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What poking fun at army over Yeti signifies

By Tarun Vijay
May 04, 2019 11:45 IST
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The venom and contemptuous sarcasm evident on the army's tweet on the Yeti and my reply has something to do with the intrinsic hatred that a section of the media nurses against the right wing, says Tarun Vijay.
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Narendra Damodardas Modi has upset the comfort zone of the secular cartel that represented a precipitated hate for the assertive Indian.

Still, the highly politicised and opinionated 'secular' media is able to speak falsehoods and hit hard at newly emerging assertive Indians and their spokespersons.

Their last battle to shield the 'bachaa-khucha' -- whatever is left -- of their empire is climaxing in mocking missiles on right-wing followers.


Their practice of ideological apartheid was so strong and overpowering that a journalist in her arrogance tweeted from her pedestal, 'We donated land to Yogi Adityanath's ancestors to build the Gorkahdham temple'!

Some cheek they have. They donated to us. Who are they? They align with the invaders. Who are we? They say we are the beggars, the vanquished people who received donations from the conquistadors. And then the same discredited Aryan invasion theory is projected.

Like the political Opposition, they believe if a blatant lie is spoken a thousand times, it gets registered as the truth in public perception.

The Yeti episode and the loud laugh by the chatterati 'secular class' at the Indian Army and my reply underline a mindset that is resisting the change. I saluted the Indian Army, felt proud about its achievement.

The Yeti has been an area of my study since my college days and I undertook two journeys to Tibet, that included visiting Yogi Milarepa's cave in the Ngari prefecture in my pursuit to gain more knowledge about the Abominable Snowman. But that's another story.

The falsification of my tweet is not a new thing -- the seculars are past masters in the Stalinised transformation of the truth into their convenient versions.

A clear divide is to be seen in the media, like in pre-Partition days. The secular class, against Ayodhya, Article 370 removal, common civil code, cow protection and Ram Setu is a consolidated, organised, sector in the media.

They must write against the armed forces, assertive Indians, celebrate Kashmir insurgents, befriend jihadis, publish columns by pronounced beef-eaters, and fulfill secular obligations by hitting us, whatever the occasion, whatever the time or matter.

They must raise their voice against assertive Indians, seeing absolutely nothing positive in us even if a larger part of the nation supports us and votes us.

They think all those supporters are wrong till they convert to the secular class's faith.

Proselytisers of another hue, these seculars have become more venomous and harsher than the Portuguese Jesuit harvesters of faith who used excruciatingly painful inquisition methods to convert Hindus in Goa.

They are the secular extra space leg people, whose daily life depends on doles from foreign agencies and NGOs, and have been spoilt by the likes of Nurul Hassan to Arjun Singh.

They have convinced themselves that they are the lone torch-bearers of Indian voices, whom the India desk on Capitol Hill and the European parliament, Amnesty, Unesco, and public diplomacy department of the MEA and Alliance Française de Delhi gave shelter, fat fees for new books and video films -- which none read or saw -- and invites.

With Modi's rise, their space has shrunk, their Siberias and Gulags on news desks are questioned, fellowships gone. Hence the hurt.

The venom and contemptuous sarcasm evident on the army's tweet on Yeti and my reply has something to do with the intrinsic hatred that a section of the media nurses against the right wing. Nothing new.

The abuses and use of choicest bad words, against us, our leaders, was a creation of this left-Congress gang. They are now getting it back with interest added and that's shocking them -- oh, they know some English also?

Their eyes would squirm, their lips stiffen and eyes show an unmistakable charge of intense hate whenever they saw us in the holy precincts of their monopolised domination like the India International Centre or the Editors Guild.

Once I had lunch at the IIC and saw a known left journalist. I went to his table to greet him. He was shocked, and for a second looked frozen in disbelief. And the first sentence he uttered was, 'Arre, you are a member here? Who gave you membership?'

I returned to my table with sadness. We were supposed to eat in a dhaba, speak against reforms, against Muslims and Christians, against social amity and wear a shikhaa -- which they called head-tail.

To get their approval and acceptance we must support the invaders -- or at least show them as economic reformers who came from Ghazni to Somnath in pursuit to increase employment opportunities for poor, enterprising Afghans and free Hindus from the shackles of the priests.

For secular baptism, we must read Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, attend Sahmat meetings, buy Audrey Truschke's books and show them off to friends too, and write columns on how as god's special messenger in academics Wendy Doniger is once again civilising the Hindus through her masterpiece.

This was considered to be the first signature of a civilised, cultured, secular Indian.

The armed forces too have received their contempt and an unusual dose of verbal missiles. Never would we see a rally, a Jantar Mantar candlelight vigil, a jhola chhaap silent march in support of the Gadchiroli or Pulwama martyrs, or against the terrorist gangs of Naxals, and Kashmir jihadis.

These well-fed and well-paid mediapersons find it easy to hit us, but would not find the time to report on polling in Tawang and the fear enveloping Changlang. Or a report from Hebron, for obvious reasons.

They will never even try their investigative skills to report how the Church is openly funding and supporting the NSCN-IM and K and their idea of a greater Nagaland for religious expansionism.

For the Indian media, specially the secular class, anything that corrodes the boundaries of Hindu faith, and hurts the people who profess an assertive Indian dharma -- through the tricolour and the Constitution -- must be welcomed and if Islamists, the PFI, Jesuits or any section of the proselytisers hit at us collectively, that is secular tehzeeb and well within their rights.

Modi has punctured their fraud, their tirade of lies and falsification.

One must never forget that just before the 2014 election came to an end, an influential magazine published a cover story with the title, 'God of Hate', with a Modi picture.

Modi must not stop, and decimate this gang.

The only fear is that assertive Indians often fall prey to the same old Prithviraj Chauhan syndrome.

Not this time, please.

Tarun Vijay, former BJP MP, was the chief editor of the RSS weekly, Panchjanya, for 20 years.

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