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'It was scored with the head of Diego and hand of God'

Last updated on: November 26, 2020 01:46 IST
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'I'm privileged, but only because that was God's will. God made me play well. He gave me the ability at birth.'

IMAGE: Diego Maradona scores the infamous 'Hand of God' goal past England goalkeeper Peter Shilton during the 1986 FIFA World Cup quarter-final at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, on June 22, 1986. Photograph: Allsport/Getty Images

Legendary Argentine World Cup winner Diego Maradona died following a heart attack on Wednesday, aged 60.


Here are a few of his famous quotes.

On growing up in poverty:"Poverty is bad, it's difficult, I knew it well. You want lots of things and all you can do is dream about them. It would be nice if there were more justice - if those who have a lot had a little less, and those who have a little had a little more."

On his 1986 World Cup goal against England:"It was scored a little bit with the head of Diego and a little with the hand of God."

On his number 10 shirt:"No matter what happens, and no matter who is in charge, the number 10 shirt will always be mine."

On spending over a week in intensive care in 2004:"I was hanging by a thread. I started to enter the tunnel (of death) and Boca fans pulled me back, and behind them came fans of River, San Lorenzo, Racing, Huracan, Independiente."

On failing a doping test at the 1994 World Cup:"They cut off my legs and wouldn't let me defend myself. I didn't use drugs, I don't know what happened, I swear that I wasn't doped but I see that they don't care."

A favourite criticism he used for those he did not trust:"He is more fake than a light blue dollar."

Diego Maradona

IMAGE: Diego Maradona in action during the 1986 FIFA World Cup semi-final against Belgium at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, on June 25, 1986. Photograph: Mike King/Allsport/Getty Images

On his belief:"I'm privileged, but only because that was God's will. God made me play well. He gave me the ability at birth. That's why I make the sign of the cross every time I enter the pitch. If I didn't do it I'd be betraying him."

On his daughters:"If my daughters' boyfriends make them cry two or three times, they'll have an accident."

On Cristiano Ronaldo:"Have you noticed how exuberant Cristiano Ronaldo looks? He scores a goal and sells you shampoo."

On his mistakes:"Soccer is the most beautiful and healthy sport in the world. Soccer shouldn't have to pay for my mistakes. It's not the ball's fault."

On the psychiatric clinic:"Madness is terrifying. In the clinic I felt like Jack Nicholson in"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"... In the clinic there's a guy who thinks he's Robinson Crusoe and no one believes I'm Maradona."

On scoring:"Reaching the penalty box and not getting in a shot on goal is like dancing with your sister."

On soccer management:"Football doesn't bother me but what surrounds it does. It bothers me that there are directors who work harder for a photo opportunity than for the club."

On drugs:"In the beginning drugs make you euphoric. It's like winning a championship, so you think: who cares about tomorrow, since I won the championship today?"

On Pele and passion:"If (Pele) is Beethoven, I am the Ron Wood, Keith Richards and Bono of football all rolled into one. Because I was the passionate side of football."

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