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June 29, 2007
'Handle your college admissions coolly'
We invited you to share your college admissions experiences with us. Here, Get Ahead reader Shannon Almeida tells her story.

US studies: 'It took nearly two years to adjust.'
Gitanjali Bakshi, who studied in the US for four years, describes life in America. She touches on the differences in academic styles, living expenses and much more.

Want a career in the stock market? Here's how
TIME experts Sourajit Anthony Ghosh and Rahul Reddy chatted with GA readers about career options after Class XII.

College: How to deal with the opposite sex
Are you headed for a co-ed college? Here are some tips on how to make friends of the opposite sex.

UK student visas: 'There are no guarantees.'
Nick Jagger, Entry Clearance Officer with the British Deputy High Commission in Mumbai, dicusses studying in the UK. He looks at employment options and the different resources available to prospective students.

English errors: 'Do not rotate in the corridor.'
More English bloopers! Two readers show what happens with direct translations.

June 28, 2007
Were college admissions a nightmare for you?
What was the college admissions process like for you? Was it tolerable, or a complete nightmare? Tell us all about it.

What Indian students should expect in the US
Former US student, Gitanjali Bakshi, who studied in the US for four years, discusses life in America and provides tips for prospective students.

UK studies: 'Apply to accredited institutions only'
Nick Jagger, Entry Clearance Officer at the British Deputy High Commission in Mumbai, discusses the student visa process and how students can best apply.

Who's the whiner at your workplace?
Are you avoiding a perpetually grumbling colleague? Or are you constantly avoided by colleagues because of your constant grumbling? Either way, meet the office whiner!

Bored with your job? Try career counselling
Bored of your job? Think you are stuck in the wrong field? You might want to talk to the office counsellor.

Career options after Class XII
TIME experts Sourajit Anthony Ghosh and Rahul Reddy chatted with GA readers about education options and careers.

June 27, 2007
The SSC topper who is hearing-impaired
Meet Puja Shah, a 16-year-old who topped the Special Category in the SSC examination this year, scoring 91.69 percent.

'Academic environment is fantastic in the UK'
Rahul Bhattacharya, who is doing his PhD in the UK, shares what he has learnt about living as student in a foreign country.

English Bloopers: Tips to ace those tricky adjectives!
Five tips designed to make you comfortable with adjectives in English. They're tricky, but once you have them down, your speaking and writing will improve.

Study US: 'Working off-campus is illegal'
Dr Arun Vakil, US visa specialist, discusses various concerns with the F1 student visa. Did you know that you subject to deportation if you're caught working off campus?

Video resumes: Make an impression!
Video resumes are the newest rage in the professional world. Find out why.

Delhi univ's first list cuts off many students
The cut-off list of top colleges like St Stephens, Hindu College, Sri Ram College of Commerce, Miranda House and Janaki Devi Mahavidyalaya are giving students and parents a harrowing time.

June 26, 2007
Want to make a buck while you hit the books?
Getting part-time employment while pursuing their academic responsibilities is a growing trend among India's youth.

'Marks are no barometer of a person's ability'
GA reader Rohit Daga shares how he managed to plot a successful career despite his poor academic performance.

Headed for college? What you MUST know
Everything you need to know about the junior college admissions process.

US Studies: Is your paperwork in order?
If you're leaving for US studies, you probably have tons of questions. Dr Vakil sorts out the details in an expert chat on US studies preparations.

June 25, 2007
Here's how to secure your student visa online
VFS, or Visa Facilitation Services, handles visa queries for government's around the globe. This article examines how to use their services.

Are you cut out for the Science stream?
Do you want to take up science in college but you're unsure about the career options it offers. Here's all to need to know about the science stream.

English Bloopers: Everyone is working very hardly!
Looks at articles and prepositions -- 'a' versus 'an' and 'since' versus 'for'.

June 22, 2007
English bloopers: 'I come to office by walk'
In our continuing series of English bloopers, we look at some oft-misspelt words and some easily avoidable errors.

Make way for the Global Indian!
Karan Gupta touches on a controversial topic -- sending students abroad. He discusses and debunks the 'brain drain', as well as mentioning why exactly foreign schools love our students.

MBA programmes: Which should you choose?
Rahul Abrol and Aman Bansal of Top Career Consultants and You answer questions about foreign and domestic MBA programmes.

June 21, 2007
Have you ever faced sexual harassment in the office?
Have you ever faced sexual harassment in the workplace? Share your experiences and advice regarding the issue with our readers.

