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Dybbuk review

November 01, 2021 16:40 IST
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Emraan Hashmi's latest outing is NOT worth watching, complains Namrata Thakker.

A remake of the Malayalam supernatural film Ezra, Dybbuk -- starring Emraan Hashmi and Nikita Dutta -- is neither spooky nor engaging.

The film revolves around a couple Sam (Hashmi) and Mahi (Dutta), who experience paranormal activities in their new home.

To redecorate their house, Mahi buys an antique wooden box but she gets possessed by an evil spirit as soon as she unlocks it.

Mahi starts behaving strangely and keeps seeing a female ghost when she is alone in the house. She confides in Sam, but he refuses to believe her.


Soon, Sam has an eerie experience himself and that's when he feels maybe their house is indeed haunted.

The couple is unaware about the box being the cause, but when Father Gabriel (Denzil Smith) visits them, he recognises the wooden box and tells Sam it is a Dybbuk.

According to Jewish folklore, a Dybbuk is used to capture unsatisfied or unhappy souls.

Father Gabriel reveals that Mahi is possessed by the spirit which was in the wooden box. So now with Father Marcus (Manav Kaul)'s help, Sam and Father Gabriel decide to save Mahi.

The folklore concept would have been interesting if the makers had paid attention to the script and come up with an intriguing storyline.

But that's hardly the case.

Also, a horror movie heavily relies on good sound effects and VFX, both of which are sadly missing in the film.

The female ghost that appears in the movie is very amateurish as are the spooky scenes.

It seems as if the makers were in a rush while filming them.

The backstory behind the wooden box is so boring.

Dybbuk has nothing to offer story wise.

It is neither scary nor captivating.

Emraan is decent, but he hardly has anything to chew on.

Nikita Dutta is strictly okay and so is the rest of the cast.

An actor like Manav Kaul could have been given a better written role; his talent is simply wasted.

Dybbuk fails to keep you hooked to the screens.

Dybbuk is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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