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'Can't Kimi crash into Alonso?'

October 11, 2006 15:19 IST

Suzuka changed the face of the Championship.

Michael Schumacher led the Japanese Grand Prix but an engine failure with less than 20 laps to go effectively ended his Championship campaign. Now the only way the German can win the title is if rival Fernando Alonso fails to score a single point in the next race, and Schumi wins.

But as the Rediff Chat on Tuesday showed Sumit Rajwade and Raja Sen, most readers are praying for Alonso to crash! In case you missed it, here's what went on in the chat:

shrsax15 asked, i have no question but just wanna say that schumi is the greatest. even if alonso wins the championship this year, i dont agree he deserves to. and no one can achieve what schumi did.just wanna say thanks to schumi for all the wonderful races.he is the reason why i started watching f1, but i dont know how f1 will be without schumi.thanks :'(
Raja Sen answers, hi.. I echo your comments completely.. a victory alone doesn't make a champion.

schumi asked, you are right shrsax15, without aggressive drivers like Schumi, F1 would have been really boring.It's not just statistics like 7 world championships. But he had some exceptional comebacks in 2000 and was the best driver in Raining circuits
Raja Sen answers, and he built a team around himself at Ferrari. and he created a legacy that seems insurmountable. and he never gave up..... goes on and on and on.

alonso_rulz asked, wen everyone around me was gunning for schumi, i was the lone ranger who had faith in Renault
Raja Sen answers, happy for you, man. but what was renault's grand plan? praying for an engine failure?

viki asked, no fun in f1 without schumi , i hope he would give ius 1 more yr atleast
Raja Sen answers, yeah we all want to see more of Schumi but he's truly going out on top.

Raja Sen says, Hey guys. Lets get this F1 Chat under way. Suzuka was heartbreaking for Schumacher, and nearly handed the title to Alonso. However, after all the mad drama there's been this season, I don't think it's over. Do you?

alonso_rulz asked, without a shruder of a doubt, shumi was gr8.... have to agree with that.... but get over it... now it's alonso's turn... next season it's gonna be kimi's
Raja Sen answers, why, don't you think alonso can take mclaren to victory?

rajeshkaushal asked, M. Schumacher is a champion and will be champion for ever
Raja Sen answers, very true, rajesh. but suzuka's result was tragic, to say the least.

Raja Sen answers, yes, and now the rumours that he's likely to step into a corporate rule at Ferrari and groomed as Bernie Ecclestone's successor in less than a decade seem even more true..

Babbar asked, Questions have been raised about the character of Schumi....I just want to ask...that the amazing gesture he displayed after an engine failure, hugging all his mechanics and not blaming destiny like that loser Alonso, display a truly great sportsman
Raja Sen answers, indeed. it showed the difference between a winner and a loser. being gracious in defeat unlike the whining alonso over the last few weeks. taking that massive disaster after driving a flawless race with a smile -- god, what a champ.

sai asked, Even if schumi's engine wouldnt have failed, alonso would have won bcoz he was pushing schumi too much and thats the reason his car failes
Raja Sen answers, actually alonso was never in with a shot.. the 5.8-6 second gap was consistent throughout and Schumi was coasting to a win.

Srinivas asked, Hi Raja! Its sad that Schumi has a engine failure.But u must admit that he is riding on Alonso's ill engine failure, a tyre failure, a mistaken pitstop ..well justice done for Alonso now .and that even the terms now ..whts ur say ?
Raja Sen answers, actually if you check out the season so far, Michael's had far worse luck. But after two drivers are even on points, this is the most tragic thing that could happen to the title race.

alonso_rulz asked, hey raja dude, renault never prayed for engine failure.... it was just our good luck... DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!
Raja Sen answers, :) congratulations. last year the only reason alonso beat kimi was luck too. the renault horseshoes rock.

vivek asked, hi raja.... Well i a feeling the next race KIMI wil play a vital role in getting schmi his 8th title....i mean kimi can actually take out alonso from the kimi wil join ferrari next year..... Wat do u think???
Raja Sen answers, that's an awful conspiracy theory, vivek -- but I've thought about it as well and must confess it makes me grin real wide.

speedious asked, alonso will not finish the race.....!
Raja Sen answers, lets wait and watch, speedious.. but anything can happen in F1.

alonso_rulz asked, definately, it's gonna be an amazing season next year....alonso and Mclaren and kimi and ferrari... one has more tactics... one has more power
Raja Sen answers, yeah and young drivers all over the grid!

sai asked, Alonso is a cyring baby true... but he'll change by experience i think... schumacher also won a controversial title when he was 25
Raja Sen answers, we can only hope, sai. the fact that after all his STUPID comments over the last weeks, we saw Renault celebrating his win but Alonso NOT thanking his team after the race... well that says a lot for the spaniard. disgraceful behaviour.

