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Who does Neeraj Kabi in Pataal Lok remind you of?

By Radhika Sharma
May 19, 2020 14:36 IST
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'He was once a hero. He was the poster boy of investigative journalism.'
'Then suddenly, because the TRPs of his channel were down, his boss decides to sack him.'

IMAGE: Neeraj Kabi plays television anchor Sanjeev Mehra in Pataal Lok.

Before Neeraj Kabi took on the role of a television anchor who escapes assassination in Paatal Lok, he was eyeing the part of Inspector Hathiram Chaudhary in the Web series after he read about the fascinating journey the character goes through.

It was Jaideep Ahlawat who eventually played the washed out cop who lands the case of a lifetime when four suspects are nabbed in the assassination attempt of Kabi's Sanjeev Mehra.

Kabi, best known for films like Talvar, Ship of Theseus and the Netflix series Sacred Games, said the Amazon Prime Video Original series was a "dream project".

"I was waiting for a good show on Amazon and Paatal Lok had all of it -- good script, story, and cast. It joined all the dots beautifully," he says.

"I remember I got attracted to Hathiram's character first. 'Kya kamaal ka character hai ye Hathiram ka, kya likha hai'. I thought 'What a journey he is going to go through.' I was not even looking at my own character," the actor tells PTI in an interview.

But then he began reading his 'Macbeth-like' character who rises to power at the cost of his integrity.

"The writing and the arc were beautiful. The series begins with Sanjeev's downfall. He was once a hero. He was the poster boy of investigative journalism. Then suddenly, because the TRPs of his channel were down, his boss decides to sack him. He's a slightly broken man who later decides to fight back."

IMAGE: Neeraj Kabi with Swastika Mukherjee who plays his anxiety-ridden wife Dolly Mehra in Pataal Lok.

Paatal Lok is a neo-noir show, which takes a deep dive into the hinterland India in the form of an investigative thriller, while talking about crime, politics, the caste and class divide.

Creator Sudip Sharma (NH-10 and Udta Punjab) found the germ of the nine-episode series in Tehelka magazine founder Tarun Tejpal's 2009 novel The Story of My Assassin.

Kabi says the show only drew the basic idea from the book and Tejpal, who is accused of sexually assaulting a former woman colleague, is not associated with the series.

"The whole plot that this is a story about the four people who are into crime and you are trying to take us into their personal, human world. Not their world of crime, we are telling you how it all began," he adds.

Kabi said unless it's a biopic, he doesn't draw inspiration from real-life characters. He has played Mahatma Gandhi in Shyam Benegal's 2014 television series, Samvidhaan.

"For example, if I'm playing Gandhi, it's going to be everything about him. But if it's a profession like journalism or engineering, I never take one character because it's too limited a vision," he says.

"What I took here was the entire concept of journalism. I read on the country's great journalists in the 1990s and understand their philosophy, mindsets and what made them had that courage."

The 52-year-old actor says at one point of time, the viewer will come to empathise with the people of 'paatal lok', a metaphor used in the series for the lower class who have been referred to as 'worms'.

"People from the Paatal Lok are not always criminals. They might perform the crime or be connected to it, but there are another loks (classes) -- dharti (middle) and swarg (upper) -- which initiate that crime," he explains.

"The doers are different and the creators are different. That's the dichotomy of the series," he adds.


IMAGE: Neeraj Kabi in Pataal Lok.

An acclaimed film and theatre actor, Kabi gained popularity as the corrupt DCP Parulkar in Sacred Games, a series which was a fight to finish to save Mumbai from a nuclear attack.

The actor agrees that both Paatal Lok and Sacred Games share certain doomsday undercurrents, but both shows have their own identity.

"They have those undercurrents. In fact, Sacred Games had it in a very, very big way. Having read the script, there are certain sensibilities over there. But I don't believe that one show supersedes another," he says.

"Sacred Games was a great show and had its own time, so is Paatal Lok."

"People might feel that because now comes another amazing series. Each of these shows has the power to stand on its own. They are magnanimous mountains of work. I don't think they were made to outdo anyone."

In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, the situation is grim and Kabi believes the audience will react to a gritty, graphic thriller like Paatal Lok according to their sensibilities.

"Some of them are finding it as a great relief to see something wonderful under lockdown at home. I have got responses from people saying that 'anyway things are not good outside and now to see a show like this it's really pulling me down and I'm feeling emotionally low', even though it is a great watch.

"This is bound to happen because the show is coming out at a time when things are very grave outside. We are living in very poor times. Times when people are falling sick and dying. This is not just an incident, it's a phase of humanity we are going through. We have never faced this. How people see wars, we are seeing this time," he said.

Next for Kabi is a mainstream Hindi feature film with a leading female actor and a Hollywood Web series.

He had begun shooting for the series in March, but the project is on hold due to the lockdown.

"That's a wonderful project and a nice role. I'm very happy about it."

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Radhika Sharma
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