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Meet the #KissIt couple... Travelling 40 countries in 1 year

By The Rediff News Bureau
January 23, 2018 08:28 IST
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It is quite common for couples to take a break from their daily routine and travel to break the cycle of monotony.

However, Shyam Singh and Anna Gapych upped their game by taking selfies around the world in different locales and sealing the happy moments with a kiss.

The Indo-Ukrainian couple aim of checking off 40 countries on their bucket list within just a year!

Take a look at their journey so far.

All photographs courtesy: oyeannabanana/Instagram

Anna Gapych, who goes by 'Girl on a run' on Instagram, has been showcasing the couple's travels, which all began from Delhi. The journey of this couple and their statement ‘kiss’ started when Gapych posted a picture of the two of them with their passports and wrote, “#kissisit This is it. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single kiss. 40 countries. 365 days. Food, places and people everywhere. The first steps and the first #kissisit begins in India, we keep the road to Mongolia with the land of Genghis Khan.”

For those who are wondering what's so unique about Anya and Shyam's travels, the couple makes it a point to take a picture of them kissing in that location and share them on social media with the hashtag ‘#kissisit’. Here they are in Mongolia being all cute. 


What would you do at the Great Wall of China? Well, for Shyam and Anya, they kissed and they ate... what else but the 'Bao Zi' or simply put baos. 

In Sichuan, China, the 'Kissit' couple had a go behind the fussy black and white mascot of the region -- the panda. 

When asked why the kiss and why the hiding behind props, the campaign was founded on the twin pillars of love and travel. They were quoted as saying, "#kissisit is not a rebellious, dare the world, break all rules, be bold, stand for something move. It’s just collecting experiences from our travel while making it more creative and fun, our own way."

Anya writes, "Wishing at Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Taisha makes you pass through thousands of toriis, standing tall, like a never ending gateway to prosperity. Wishes of health, wealth, love, family, good times and all kinds, get written on wooden triangles with visuals of the traditional revered foxes on the front. Write a wish and hang them in hope - because like they say, some wishes do come true."

Standing at the Shibuya Scramble, the world’s biggest intersection in Japan. This is where some 10 lanes of automobile traffic and five major crosswalks converge, reportedly accommodating as many as 2,500 pedestrians with each rush-hour traffic signal change.

From Japan, they made their way to Bukchon village in South Korea. And for their prop, they chose the delightful soju -- today the most popular Korean liquor -- termed as a friend of life and common people’s drink.

The ‘Kissit’ couple raise the yin-yang flag at Gwanghwamun, the main and largest gate of Gyeongbokgung palace, the soul of Seoul.

Shyam and Anya having some fun in the Philippines. Taking to Instagram, Anya wrote, "It’s more fun in the Philippines is not just another marketing line. From the madness in Manila traffic to the Filipino way of life, to the adobos and fried chickens, to the blue and white hues of the islands of Boracay – more fun gets injected in your veins every day."

The couple enjoy some old fashioned Bali coffee powered by the rich volcanic soil. Here they are at Tanah Lot, which means land in the sea. This is one of the seven sea temples around the Balinese coast and fundamentally the most touristic not to be missed spot in Bali. 

More fun in the sun in Bali. 

Anya and Shyam lost in the patches of Ubud’s Tegalang rice terraces with a bowl of rice. Some food for thought, eh?

Be amazed by nature’s vivid colours at the Tegenungan waterfalls, 30 kilometre from Denpasar in Indonesia. 

How would the #KissIt couple ring in the New Year? Of course with a kiss!

Shyam and Anya enjoy a kiss after a hike up the crater of Kawah Ijen, surviving the toxic Sulphur fumes, and naively dipping hands in the waters of the largest highly acidic crater lake in the world.. All this and more only in East Java, Indonesia.

Surviving the extreme heat at the domes of Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist Temple in central Java.

In Singapore, Shyam and Anya have a snog along with Singapore's famous fruit Durian. Speaking of the fruit, Anya writes, "The jackfruit with thorns. Be warned: the reactions of taste, texture and aroma may range from deep appreciation to intense disgust. It’s bizarre and eccentric odour spreads like a wildfire and becomes hard to tolerate, which is why in Singapore, there’s a fine of 500 Singapore dollars for travelling with it in public transport. 


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