Srinivas asked, In the last people are criticizing Alonso ..but they shud realise that Alonso is just 25 and U cant expect him to behave like Schumi who is 37 and a legend.Even Schumi is like that when he is in the age of FA...This young lad ALonso rocks and is destined for a championship ..No doubt about that ..ANy comments raja ?
Raja Sen answers, Alonso is, in my opinion, a spectacular driver. The fact that people are steadily losing respect for him despite his wins, however, shows that he isn't made to be a great champion. Schumi at 25 was a winner who took your breath away -- winning in slower machines.

Chandranath asked, Hi Raja, U shud have been in Suzuka too to help Schumi win. Anyway Schumi was graceful in defeat also, unlike our cry baby champion. What say ?
Raja Sen answers, Amen to that, Chandranath, I wish I was. Exactly, Schumacher smiled while the Ferrari fans watching couldn't.. it was a noble champ at his best.

sai asked, Ferrari had a bad day in suzuka. atleast massa should have won. that would have left schumi in the fray for the drivers title
Raja Sen answers, that's true.. A Massa win would have at least made the fight slightly more reasonable.. but would still have meant Brazil needed a Schumi win and Alonso below 7th place... still an unlikely mountain with the spaniard in such form.

harshada asked, i want schumi t owin? can he?
Raja Sen answers, of course. if schumi wins the next race and alonso doesn't score a point, he wins the championship. but it's an unlikely bet.

Srinivas asked, Raja! Did u observe Massa deliberately blocking ALonso during the Qualifiers and there by helping Schumi ...Why did Schumi always relies on these kind of tactics ..?
Raja Sen answers, heya srini.. I think what we saw at the quali's was just gamesmanship which didn't affect alonso's laptimes. as for team orders, every team (remember Fisi at Shanghai?) uses them -- F1 is a team sport.

abhisheky asked, hi rajareally bad luck for the great man..even fernando could not beleive wht he was seeing
Raja Sen answers, *smiles* true. a friend commented that MS should have slammed on the brakes in the middle of the track instead of pulling over when he realised his engine was gone... but those are tactics more suited to a Coulthard than a Champion.

Rathish asked, Raja Sen you still have hope??? lets wait and watch, speedious.. but anything can happen in F1
Raja Sen answers, hope never dies. it's been a spectacular season, and seeing it decided by an engine failure is an anticlimax. anything can still happen, rathish.

Babbar asked, I am a truly die hard Schumi fan...but I must admit that the skills which a 24 year old driver has diplayed to push the old fox schumi and Ferrari on the limit causing an Engine admirable. What a pity he is going to a team which rarely sees the chequered flag...Kimi will rip him apart sitting on the Prancing Horse
Raja Sen answers, yeah Kimi next year is def the one with the advantage.

fan asked, Hi Raja, I heard the Renualt team boss suggested that Micheal shud not give up. May be its an hint that Alonso will meet the same fate as schumi in Japan.. What say ??
Raja Sen answers, I say anything can happen. Will Renault pay back Alonso for his brash machismo-driven comments by snatching the crown away from him? It isn't likely, esp because it would cost Renault the Constructor's Title... unless some kinda Massa-engine-failure deal is written in the things.. there's a lot that goes on behind closed paddock doors.. (just kidding man.. not happening)

Chandranath asked, Do you think Kimi can continue the Ferrari legacy ? I mean Schumi when he had come in 1996 Ferrari was not as competetive. He has built the legacy made it competetive, Kimi will be inheriting what Michael has built. Is he a worthy successor ?
Raja Sen answers, I do believe Kimi has great talent, but only time will tell. The interesting thing for Ferrari is that both drivers next season are talented and Massa might outshine Kimi -- Raikonnen isn't big on driver inputs while Ferrari is the most 'teamy' of all.

karthikeyan asked, forget schumi,alonso, i would be champion in 2010.. are bhartiya vaasi pl support me be patriotic......
Raja Sen answers, godspeed, Narain :)

fone asked, it would be good for soprts if alonso wins but it would be better for sports popularity if schumi wins . what do you think ?
Raja Sen answers, Schumi winning would be an impossible comeback -- sport at its most dramatic.

negi asked, Shumi is a sachin tendulker of F1. He is a genious. He is a real winner but Alonso win it doesn't matter.
Raja Sen answers, yeah many feel that with his gracious acceptance of defeat he has shown the true champion that he is.

vivek asked, alonso is a great driver...but i some how feel he is not a sportive driver...he needs to smile even if he is 2nd or 3rd....Look at schmi..he smiles even if he is 1st or even if he is out of the race....Thats the reason i just hate alonso....Wat say???
Raja Sen answers, fair point vivek.. Alonso really really needs to lighten up.. As I said in this piece a while back:

Chandranath asked, Who do you think Ferrari should pay to get Alonso out in Interlagos ? Sato or Montiero ? Or bring back Juan Pablo ?
Raja Sen answers, I think Luca De Montezomolo is the only one who can answer that. And maybe dangle a test-driver contract for the young kids during their practice sessions on Friday ;)

Rathish asked, My song for alonso: Woo ha ALONSO you are tHe champion Alonso Win Win Alonso the next grand prix Alonso your are the perfact driver to move on to Mclaran Woo ha Champion ALONSO you are tHe champion
Raja Sen answers, :) does 'perfect driver to move to McLaren' mean it'll be fitting to see him in the most unreliable car on the grid?

veguruschumi asked, Hi Raj, Dont you think Renault is trying to rub on wounds of schumi saying keep on fighting schumi,even after schumi conceds tiltle to alonso.I think when Schumi says its over ,its done.No more issues over it.
Raja Sen answers, yeah Renault's gloating.. and it's strategic.. one says carry on fighting.. briatore says no sympathy.. mindgames.

