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Ready for dinner 16 feet underwater?

February 07, 2017 08:22 IST
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If you're bored of your regular dining options and are looking for something new and exciting, consider trying out a new restaurant called 'The Pearl' in Brussels. 

However, to eat here, you have to put on scuba gear and flippers.

Why? Because, this place is located underwater at the bottom of a swimming pool, five metres (16 feet) below the surface.

Once you make it to the restaurant, you and your dinner companion will remove your equipment and climb inside a two-metre wide pod.

The underwater capsule has a little table inside where you'll sit and enjoy your food. Just like at regular restaurants, the food is brought to you by waiters who are expert scuba divers.

The waiters deliver foie gras, lobster salad and champagne in waterproof cases before leaving the diners peering out of the portholes, enjoying the strange tranquility of eating in an air pocket, completely submerged.

It’s also fairly exclusive, with room for just four people. 

The Pearl is described as looking like a golf ball with windows. It is also supplied with oxygen by NEMO33, which is important for breathing.

After reading all this you may tempted to experience this unusual restaurant. Right?

So pack your bags and travel to Brussels, Belgium where ‘The Pearl’ is located. Also pay around $106 per person to get a reservation and enjoy the food underwater.

All photographs: Yves Herman/Reuters

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