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November 30, 2006
Group discussions -- what you need to know
Requires out of the box thinking, analogy and example-based discussion. For example: 'Money is sweeter than honey' or 'Blue is better than red.'</FONT></LI></UL>

US visa rejected? Here's what you can do
You can apply for a visa again if your personal circumstances have changed or you have new information to share with the Visa Officer.

November 29, 2006
From night school student to accounts assistant to...
It is possible to survive without a support system. Read on to find out how being determined can help you reach your goals.

November 28, 2006
How to join a top B-school
If you've cracked CAT, prepare for GD-PI. If not, there are other tests leading to B-schools.

November 27, 2006
Want an MBA? Prepare for these exams
It's time to shift focus from how you performed on the CAT 2006 to B-school applications, GD-PI and other exams.

Appraisal in April? Prepare now
Follow these simple pointers to ensure that your next appraisal goes smoothly.

November 24, 2006
Find a job in the US
You can actually find a job in the US while you are still in India, says visa expert Dr Arun Vakil.

November 23, 2006
US student visa, denied?
Sufficient financial support may fail to get you the US visa if your communication skills are poor.

November 22, 2006
Leadership: Do you have it in you?
Leaders don't blame others. They take responsibility for their actions.

CAT: Is everyone really scoring above 100?
It's funny how everyone other than you seems to be scoring exceptionally well on the CAT. Is something wrong?

November 21, 2006
6 ways to generate great ideas at work
We offer tips to help you break out of a routine thought process, and generate breakthrough ideas.

Why your fund manager is important
Many fund managers and chief investment officers at mutual funds seem to be shifting jobs. Should you, as an investor, should be concerned? Mutual fund expert Dhirendra Kumar think so.

Which MBA institute do I apply to?
The Common Admission Test 2006 is over, paving the way for Group Discussions, Personal Interviews and a seemingly endless wait for calls from institutes. Here are the answers to some of your questions.

November 20, 2006
CAT 2006: Analysing the surprise elements
CAT 2006 threw up quite a few surprises. Here is what they mean, as far as your marks and cut-offs are concerned.

The different CAT: Analysis
The markedly different sections of CAT 2006 will make the cut-off expectations different too.

CAT 2006: Penalty for wrong answers
Apart from the fact that the test was two and a half hours long this year, the test saw many other changes. Here's a low down.

November 19, 2006
CAT 2006: What is your percentile?
CAT 2006 is over. It's time to find out which managment institutes will give you a call.

Nearly 2 lakh students appear for CAT 2006
Students who sat for the test described the question paper as moderate.

CAT 2006: Will you get a call from the IIMs?
Post-CAT, everyone's biggest concern is if they have done well enough to get a call from the top B-schools.

CAT 2006: The detailed analysis
A malnourished CAT paper, a VA section imported straight from Her Majesty's palace were just some of the surprises in store for CAT aspirants this year.

CAT: 'VA/RC was tough, Quant was easy'
CAT 2006 is over. It's time to figure out how you fared and what the probable cutoffs are.

Answer key for CAT 2006, in collaboration with Career Launcher, an organisation that trains CAT aspirants, brings you the answer key for CAT 2006.

Printing errors in CAT paper
CAT 2006 has some critical printing errors. Kaushal Sharma of CAT training institute, T.I.M.E, explains what they are.

Estimated cut-offs for CAT 2006
Here are the cut-offs as predicted by CAT training institute T.I.M.E. on November 19, 4 pm.

CAT: 'Should I 'attack' DI or LR first?'
In order for Data Interpretation to work as an asset for you at the CAT 2006, Sunil Kumar from TIME clarified coubts on the section in a chat on November 10.

November 18, 2006
CAT: Should you change your strategy?

Taking CAT? Try the KISS theory
Many of you have a similar question: How much time should you devote to each section? CAT trainer Vinayak Kudwa from IMS Learning Resources addresses this question and many more.