Sumit Rajwade says, Hi! Guys. Quite a show(down) on Sunday. Questions please

Srinivas asked, Raja! how wonderful it will be if FA can crash in to MS car in Brazil and win the championship there by giving the psuedo legend(MS) the taste of his own medicine ....Take that Michael ...!!!!
Raja Sen answers, yeah but knowing FA he'll probably get the wrong Ferrari and take out Massa.

zaki asked, KIMI from out of top Ten, Finishes 5th., That shows his Talent., i think that is qualified enough to replace a person like Micheal
Raja Sen answers, oh Kimi's def a very capable successor. let's hope he fits into Ferrari well.

Rathish asked, How can you call suzuka's result was tragic ??? then with Alonso suffering an engine failure in Monza last month while Schumacher roared to victory. you can call this also has tragic
Sumit Rajwade answers, Its the point of the competition at which this happended. So, its tragic. We all expect a fair competition at this point right?

Srinivas asked, Raja! MS and F1 are definitely NOT synonyms ..Drivers come and go but the sport will remain..F1 needs young drivers like FA or FM or kimi ..Bye Bye Michael ..
Raja Sen answers, yes of course racing will remain, man. no question.

abhisheky asked, hey raja...wht ever happens now but i think its been a great year for formula1...the battle royale was just superb..but i hope schumi winsssss
Raja Sen answers, very true, it's been one of the finest seasons we've ever seen. what a fight. domination, comeback, equality, drama. 2006 has seen it all.

Chandranath asked, Do you think Massa and Schumi should have traded track positions in the pit rather than on the track ? Because I feel Massa lost out some time there and net result was he went behind Heidefield while Alonso had pitted allowing Alonso to come out ahead of him ?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Massa lost it when Alonso came ahead of him after the pit stop. Heidefield made it happen. I think he failed to overtake him and eventually slowed down

Chandranath asked, Do you think Massa and Schumi should have traded track positions in the pit rather than on the track ? Because I feel Massa lost out some time there and net result was he went behind Heidefield while Alonso had pitted allowing Alonso to come out ahead of him ?
Raja Sen answers, it's a moot point.. obviously Massa was lighter fuelled but his Ferrari couldn't match the pace of MS so maybe Ferrari took the right call.

Roger asked, Raja, What shall we do now.. The dream is over. How do we digest this?
Raja Sen answers, Roger, wait for Brazil. Pray. And then we'll talk about moving on.

zaki asked, @Raja, Sumit ., what do you think about the comment by Niki Lauda about schumi that MS should not have pushed his car thus Far.,
Sumit Rajwade answers, No. I don't think so. He did not push his car so hard. It just was a failure .. a technical failure

Ravishj asked, I couldnt concentrate at all yesterday. I have just started to digest the happenings of sunday.. :(
Raja Sen answers, yeah things have been a blur. it's difficult to believe Suzuka turned out giving us such an anticlimax.

Roger asked, Hey Raja, How can the engine blow like that. I mean is there some chance of a sabotage?
Raja Sen answers, lets not even go there. an engine failure is an engine failure, let it go.

Roger asked, Hi Raja and Sumit, I think even though Fisi's best friend died he was actually crying on the podium cos an ungrateful Alonso got the title.? What do u think
Sumit Rajwade answers, Hmmm.Personal question for Fisi. I really dont know why he must have cried

zaki asked, @Raja, Sumit ., what do you think about the comment by Niki Lauda about schumi that MS should not have pushed his car thus Far.,
Raja Sen answers, In a season as fierce as this, Lauda would have been a Button, glad to be in the top 5. that's all. alonso and schumi are at the top because all they want is the win.

zaki asked, Who will keep the cars once the race is over, if it is the manufacturer then how come the Federation know that some driver has changed the engine.,
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah. typically the cars are parked with the manufacturers. Also there is a lot of research which will begin now in Jan 07 onwards

veeyes asked, hi guys .... Alonso will do well to remember that what God gives, He can also take away ... It ain't over untile the fat lady sings ;)
Raja Sen answers, hey veeyes good to see you back -- and fair point.. Brazil is still the decider.

Princess asked, *chortle*
Raja Sen answers, what amuses you, ma'am? :)

Abhi1 asked, I am just hoping for a miracle to happen at Brazil only which can give Schumi his much deserved championship. But Alonso has had his fair amount of bad luck already in the last few races. What do you think?
Raja Sen answers, Well look at Schumi's luck in the first half of the season.. it's just that luck shouldn't decide the title.. it would have been equally tragic if alonso had been leading the race and blew his engine.

abhisheky asked, hi sumit, badluck for schumi but still hope r alive.. wht so u say
Sumit Rajwade answers, Well. Hope with luck. Lets see what happens in the last race. Being a F1 racenut, I will never pray for Alonso's crash. But its good to see a titan in F1 retiring with a Championship (at least constructors)

S_K_A asked, @Raja...Last year Mclaren unreliability handed Alonso victory, and this time, the Ferrari untimely disaster. At this time to hope for an Alonso failiure is in bad taste. But MS has prepared the ground for KR next year. God bless MS.
Raja Sen answers, For now, MS has declared he's fighting for the Constructor's Title.

