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The 10 best images from Oktoberfest!

October 07, 2019 08:42 IST
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The Oktoberfest in the southern city of Munich in Germany has ended after drawing some 6.3 million guests.

Here's a glimpse of all the fun and beer that was had.

Revellers enjoy drinking beer inside the Hofbrau beer tent during 2019 Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Reports state that though this year lesser beer was consumed, more people's scooter licences were confiscated. Photograph: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Here's where you get beer as if there's no end. You want a litre or just a pint, here's the place to be. Photograph: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Raise a glass to the best kind of festival -- one that celebrates ale. Photograph: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Young women enjoy drinking beer out of 1-litre-mugs of beer at Oktoberfest. Photograph: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

People reach out for a pint of beer at the opening day of the 186th Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. The festival has given birth to many other celebrations across the world. Photograph: Michael Dalder/Reuters

Chug, chug, chug! These two revellers seem to be competing on who can finish their beer faster. Photograph: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

And after that much beer, the next best thing is a little nap, which is exactly what this reveller chose to do at Oktoberfest. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

That's a whole lot of beer with a whole of food. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Jesters perform in the annual parade of Bavarian and international folk culture associations through the city to the Theresienwiese Oktoberfest grounds in Munich, Germany. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

People enjoy a carnival ride at the 186th Oktoberfest in Munich. Photograph: Andreas Gebert/Reuters
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