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UNVEILED: Mumbai Police calendar 2018

Last updated on: January 30, 2018 09:13 IST
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They normally lurk in the shadows, ensuring we are safe and sound.

But do you ever wonder what happens when the Mumbai police is the centre of attention?

Honouring the commitment of the Mumbai police force, the third edition of the Mumbai Police calendar was launched recently. Shot by photographer Pravin Talan, the pictures give us a peek into the everyday life of Mumbai Police.

All photographs courtesy: Pravin Talan


Let them build the castles of their dreams and ambitions. We will always be there to protect them. 


Whether the sea is rough or calm, we will certainly turn the tides in favour of Mumbai's security.


No light is brighter than the smile on the faces of Mumbaikars and nothing more rewarding than it for us either. 


Eight women police station incharges, a first in any city in the country, protecting the good & destroying the evil, with a smile each day. 

Smiles know no boundaries! Hosting goodwill for Mumbai is always our priority. For our ‘Athithis’ we strive to ensure that their stay is not only safe and secure but a cheerful one too.


The beauty of Mumbai city is in its diversity and we bow our heads in honour of its integrity. 


We care for you and we will always be there for you.


Come rain or storm, we are there to walk along. 


We promise to keep your faith for ‘Vighnaharta’ alive forever. 


 Our place of worship, where we attend to our call of duty to support every Mumbaikar in distress. 


No matter how big the gathering, our two eyes are enough to watch over each and everyone’s security. 


Nothing distracts a committed policeman from aiming for an evil eye.


Confiding in as a friend. 


Our men in black, deadly for the miscreants and rioters, with no shades of grey.  


Training hard to meet the challenges. 


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