Rathish asked, Hi Sumit atleast you chat with all of us that this is F1 chat and not schumi chat
Sumit Rajwade answers, He he. Of course this is F1 chat. And it means there are many more then MS and Ferrari to talk about

Ravishj asked, Raja, dont you feel Alonso will be known as a lucky champion if he wins it this year?
Raja Sen answers, yeah it's unfortunate actually. McLaren fans can justifiably say Kimi lost out because of bad luck last year, and this year there was Suzuka. But Alonso's luck has been incredible, I wish I had some of that luck.

Princess asked, He who laughs last laughs best.. wonder why this line keeps recurring in my mind...
Raja Sen answers, maybe because you're laughing prematurely?

Roger asked, Raja and Sumit, Alonso said he is vey happy at Schumi's failure, but Schumi said he doesnt want to go into next race hoping his opponent has to retire.. What a great diff between the 2??
Sumit Rajwade answers, First remark shows the real satisfaction of Alonso as at the end of the day -- its a bloody title to win anyways. The second is the real maturity of MS to say the last race will be driven by him as usual. He is a mark of a man on F1

getroy asked, Hi Raja, Lets hope that Alonso has a similar fate in the Brazilain GP Pankaj
Raja Sen answers, Interlagos should be a fun race. Lets see if the Ferraris can keep the Renaults away from the Constructor's Championship.. As for the driver's title.. hehe..

Roger asked, Raja, even after all the scrap Alonso said before the race, the insult he did to Fisi, God has still given him a chance.. This is not fair!
Raja Sen answers, maybe suzuka just proves that life isn't meant to be fair.. but sunday still seperated the gracious champ from the selfish brat, the winner from the whiner.

Rathish asked, You can call this also tragic SUMIT Alonso led from pole position before tyre problems after his first pitstop slowed his pace and allowed his rival to overtake and win and even he had a 19 seconds delay in the pits.
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yes. that is tragic.

prateek asked, guys you know what...god cant be so cruel to michael...he deserve's to get an awsome farewell...i mean he has taken formula 1 to a different level...even alonso would agree...
Raja Sen answers, you know, it would be poetic justice to see Alonso finish 9th in Interlagos. Overtaken by the next generation glory boys Rosberg and Kubica in the last ten laps.

Srinivas asked, Everyone is talkin abt engine failure ..Raja or Sumit!! dont you think FA can over take MS with just 5.3 secs drift and still 17 laps to go ...No doubt in my mind that he will chase the psuedo legend till the end and win it ...FA indeed is capable of doing that
Sumit Rajwade answers, See the history of the races happened this year. Alonso actually did it 2 times in early races. Later, post Monaco, I think there was a drastic change in the performance. Some can blame it to the mass damper. But, it would have been difficult to overtake MS in this race.

Chandranath asked, If Schumi wins Interlagos and Alonso the title then it will be Schumi 8 to Alonso seven. Has that ever happenned before that the title going to someone with less win positions
Raja Sen answers, yes it has, but I'll have to look it up. I think something like that happened with either Prost, Fittipaldi or Mansell's wins.

abhisheky asked, raja even jean todd is moving from ferrari camp... which team is he joining?
Raja Sen answers, for now, he's just saying he's thinking of taking a 1-year break. As we've learnt with Ferrari, lets just hold our horses for an official announcement. I personally don't think he's moving to another team..

pratik asked, sumit will renault still be competent enough next season widout any great driver?
Sumit Rajwade answers, As an engine and the car, they are very good. But, yes you also need a superior driver to drive it with the passion and perfection. I think they will have trouble early next year, but as the races progress, we will see some Renaults on the Podium

veeyes asked, End of the day if schumi wins, he would have won 8 times to Alonso's 7 and Schumi has had 3 DNFs compared to Alonso's 2 ... talk abt simple plain doodah luck :(
Raja Sen answers, and he's had more than half the season in a much slower car than the renaults.

fan asked, Raja, do u know whats the weather prediction for Brazil?? May be rain gods can shower some blessing on Schumi... I mean how hard is it to get Accidents in rains?? (for the cry baby i mean :)))
Raja Sen answers, haha. true.

Rathish asked, Raja, when alonso movse to maclaren he is going to win the next GP. He is such a talented driver
Raja Sen answers, yeah but McLaren's don't normally finish races. (suzuka was an exception)

kd asked, Hi Sumit, I am confident enough of Schumi's F1 victory at Brazil GP with ferrari finishing 1-2 on the podium. Alonso will face a 10 places penalty for an engine change at the last GP of the season. Fisci will try hard for the 3rd spot but destiny had already been written for MS. Kimi will finish 3rd with Fischi 4th and Alonso will fail to score a point as effect of tyre change strategy.
Sumit Rajwade answers, KD really seem to be a die-hard Schumi fan. But, nice painting of the final race.

