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'We are very frightened for Aryan now'

October 20, 2021 17:56 IST
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Photograph: Sunil Khandare/ANI Photo

Minutes after Aryan Khan was denied bail once again on Wednesday, October 20, Subhash K Jha spoke to one of Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan's close friends who said the couple had reached the end of their tether.

"It has all become very Kafkaesque. Why is Aryan still in jail? Why is he being denied bail?" the friend wondered aloud.


After the latest bail rejection, Aryan's mother is "inconsolable".

"There is nothing we can say to her, no consolation to offer, no hope... What can I say to her? That all will be well? It sounds hollow even to my ears."

"Frankly, we are all very frightened for Aryan now. He has never spent a day in such a hell hole. Will he able to survive? The danger to his life is not extraneous. Will Aryan be able to cope with the exigencies of jail life for so long?" the family friend sounded genuinely shaken.

How is Shah Rukh's state of mind?

The superstar is not meeting anyone.

"There is no conversation. He has clammed up. He is trying to figure out his next move," the friend sounded unsure.

Earlier on Wednesday, the close friend of the couple had told Subhash: "Neither Shah Rukh nor Gauri are very devout. But when it comes to our children we all become god-fearing and superstitious. Aryan's parents have been praying a lot. They haven't been getting much sleep. If their son doesn't get bail today, they wouldn't know what to do."

"They don't know what exactly their son is guilty of. They just want him home," the friend added.

"They want Aryan to be under house arrest for at least two months. No parties, no late nights. Not even outings with friends. Aryan will have to be very careful of the company that he keeps from now, and his parents will make sure of that."

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