criteria for earning an internship in a foreign country. As a rule of thumb, he says, you should study in the country in which you wish to work.

August 13, 2007
US studies: How to write a research paper
A look at writing research papers in US universities. How should you structure your essay? What is a thesis statement? Read on

A week in the life of an air hostess
Fancy a job as a steward/ stewardess in an airline? Find out about the hard work it entails.

Internships: 'Networking requires hard work'
Karan Gupta, overseas education consultant, answers questions about internships abroad. He stresses the importance of networking, research and good marks.

English errors: More help with homonyms
Homonyms can be a hassle. Today, we look at more common errors made when words look and sound the same, but have completely different meanings!

August 10, 2007
'Company sponsorship is required for H1B visa'
Dr Arun Vakil discusses US tourist visas, study visa and various work visas. He also details the procedure for using Visa Facilitation Services.

August 09, 2007
US study visas: 'You need financial ties in India'
Dr Arun Vakil, US visa specialist, discusses VFS web site and how to secure your dream US visa.

Are you weak in English? Help with homonyms
A detailed list that coverse homonyms known to trip up non-native English speakers and writers. Don't miss it!

UK studies: 'The world will be your oyster'
A Former UK student details the positives and negatives of a UK education. He feels Indian students should go for foreign studies in order to broaden their horizons and sharpen their minds.

August 08, 2007
How to become indispensable at the office
One of the most difficult statements to digest but one that's very true (specially when it comes to work) is: "Nobody's indispensable!" Here's how you can beat that heat.

Leaving for US? Adjusting to American culture
Dr Arun Vakil describes life in America as an Indian student. He gives pointers for social interaction and provides online resources for US-bound students.

US studies: What to bring and what to leave behind
Current and former US students talk about what to bring to your foreign university and what to leave at home. Also contains the official recommendations of the US government.

Is editing a good career choice?
Editor-in-chief of Random House Publishing chatted with GA readers about the prospects of publishing in India.

August 07, 2007
US studies: Tips on travel and baggage
A look at airline baggage allowances and regulations for US-bound students.

Aspiring author? Here's how to get published
Do you love to write? Chiki Sarkar, editor-in-chief of Random House India, shares advice on how to get published.

UK visas: 'Apply from your country of origin'
How should you navigate the UK student visa process? What information must you include on your applicatoin? Which details should you emphasise? Paul Dryden, UK official, answers your questions.

August 06, 2007
UK visas: 'Glasgow attack won't affect Indian students'
Paul Dryden, Third Secretary (Consular and Visa) at the British Deputy High Commission in Kolkata, answered questions about UK universities and student visas during a July 23 expert chat.

English errors: 'Myself Sunil Kumar'
Four readers submit English bloopers they've encountered in the office and on the streets. Some are funny. Some are useful.

UK visas: 'Glasgow attack won't affect Indian students'
Paul Dryden, Third Secretary (Consular and Visa) at the British Deputy High Commission in Kolkata, answered questions about UK universities and student visas during a July 23 expert chat.

Are you ready for a power break?
A lot of corporate professionals are taking power breaks from their jobs and are heading back to the classroom. Here's what you need to know about taking a power break.

August 03, 2007
Want to work at Infosys?
Gyan from Bikramjit Maitra, Head HR, Infosys.

US studies: Should you bring a mobile phone?
Matthew Schneeberger looks at why international students should purchase consumer electronics in America and not India.

August 02, 2007
English Errors: This you have to see to believe!
Seven commonly misspelled words, a few mistakes from office and a sign you have to see to believe!

August 01, 2007
Pre-departure programme for US students
The US Educational Foundation in India (USEFI), New Delhi organised a pre-departure orientation program for 155 Indian students leaving for higher studies in the US The program was held at the American Centre, New Delhi on July 6, 2007.

'Internships are crucial for career success'
Karan Gupta, overseas education consultant, examines the importance of securing internships before graduation.

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