Roger asked, Hi Raja and Sumit, I think even though Fisi's best friend died he was actually crying on the podium cos an ungrateful Alonso got the title.? What do u think
Raja Sen answers, could be both.. Alonso's been ridiculously unfair to his teammate. Fisi should be the one to knock him out of Interlagos.

zaki asked, Who will keep the cars once the race is over, if it is the manufacturer then how come the Federation know that some driver has changed the engine.,
Raja Sen answers, the technicals of the car are scrutinised in great detail before and after the race, zaki, and if anything is changed it would likely disqualify the manufacturer from the title race -- too big a risk to take.

veguruschumi asked, If in case Schumi losses out this battle ,he is still going keep his head high touching the cloudsa nd bow out of F1,winning the hearts of people.which is more than winning champion ship.
Raja Sen answers, that's a really fair point. his smiles said it all. wow.

Srinivas asked, Hi SUmit! why are u both guys are so biased..If Schumi wins then its his greatness ...and if FA wins then its pure luck ...If you cant answer this then there is no point of you being called racenuts ...
Sumit Rajwade answers, Hi! Srini, Check the earlier chats. We did say Alonos is a better driver in 2006. There is no bias towards MS, but c'mon, look at it this way. There is a person who has fought the way to level the scores. And there are 2 races remaining and there is an engine crash. the sad feeling is for retirement, not loss. So, forget its MS, its a competition which we all like to see and get excited about.

prateek asked, next year kimi will kick some real hard ass for ferrari and spank renualt to the cleaners
Raja Sen answers, yeah kimi deserves some time at the top -- a truly fantastic driver. blindingly fast.

veeyes asked, Raja...did u read Damon Hill's comments? "MS said that he's not thinking abt the c'ship now, that's baloney. He never gives up. ....He's going into the last race thinking 'Now how can i win this and Alonso not score anything?'. Thats the way he is going to approach it. Otherwiase he's not MS" Lol
Raja Sen answers, yeah I read those just before the chat. Hill knows what he's saying :D

donnie asked, People talk alot about shumi not being a good sports person but did u see him smiling even after an engine blow up, n his title chase was Over. Shumi is a tru champ.
Raja Sen answers, Amen, donnie. Great sportsmen can handle defeat as well as victory.

Roger asked, Raja, Schumi was seen encouraging his team members, not lettting them go down and at the same time prasing them, whereas Alonso started crying after loss and attacked everyone.. Cant we see the difference between A great F1 icon and a newcomer??
Raja Sen answers, definitely, Roger. and it's a massive difference of basic spirit.

schumi asked, What do you say about Alonso's comment after Monza that he is 'ashamed to be a part of F1' and still keeps racing. Does he have any ethics?. Can't he keep his mouth shut. I feel F1 should also have rules like cricket. Ban the driers for a race if they make nasty comments on the game
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yeah. Alonso just has to be careful about his comments. A great driver is also a great human. He has to understand how to control his emotions. He is going to be the hottest bet for 2007 now. Expectations build responsibilities. :-)

zaki asked, Is there a limitation on the number of pit stops for a particular race
Raja Sen answers, nope, they can take seven splash-and-dashes if they want (tyre changes have limits for the weekend though) but it might be a tactical disaster.

Reigenmaster asked, Hi, I am still not able to digest what happened this Sunday...I woke up at 5 in the morning to see the qualifying as I could not see it live...I blame is squarely on that...had I not been so excited poor schumi would not have suffered....FEEL LIKE KICKING MYSELF
Raja Sen answers, don't blame yourself man.. but stay upbeat for Brazil.

abhisheky asked, raja/sumit, i feel kimi is a better driver than FA he has had mechanical probs but next year kimi and ferrari can be a winnig combo and even massa is doing a gr8 job
Sumit Rajwade answers, Kimi + Massa is a combination to look at. FA will really have to team up well to meet that.

Ayrton asked, Guys Iam still the best driver
Raja Sen answers, welcome, Champ. Great to have you here. :) How do you feel about the current F1 season when a Spaniard is becoming a winning moron and a Brazilian is the key man in the Constructor's Battle?

muni asked, I hope, bad days are not following Kimi even at Ferrari.Two engine failures at Ferrari after Kimi's announcement. 1. Massa's engine in China 2. Shumi's engine at Suzuka (One more engine during test). Kimi deserves WDC and hope he will get it during his days in Ferrari at least.
Sumit Rajwade answers, :-))))) Nice observation and comment.

partha asked, No Schumi, No F1. Schumi and Ferrari still have chance. Isn't it?
Raja Sen answers, of course. it isn't over till it's over. we all have to watch brazil till the very last second. what a season it's been.

veguruschumi asked, Raj,if you r following Hill's views over last few weekends,iam confused is he prasing schumi or the other way.
Raja Sen answers, he'll never really out-and-out praise Schumi after their fierce battles. but I think there have been a lot of backhanded compliments there.

pratik asked, hay raja will renault still be competent enough next season widout any great driver?
Raja Sen answers, lets see if young find Heikki Kovallnen can live up to expectations.

redpassion asked, Raja, can we somehow request Schumi to postpone his retirement by a year atleast till he wins the title again.
Raja Sen answers, *smiles* we can try, but he isn't likely to listen. I think we should just watch his last Grand Prix with pride for having witnessed the master in action.

