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Lok Sabha elections 2024: A sentiment analyser

May 17, 2024 17:58 IST
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With three more phases of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 left, understanding the shifting political landscape becomes crucial for voters, analysts, and political parties.

We have developed an interactive tool called the 'Lok Sabha 2024 Sentiment Analyser'.

This tool is designed to provide a dynamic and predictive insight into the possible outcomes of the elections based on a user-driven sentiment analysis.

The foundation of the Sentiment Analyser is the official data from the Election Commission of India, which details the percentage of votes garnered by each party in each constituency during the 2019 elections.

By integrating this data with a cartogram of Indian Lok Sabha constituencies, we have set up a platform that not only gives historical data but also simulates future scenarios based on fluctuating public sentiment towards various political parties.

The Sentiment Analyser features a user-friendly interface with sliders for each political party, ranging from -7 to +7, to represent negative to positive shifts in public sentiment.


As users adjust these sliders, the tool dynamically recalculates the distribution of votes across parties within each constituency.

For instance, a positive shift for Party A results in an extraction of up to 7 per cent of the total votes from other parties, proportionally distributed based on the previous election's data.

This reconfiguration allows the tool to predict the winner in each constituency based on the new vote distribution.

The resulting cartogram updates in real-time, displaying color-coded constituencies to reflect the leading party based on the adjusted sentiments.

This visual representation helps users see potential shifts in political dominance across India's diverse geographic landscape.

Accompanying the cartogram is a summary table that updates the seat counts for two major alliances -- the National Democratic Alliance and the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance -- along with swing and others, providing a clear picture of the overall electoral impact of the sentiment changes.

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