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April 30, 2007
Common English goof-ups!
If last week's English bloopers had you doubled over with laughter, here's a few more to brighten up your day -- and tone up your language!

April 27, 2007
Are you joining the right management/ technical institute?
The AICTE is about to blow the whistle on all private education institutions straying from its norms.

Five quick team-building icebreakers
Five activities that can be used as icebreakers during your next meeting.

April 26, 2007
Mistakes we make while speaking English
Does faulty grammar drive you up the wall? Read on for a taste of common English bloopers sent in by our regular readers -- have you made these mistakes?

CAT 2007: The six month countdown
Unless you have a clear study strategy, the hours of effort you invest in preparing for CAT can be wasted.

April 24, 2007
'How my mother made it'
A reader's account of her parent's rough road to success as an entrepreneur.

Why teamwork is always important
There are few jobs that don't require us to interact with colleagues in a team. Here are a few ways to help you become a more effective team member.

April 23, 2007
Job hopping: Do it for the right reason
But the corporate scene has morphed to such an extent that job-hopping is no longer taboo, provided you do it correctly, and for the right reasons.

April 20, 2007
Finding it difficult to juggle home and work?
If you have long working hours, lack of support, unclear demands, lack of growth opportunities at work, lack of motivation and recognition; you could actually fall ill.

April 19, 2007
Your most common errors in English
Send us what you think are the most common errors people make while speaking English and we'll run the series on our site.

What scope does a BPO have?
BPO expert Sunder Ramachandran chats with readers on the prospects of a job in the BPO industry.

April 18, 2007
Want an early start on your career?
If you're interested in finance, the Central Board of Secondary Education's New Financial Markets Management Course may be just the thing for you!

List of schools offering CBSE's new course
The first list has 58 schools.

Are BPOs only about call centres?
BPO expert Sunder Ramachandran chats with readers on job prospects in the BPO industry.

April 17, 2007
MBA Scholarships for France
ENPC MBA Paris has announced scholarships for Indian students, in association with the French Government.

Dealing with clients from the US
Some must knows about the UK clients and ways to deal with cultural issues during calls.

April 16, 2007
Is your dad/mom successful?
We will feature your entries on your parents' success mantras!

Dealing with clients from the UK
If you are working in a BPO and have to deal with clients in the UK, knowing something about their culture will help break the ice faster.

April 13, 2007
New Zealand Education fair
Twenty educational institutions from across New Zealand will be present to counsel parents and students aspiring to go and study in that country on April 15 at The Hilton Towers, Mumbai.

B-school to real world: Secret tips for MBAs
An MBA degree might land you the perfect job, but keeping succeeding is a different ball game.

April 12, 2007
Admissions in IIM deferred till April 21
The six IIMs will be announcing the list of admissions for the coming academic session by April 21.

Career options in BPO support functions
From being seen as a fun place to work, BPOs are working hard to ensure stable career paths for their young employees.

Can an MBA help you change careers?
It can, but you have to "know yourself," says someone who's been there, done that.

April 11, 2007
IIT JEE: Is your score good enough?
IIT JEE expert puts your post-exam doubts to rest.

Frontline career profiles in BPOs
BPOs provide some serious career options and a competitive edge to your career.

April 10, 2007
IIT JEE: What are the expected cut-offs?
Read the answers to your doubts about your JEE performance.

Want a career in the BPO industry?
Here's what you need to know about the industry to chart a successful long-term career.

April 09, 2007
IIT-JEE analysis: The paper that was
The exams sprang few surprises for the well-prepared student. Here's why.

April 05, 2007
IIT JEE: How to rank among top 100
T.I.M.E trainer Bhuvana Anilkumar gives last minute advice to students appearing for the Joint Entrance Examinations on April 8.

Last minute tips for JEE
T.I.M.E trainer Bhuvana Anilkumar helped clear some last minute doubts from students appearing for the Joint Entrance Test.

IIT-JEE: Find chemistry tough?
IIT-JEE trainer Sharad Awasthi answers queries on tackling chemistry in the upcoming IIT-JEE exam.

Want to be a TV anchor? Read this
Among other things, BBC World's popular anchor Michael Peschardt says says it's important to go through the grind and to know your subject thoroughly well.

April 04, 2007
IIT-JEE: Study tips for Physics
Sharad Awasthi offers tips and strategies on how to tackle Physics in the face of changing IIT-JEE patterns.

How to prepare for meetings
Meetings become largely a waste of time if not organised well or not planned in advance.

April 03, 2007
IIT-JEE: How to ace Physics
After concentrating on clearing the subject-wise cut-offs, IIT-JEE trainer Sharad Awasthi tells you how to maximise your score.

Hot jobs for graduates in pharma industry
A big slice of the employment pie in the pharma industry is for graduates, who can be easily absorbed at the entry-level.

April 02, 2007
IIT-JEE: What you must not do on D-Day
How you can save time and work with maximum efficiency on April 8.

Opportunities for graduates in the ad industry
The ad industry is constantly creating jobs for highly talented people who can think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas.

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