Arshad asked, I also wanna know do u think that Alonso will be champion with Maclaren or Raikenon will be with Ferrari?
Sumit Rajwade answers, 2 variables played at the same time. Different drivers leading different cars. The other factors to consider atr tyres = BStone and co-drivers .. where Massa has proved hiimself. I see Ferrari has a slight edge over McLaren.

Termi asked, Schumi is no less than GOD !!! he deserves this 8th title.. just praying to GOD that he does win..
Raja Sen answers, :)

Schumi_Rules asked, Difference bet. Boys And Men: Briatore furthermore said: "I still feel a bit emotional. This shows there is some justice. We broke an engine in Monza and they broke one here." Vs "As for the Drivers,' it is lost. I don't want to head off for a race, hoping that my rival has to retire. That is not the way in which I want to win the title." - Schumi
Raja Sen answers, Very well quoted. Briatore and Alonso have been rubbishing themselves by opening their mouths.

SadTifosi asked, if Alonso becomes the champ, he will take number 1 to Mclaren, who will be number 2 ferrari or Renault since MS was second in drivers.
Raja Sen answers, Number 1 and 2 will be McLaren. 3 and 4 Ferrari.

SadTifosi asked, if Alonso becomes the champ, he will take number 1 to Mclaren, who will be number 2 ferrari or Renault since MS was second in drivers.
Raja Sen answers, IF that happens, that is.

sachshj asked, Raja, what do you expect in Brazil, will Alonso win the race? will MS actually withdraw before the race?
Raja Sen answers, I think MS will be gunning for the Constructor's Title. What happens to Alonso is a matter of destiny.

dbdb asked, hi sumit and raja! what do u think abt the comments of frank williams abt kimi in which he said that kimi is not serious & passionate for f1,specially during japanese gp?
Sumit Rajwade answers, I dont agree with the comments fully. I think Kimi drove the entire 2006 like this. There was no Kimi-fire this season. I believe he is changing his style of driving and its the effect of the transition phase.

redO asked, Alonso should sit this one out. no crashing, nothing. no?
Raja Sen answers, but that would mean he has some pride.. I still think the best result would be Alonso .112 of a second behind Rosberg who finishes eightth.

thegame asked, Would it be too far to think that 6 year of relibility of the Ferrari Engine can be broken by a sabotage?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Too far. The tests they do and the precautions they take are too extreme. I belive they do 2,300 tests on the new engine simulating various scenarios. Amazing right?

abhisheky asked, raja/sumit, whtz wrong wid mclaren... they dont have speed and kimi's decision to join ferrari is gr8 but alonso must be a worried man now
Raja Sen answers, yeah he definitely must. he made this deal ages ago and now he's afraid he'll have to pay for it. that's why he's trying his all this season before Kimi gets into a Ferrari next year with FA stuck in a McLaren..

Raja Sen answers, Ankur :) All I can say is that if all the people willing Alonso getting out in the next race is a factor, Schumi's the champ :)

kd asked, Sumit, this is MS last race of the career, and he has been successful to keep the title open at japan. Alonso on the other is over-confident of the drivers champions but the constructors has alrady moved to Ferrari. Wouldn't it be icing on cake if MS and Fellipe finishes 1-2. Kimi would be eyeing to stand on the podium on Micheal's last race that to make it a complete Ferrari crew as Kimi moves to it next season.
Sumit Rajwade answers, He he. You are really a Ferrari guy. Lets see what happens in qualifiers. The picture will be clearer.

Ravishj asked, Hey Ferrari fans dont give up. Going by the track record of Renault mechanics, engine failure is not the only thing on cards. What do u say?
Raja Sen answers, hehe.. a nut behind the wheel and a wheelnut failure. true true.

donnie asked, Ferrari will take the constructors championship dont u think so?
Raja Sen answers, They'll have to finish 1-2 and keep Renault away from 3-4 to do that.

Roger asked, Raja and Sumit, Can it still happen in Brazil? I mean do u think Alonso will crash out.. He can just plan to be 8th thats it.. But if he does that then he is under risk of attack from slower drivers at the bottom. and thats where is the cnhance for Schumi..
Raja Sen answers, it's a definite possibility, Roger. If he's coasting, he could well be caught by younger drivers fighting for their last stab at points..

VLK asked, i think without colorful drivers like montoya and schmui F1 will lose it charm , whats ur opinion?
Raja Sen answers, oh i think there's plenty of colour to look out for next season: kubica, vettel maybe, rosberg, kovallnen.. and a red kimi.

schumi asked, I feel Alonso doesn't know what pressure really is. Schui won 2000 champ in real pressure of from Hakkinen. He cried when he won at Monza in 2000. Things are coming little easily to Alonso and he still complains
Raja Sen answers, that's a fair point. this has been the first year Alonso was really under pressure and Schumi took the lead away from him... after which Suzuka happened.