Is a foreign degree a worthwhile pursuit?
Readers discuss whether an international education is good for the individual and the nation

Now, a finishing school for engineers
Here's the latest academic trend for IT aspirants -- finishing schools to transform graduates into career professionals.

College cut-offs: Will you make the list?
College cut-offs have seen a significant rise since last year. Should you be worried?

College admissions: Get ready to sweat it out
Serpentine queues and endless paperwork are unavoidable when it comes to college admissions. Disha Pinge shares her experience.

Ragging: Don't be a victim
Although ragging has been recognised as a criminal offence, the practice continues. Here's what you need to know about how to deal with ragging.

Want an MBA? You'll need to ace your GMAT
Top Careers and You representatives answer questions about the GMAT exam. They tell you how to study for it and when you should enrol.

June 20, 2007
Passionate about footwear? Make it your career
If your interest in shoes goes beyond just buying and wearing them, you might want to consider a career in the footwear business. Here's a look at how b.higgins, India's first couture shoe designer, made his passion his career.

Going Abroad? Adjusting to life in the US
Dr Arun Vakil describes the adjustment phase for international students in the US. He covers culture shock, homesickness and the new academic system.

UK studies: Be careful with student agents
Kevin Wood answers questions and provides details about UK student visa process. He examines the proper procedure for highlighting your assets and improving your chances at studying in the UK.

June 19, 2007
'To mess up is not the end of the world'
Satesh Murthy did not fare well in his Class XII exams. But he bounced back. Today, he is a senior manager in a multinational firm.

How a diploma in engineering can earn you a degree
Komal Mehta explores engineering as an educational and career option. Read on to learn how an engineering diploma may be the key to an engineering degree.

Need UK student visa? Submit original documents
Kevin Woods, head, visa department, British Deputy High Commission, Chennai says original documents should be submitted where possible so that their authenticity can be checked.

June 18, 2007
English bloopers: 'She is very proudy!'
Translating sentences from Hindi to English often leads to errors. Here are some examples of how you can avoid such bloopers.

Do you know the college cut-offs this year?
If you know the last date of admission in local colleges, and the cut-off grade required, do share the information with other Get Ahead readers.

Are you ready for college?
The years you spend in college can be the most memorable years of your life or the most forgettable -- the choice is yours.

'I didn't let my marks affect my life'
Everyone has a chance. The important thing is not be trapped in our middle class mentality, says Get Ahead reader Dean D'Souza.

June 15, 2007
Would you like to study in shifts?
Do you think the idea of letting Indians study in shifts can becoem a reality? Tell us.

Dreaming of a career in the skies?
The Kingfisher group has launched a training academy in Mumbai for those of you aspiring for a career in the airlines industry.

Is the Commerce stream for you?
Headed for college but unsure of which stream to choose? Here's all you need to know about the Commerce stream.

English bloopers: Those pesky prepositions
Having trouble dealing with those pesky prepositions? GA reader Praveen Madhukar Naik lends a hand.

Deciding upon a career? Choose wisely
Just got your HSC results and confused about what to do next? Here are some options you should know about.

June 14, 2007
CAT: Crackdown on Verbal Ability
CAT expert ARKS Srinivas explains how to attempt Grammar, Vocabulary, and Critical Reasoning questions in the Verbal Ability section of the paper.

Learning from Chess: The black and white of success and failure
No amount of tutoring can teach you how to deal with success or failure. It is your passion within that will make the difference.

Earn while you learn
Getting a part-time job for the summer or after school is a trend that is catching on among today's youth.

Is an engineering degree enough?
A recent study by Nasscom suggests that only a fourth of the 400,000 students graduating every year in the country are employable.

Need college admission? What you MUST know
Applying for college admission can be stressful. But there are ways you can make the whole process easier.

June 13, 2007
Is your job causing your personal life to suffer?
Does your job demand more of your time than it should be accorded? Does this cause your personal life to suffer? We ask readers to share their experiences and opinions.

Not happy with your Class XII marks?
If you think your HSC board exam paper has not been corrected properly, you can apply for a re-evaluation. Here's how...

Study US: 'Will I face racism?'
Overseas education expert Karan Gupta has a clear answer -- NO.

CAT: How to improve Verbal Ability
CAT expert ARKS Srinivas discusses how students appearing for the competitive exam can score in the Verbal Ability section.

English errors: 'We are like this only'
Your mother tongue can affect your English. Here's how.

June 12, 2007
Study US: 'I spent too much on clothes'
Six students who studied in the US share their experience with Indian students who are US bound

'I was 18... and a failure'
Everyone around me mourned my lack of good marks. Everyone lamented over the 'fact' that I did not have a bright future ahead of me.