CAT: Inspiration from the Mahabharata
CAT trainer Naveen Saraf from IMS Learning Resources who chatted with CAT aspirants November 18 advised them to draw inspiration from the Mahabharata.

November 17, 2006
CAT 2006: Balance the time, balance the score
Effective CAT tackling techniques will get you a better score.

1 week of study = Admission to IIM
Anup Varma, who secured admission to IIM Bangalore, shares his strategy with you.

How to maximise your CAT score
Sai Kumar and Sunil Kumar, CAT trainers from T.I.M.E., shared a simple time management mantra that could do the trick during a chat with CAT aspirants on November 16.

See you at the IIMs
An IIT student shares his strategies for CAT 2006.

November 16, 2006
All's fair in LOVE and CAT
Being stressed about CAT may hamper your performance. Here are ideas to avoid the pressure and perform well.

No issuance fees for US visas
We bring you an update on the US visa facilitation process from the US Consulate General, Mumbai.

CAT 2006: Plan of action for D-day
These tips will help you sail through November 19, the day of the Common Admission Test.

November 15, 2006
3 valuable lessons from a CAT aspirant
Some very basic things, if ignored on the November 19 CAT test, can prove costly.

November 14, 2006
CAT: The first and last 15 minutes
Last minute doubts about CAT that you may not have thought of, until now, are clarified here.

November 13, 2006
CETs may be abolished in Tamil Nadu
The Tamil Nadu government today decided to abolish Common Entrance Tests for admission to professional courses.

CAT: 'Should I 'attack' DI or LR first?'
In order for Data Interpretation to work as an asset for you at the CAT 2006, Sunil Kumar from TIME clarified coubts on the section in a chat on November 10.

Time management mantras for CAT 2006
How much time should you invest on one-mark and two-mark questions in the Common Admission Test?

Seven days to CAT 2006
CAT 2006 is just a week away. We bring you tips on how to best utilise the next seven days.

November 10, 2006
CAT 2006: Tips to tackle Verbal Ability
Some of you taking CAT 2006 may find Verbal Ability tough. Subrata Dey from IMS Learning Resources tells you how to score.

6 reasons to thank your clients
Thanking clients is integral to a good relationship with them. Here's why and how to do it.

November 09, 2006
CAT: Can you take a wild guess in Quant?
The Quant section is giving many of those taking the CAT 2006 sleepless nights. Can you take a wild guess when you don't know the answer?

CAT 2006: How to ace Quant
If geometry, algebra or Maths in general were your weak points in school, then here's some help at hand.

CAT: What you must know about D-day
Here are a few pointers to keep in mind just before the CAT and on the D-day

November 08, 2006
TOEFL gets a new format
TOEFL changes format, as its new four-hour internet-based version, called TOEFL iBT (internet based test),gets introduced worldwide.

November 07, 2006
MBA after work experience: A better deal?
N Sunil Kumar, appointed CEO of the ABN-AMRO Foundation, has an interesting story to tell.

November 06, 2006
Take this FREE mock CAT
Get Ahead, in collaboration with T.I.M.E., an organisation that trains CAT aspirants, brings you a FREE sample CAT paper, with answers and an analysis for every answer.

November 03, 2006
CAT: A 15-day preparation plan
With just two weeks to go before candidates attempt the monster called CAT, we offer a few pointers.

Does your visa have spelling errors?
What do you do when your visa comes with errors? Sally Ironfield, Non-Immigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy, New Delhi, has some advice.

November 02, 2006
Is a US visa on a lost passport valid?
Queries about US visas answered by Sally Ironfield, Non-Immigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy, New Delhi.

Taking CAT: It's all in the details
Advice on cracking CAT from actor Rahul Bose, who secured 680 on 800 at his GMAT.

November 01, 2006
Dropout outsources work to America
22-year old Daksh Pandhi, a school dropout, now outsources his work to America.

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