Rathish asked, Hi sumit Why are you guys taking side of Schumi, thats really bad, not good for chat. you guys should be neutral
Raja Sen answers, Rathish, no taking sides. A sport is a sport and the better sportsman must be supported.

zaki asked, Ralf unable to utilize the opportunity starting ahead of the grid
Sumit Rajwade answers, Nice point you brought up Zaki. I was also thinking that Ralf will make it to the podium this time. But, I saw him weak on the straights and that was the main -ve due to which he lost it.

RohitForShumacher asked, michael schumacher will win the drivers championship..i have that much faith in him...
Raja Sen answers, that's the spirit, Rohit :)

veeyes asked, i can offer reasons why it was bad luck for MS ...1) 1st engine failure for a Ferrari in 6 years 2) Happens while leading the race 3) MS crashed out in Oz 'cause of a stupid bump on the grass shoulder AFTER he had recovered from the slide which ultimately may prove to be the difference between an 8th championship victory and a 2nd place this year ... if Kimi's puntured tyre on the last lap ( i forget where) whilst leading is bad luck, then MS' engine failure is absolutely bad luck
Raja Sen answers, yeah Suzuka was a nightmare. but MS woke up with a smile, which was something noone expected. wow.

zizouz asked, HI, I guess the next race is gonna be a cracker of a race. Hope Schumi gets a nice farewell with the title.. Presonally, My fav driver is Kimi. So wat do u think of Kimi's move to Ferrari.
Raja Sen answers, I think Kimi's finally going to get a reliable car, something he really deserves. He's an incredible driver, and it would be great to see him leading the field.

ND asked, Raja and Sumit, I think u guys are too are talking about all the negatives of FA and positives of MS. Are you forgetting what happened at Monaco this year???
Sumit Rajwade answers, Again. I answered it earlier. Its not Ferrari bias. See, we all like to see a good competition and nail biting finish. There was a scope for that. If MS would have won, the gap was just 2 points and there would have been a solid finish. Now it looks like a 1-sided race. Its just the stage of the season when it happened.

zaki asked, @Raja We have talked about Rosberg and Kubica and the expectations are very high from them., but apart from one or two races, i don't think they have lived upto the expectations
Raja Sen answers, Rosberg had a good start to the season and Kubica just drove a few races.. they've been really impressive and we need to give them credit for the fact that they've impressed while driving for currently substandard teams.

Rathish asked, Alonso was great in suzuka he was pushing is car so well even Schumi car was not able to match. Alonso started the in the 5 position
Sumit Rajwade answers, Yes. He drove well to overtake Massa.

SadTifosi asked, I guess Suzuka has answered Baritore's Formula 1 fixing claim, if they win its fair, if they lose then it is fixed that MS is going to win championship, it shows even at this age he doesnt even have half the maturity of MS.
Raja Sen answers, yeah I'm sure Briatore and Alonso suddenly feel F1 is a sport, after all.

mb asked, Raja/Sumit .... If you are told to compare this season (2006) with a previous one ... which would that be ????
Sumit Rajwade answers, Until Suzuka, it was Kimi finishing 1 point MS season 2 (or 3) years back.

rahul asked, Alonso has won the previous race and now michale schumaker fans should realize that Alonso is a very good driver, There was a golden era of michale which has come to an end and it is a way of life
Raja Sen answers, definitely. alonso is a good driver. and Michael's leaving.. so we should all just watch his last race and sat our goodbyes.

Roger asked, Hey Raja and Chandranath, I think lat time it happened last year itself, Kimi had more race wins compared to Alonso i think..
Raja Sen answers, true man, how could I miss that? sorry. :)

rakesh asked, why did schumi announce that he is going to retire after this session and he put himself under enormous pressure..i thought he want to give himself a dramatic farewell.. which he wouldnt be getting...
Sumit Rajwade answers, The talk was always on thru out this season. He confirmed it as he thought (or expected) that he might win.

schumi asked, What do you say about Alonso's comment after Monza that he is 'ashamed to be a part of F1' and still keeps racing. Does he have any ethics?. Can't he keep his mouth shut. I feel F1 should also have rules like cricket. Ban the driers for a race if they make nasty comments on the game
Raja Sen answers, but they don't ban bowlers for sledging, do they?

abhisheky asked, raja/sumit, i feel kimi is a better driver than FA he has had mechanical probs but next year kimi and ferrari can be a winnig combo and even massa is doing a gr8 job
Raja Sen answers, yeah kimi/massa are def going into 2007 as the favourites.

abhisheky asked, last race oct 22nd its diwali..hope schumi wins championship .... wht a way to celebrate festival...
Raja Sen answers, yeah, well, he sure gave China a great National Day on October 1. :)

muni asked, Big mouth Spanish Kid (Alonso) is going to have difficult time under Ron at Mclearn. Hope he don't exit like other Latin guy namely Montoyo :)
Raja Sen answers, fair point, muni. and i must say I like the idea of FA and JPM NASCARing it out ;)

veeyes asked, this season has seen so many ups and downs that one has almost lost the plot ... is there one last bizarre twist waiting to happen in Sao Paulo? I for one would not be surprised!
Sumit Rajwade answers, I expect the same too :-)

sarfraz asked, Let us all pray for FA engine failure on the second last lap, just behind schumi in lead!AMEN
Raja Sen answers, hehe.. no no a failure with five laps to go.. so MS can savour his last laps and we have time to breathe!

