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Blackwill to be feted for bringing India, US close

June 15, 2007 10:24 IST
Former United States ambassador to India Robert D Blackwill will be honoured for his leadership role in bridging the chasm between India and the United States, and for taking bilateral relations to new heights.

The 2007 Leadership award will be conferred on June 25 by Bridging Nations, a non-partisan, non-profit organisation in Washington, that empowers leadership for a connected world and concentrates on executing innovative approaches to bridge nations.

In a release, it said the historic transformation in Indo-US relations could not have occurred without the presence of Blackwill in New Delhi.

He was the US envoy during 2001-2003, and gave form, substance, and direction to President George W Bush's desire for a new strategic partnership that paved the way for building strong relations between the two nations, it stated.

The dramatic changes in political ties that have occurred between the two largest democracies in recent years, overcoming a chequered past running over many decades, would not have occurred without the vision, effort, and energy of the ambassador.

He has proved himself to be a true bridge-builder and deserving
of the Bridge Builder award for his contributions towards laying the foundations for the new and enduring partnership to be shared by both countries in the decades ahead.

Throughout his long years in public service, he distinguished himself by a sharp and penetrating intellect and an unswerving dedication to promoting the national interest, Dr Prakash Ambegaonkar, Founder and CEO of Bridging Nations, said, adding that the award recognises his historic role in laying the foundations for the transformed relationship between the two countries.

James W Baker III, former United States Secretary of State and Co-Chair of the Iraq Study Group, Richard McCormack, Vice Chairman of Merrill Lynch & Co, Inc, former Under Secretary of State for Economic and Agricultural Affairs, K K Jajodia, Chairman, Assam Company, Ltd and several Congressmen, including Jim McDermott, United States House of Representatives, Co-Chair of India Caucus, Congressman Joe Wilson, Co-Chair of India Caucus, Thomas Pickering of the Boeing Corporation, Sam Pitroda, Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek and Indian ambassador Ronen Sen will be among other dignitaries participating in the event.