June 11, 2007
The board results are out... What next?
Are you one step closer to your dream job? Or has your result forced you to look at alternate career choices?

Carved an unusual career for yourself?
There are a number of other professions that are just as lucrative as engineering or medicine, if not more. If you have walked an unusual career path, share your story with us.

Mind your language: 'That person is very kiddish'
More reader-driven English Bloopers. Today, we look at how direct translations from a regional language can cause problems.

June 08, 2007
'My mom, my role model'
Get Ahead reader Wilma Lewis shares with us the story of her mother's success, both in her career and in life.

English bloopers: 'Reply fastly!'
More reader-driven English bloopers that focus on the internet's negative effect on written English.

MBA, MA or MSc? Career advice
Confused about your career options? Career counsellor Chandra Bali answers queries from students regarding the same.

All the Maharashtra HSC results
The results for the Maharashtra Higher Secondary Certificate exam are out and <EM></EM> brings you the details of every district on your computer.

Degree in international hospitality
Kurukshetra University Kurukshertra and India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) have announced admissions to a degree in hospitality and business management.

June 07, 2007
Should you opt for Arts in college?
The Arts stream is no longer considered an option just for potential homemakers and home science dropouts. Here's all you need to know about an Arts degree.

Law courses at Kurukshetra

What you didn't know about Rishad Premji
It is said Rishad had been on the lookout for an opportunity and was quite keen on joining Wipro. Like everyone else, he too had to send in his resume and as luck would have it, he managed to find a placement.

'Low marks don't mean you've failed'
GA reader Madhu only completed her Class XII, but she earns an eight figure salary.

Finding a career that's right for you
Young Buzz career guidance counsellor Chandra Bali addresses Get Ahead readers' queries on careers and education.

Entrance test for technical courses
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka has announced the Post Graduate Common Entrance Test (PGCET) for admission to ME / M Tech / M Arch course (full-time and part time).

June 06, 2007
Infosys comes down hard on quitting employees
Infosys is binding its employees with a contract that forbids them from joining the company's customers and competitors when they quit. Is this fair?

Georgia Institute of Technology to establish campus in Andhra Pradesh
The Georgia Institute of Technology has signed an MoU with the Andhra Pradesh State Government to set up an international campus in Hyderabad.

English bloopers: 'Did you bye the petrol?'
Do you know the difference between by, buy and bye? If not, you need to look up these English bloopers!

MSc in Physics
University of Mumbai and Department of Atomic Energy have jointly set up a new autonomous Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences in Mumbai, that will offer a five-year MSc (Integrated) programme in basic sciences.

Passed your board exams? Try these courses
Durgapur Society of Management Science (DSMS) has announced admission to hospitality management and computer theory programmes.

How to deal with workplace negativity
Do you love your job, but hate going to work? A negative workplace can affect your attitude and your productivity. Here are some tips on how to combat negativity at work.

Govt scholarships for budding artistes
Ministry of Culture has invited applications for award of scholarships to young artistes for the year 2007-2008.

June 05, 2007
Are coaching classes necessary to do well in competitive exams?
Is it necessary to take tuition if you want to excel in competitive exams? We ask our readers to share their experiences and opinions.

Low marks don't necessarily translate into a failed career
Students need to know that a bad grade does not mean a failed career. If you have found success despite academic drawbacks, share your stories with us -- they will serve to inspire many demoralised youngsters.

Is your music band your passion?
Pubs and resto-bars are increasingly providing the stage for live bands to showcase their talent.

Do you need career counselling?
Just out of school and confused about which career to pick? You might just need some career counselling.

June 04, 2007
HCL to recruit 2000 people every quarter
D K Shrivastava, Head of Corporate HR, HCL Technologies, shares with Get Ahead readers the details of the company's recruitment plans.

English bloopers: 'Is this your's?'
Here's more English bloopers! This installment examines the correct usage of the apostrophe.

Are you for or against SC/ ST reservations?
Do you believe in the SC/ ST reservation system or not? Share your opinion with us.

June 01, 2007
An aviator's career: When others' lives are your responsibility
A career as a pilot brings you face to face with many challenges. Read on to learn of the responsibilities that come with a job in the aviation industry.

Nine common English bloopers
Do you study in the midnight or at midnight? How the English language can confuse us.

You can give your CFA exam
The Delhi High Court allowed the CFA Institute, a US-based institute providing self-study courses, to conduct their examination, which is scheduled for June 3.

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