Rathish asked, Alonso was great in suzuka he was pushing is car so well even Schumi car was not able to match. Alonso started the in the 5 position
Raja Sen answers, dude, he took a while to overtake Ralf. Ralf! In a Toyota! Come on, that isn't pushing! And he went off the track trying to overtake Ralf. That's just clumsy, man!

Raja Sen answers, hehe. like in the robbie williams music video, huh? awesome.

schumi asked, Hi SCHUMI_RULES and Raja Sen, observe the difference between Flavio and Schumi. When schumi spun at Monaco in qual, Flavio was complaining to even the bar tenders at Monaco. But when Alonso was put 10 places back in Italy, he was crying for injustice
Raja Sen answers, Renault's really been rather whiny this season, sure.

prakashchandran asked, if schumi and Alonso got same points and who will be f1 champ for the year 2006
Sumit Rajwade answers, The one who has more wins.

zizouz asked, Hey Raja, What do u feel abt massa and Kimi @ferrari. I guess kimi wud their best driver. But seing Massa this yr, his performances were very good.? SO who play the second fiddle?
Raja Sen answers, very good question. I think Ferrari will let them both race for the first few races and then decide which driver is performing better.. at least that's what I hope they do.

panand asked, can we plz cut the crap and talk abt khosla ka ghonsla plz?
Raja Sen answers, great film, but why? :)

sarfraz asked, Y FA is leavin renault?
Sumit Rajwade answers, Cause he is prebooked in McLaren by Cooper in Dec 2005. McLaren gave FA his first break.

Kriss_Achu asked, What ever i am waiting for 71 Laps more 2 c Alonso winning again to add to the wounds of the schumi fans
Raja Sen answers, y'know, I'd like to see that brat slip fall off his car when he's posing like a winning monkey.

mike asked, Hi raja and sumit... I think alonso is best driver much better than kimi
Raja Sen answers, he definitely is more consistent. but lets see what kimi does in a reliable car next season. and vice versa for alonso.

vivek kumar asked, Schumi is a great sportsperson too, not blaming his team for his engine failure. He still felt that the team did a great job, helping him reach the position he is in. Had the case been with Alonso, he would have shown his anger both on and off the track with lewd remarks.
Raja Sen answers, yeah I can just see the 'Renault hates me (so what if that doesn't make sence)' headlines from Alonso ;)

joel asked, well if schumi and the rest of the bridgestone tyres can get the 1- 6 that mite push alonso to push the reeves up and make it go off
Raja Sen answers, aaah a bridgestone dominant brazil.. that's an interesting scenario, sure.

Sumit Rajwade says, Al right folks. I was fun as usual to speak to you all today. We will meet post the last race in 2 weeks time. till then have a great week and time ahead. Sumit signing off.

Srinivas asked, why are u guys taking MS side when FA is the one with fastest laps in both China and at SUzuka ?
Raja Sen answers, :) because it just goes to show how good a driver is if he has the fastest car but is driving to a second position in both circuits.. no?

shomi asked, American Sarah Fisher put women racers back on the Formula One radar on Friday as the first to drive a grand prix car in a decade. The 21-year-old stepped into the spare McLaren, normally reserved for Scot David Coulthard and Finn Kimi Raikkonen, to perform a three-lap demonstration at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway ahead of Sunday's U.S. Grand Prix. In doing so, the Indy Racing League (IRL) regular became the first woman since Italian Giovanna Amati in 1992 to experience the flat out power of a Formula One car on a regular grand prix circuit.
Raja Sen answers, fact of the day, huh? I for one would love to see a woman driver in F1. (btw, does that mean we'll have PitDudes then too? :p )

Srinivas asked, No matter what ..Alonso is going to win in Brazil and this time not with an engine failure of Schumi but with his driving skills.Michael will finish on podium but Alonso takes the championship with pride ...
Raja Sen answers, very possible, srini. lets wait for Brazil. sure it'll be quite a race.

Raja Sen answers, hehe... you know it's funny just how many F1 fans are praying for an Alonso disaster. that tells the story in itself, I think.

veeyes asked, this season has seen so many ups and downs that one has almost lost the plot ... is there one last bizarre twist waiting to happen in Sao Paulo? I for one would not be surprised!
Raja Sen answers, yeah the drama can't quite be over yet, can it?

Raja Sen says, Alright guys, it's been a brilliant chat. Lets see if God answers your prayers in Brazil with a smoking Renault. Cheers and catch you soon.