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Meet the human magnet!

January 25, 2017 08:43 IST
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He's real life Magneto!

Nermin Halilagic, 38, from Bosnia and Herzegovina has discovered that he has the unusual ability to attach items to his body using what he says is a special energy radiated from his body. 

He says he is able to hold on to spoons, forks, knives, and other kitchen appliances, as well as non-metal objects like remote controls, all plastic stuff, and cell phones. 

Check out the human magnet!

Halilagic said that he discovered his amazing 'super' power earlier this year. 


He's able to attract sharp knives to his body. 


It's quite fascinating to see Halilagic able to attract kitchen utensils to himself. Talk about a walking, talking kitchen! 


And it's not just metal that he can attract. He's able to even attract non-metal objects such as mobile phones to himself. 


Halilagic isn't the first human magnet. Earlier, Wang Baoqiang from China also claimed to have the same superpower. 



Want to listen to some music? Halilagic magnetic body attracts some CDs. 

All photographs: Dado Ruvic/Reuters


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