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December 30, 2006
US visa rejected? Here's what you can do
You can apply for a visa again if your personal circumstances have changed or you have new information to share with the Visa Officer.

December 29, 2006
Change of job in US = change of visa?
Change of job may not need a change of visa. Read on, to find out more.

December 28, 2006
Worried about your US visa?
With the many different kinds of US visas, one begins to wonder if getting one visa has any implications on another. Read on to clear your confusion.

December 27, 2006
Countdown to XAT
The Xavier's Admission Test, which will be held in 31 cities on January 7, 2007, can be your passport to a lucrative career.

December 26, 2006
Annoying colleagues at your workplace?
You can make your workplace pleasant and constructive by following some simple rules of behaviour.

December 22, 2006
When time management helps...
Seventeen-year-old Soumya juggles her studies and her passion for dance thanks to her time management skills.

December 21, 2006
MBA abroad: Get good letters of recommendation
The letter of recommendation is more than just a part of the application process in admission to a good B school abroad.

Does your salary have a variable component?
You can lose or gain money depending on how well you understand the variable component of your salary.

December 20, 2006
Should you do a second MBA abroad?
Studying abroad has never been easier. If you feel you should top your MBA with another MBA abroad, read on.

Five things every entrepreneur must know
A entrepreneur, who recently set up her own store, shares what she has learnt about starting out on your own.

December 19, 2006
Six questions to ask yourself before a job interview
In order to answer common questions asked during most job interviews, we need to do a bit of preparation says Sunder Ramachandran.

Want an MBA abroad? Get work experience
Good MBA schools abroad require you to have some amount of work experience, says international education expert Karan Gupta.

December 18, 2006
Will a one year MBA get you a job?
Planning on an MBA abroad? Here's what you need to know about which universities you could apply to and job prospects after your degree.

Read your way to success
Here are two reason why you should read -- you can tap into the ideas and concepts of experts. You can learn from the mistakes of others without repeating them yourself.

December 15, 2006
Planning to switch jobs? Read this first
Switching jobs is not an easy decision. What if the new job is worse than the current one? Here's what to need to know before you make your decision.

December 14, 2006
Visa for a short course in the US?
Are you planning to do a short term course in the US? Will you get a visa easily? Does the US offer visas for short term courses? Read on to find out...

December 14, 2006
A Scholar speaks on Scholarships
'Try to take the experience as a way to better understand yourself and your future goals,' advises Marshall Scholar Hari Prabhakar.

December 13, 2006
How face-to-face communication helps at work
Talking face-to-face can be more effective than talking on the phone or shooting off an email.

December 12, 2006
European MBA vs US MBA -- which is better?
Education consultant Karan Gupta says one's focus should be on applying to the best global business schools rather than on a particular country.

December 11, 2006
'Brilliant, brave and under 25! A Rhodes Scholar speaks!
'Every other person I met at the interview was so well prepared and deserving,' says Rhodes Scholar Maya Uma Shankar.

December 08, 2006
Ace the Personal Interview
You need to do well in the personal interview in order to join your dream B-school. Here are some questions the interview panel will ask you.

December 06, 2006
How to impress your interviewer
B-schools are on the lookout for the right candidates and personal interviews are part of their vetting process.

December 05, 2006
Do you have to deal with body odour?
Your colleague has bad body odour. Here's how you can approach him without causing offence.

December 04, 2006
Take this FREE mock GK test
If you are expecting a call from a B-school, you need to brush up on your general knowledge. This mock test will help.

December 01, 2006
How long is a US visa interview?
Getting a US visa can be a relatively simple process. But there always are a few queries pertaining to the basic procedure. We answer them here.

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