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Sunny-Bobby's Revelation: The Men They Called For Help

November 02, 2023 13:03 IST
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The new episode of Koffee With Karan 8 features the 'unapologetic' and the 'unassuming' Sunny and Bobby Deol.

From talking about their highs and lows to discussing their father Dharmendra's much-talked-about kiss in Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, the Deol brothers were a laugh riot on the show.

Mohnish Singh takes a look at major highlights.

The Thunderous Success of Gadar 2

Sunny Deol admits he had no idea Gadar 2 would turn out to be such a huge blockbuster at the box office.

"Obviously everyone wanted the film to be a hit. I had an idea the film would do well but how well, I had no idea," he said.

He added he was "crying" and "laughing" at the same time after seeing people's reactions to the film.

Sunny said Bobby and his father Dharmendra could not understand what was happening to him. He wished everyone should experience a success like that at least once in their life.

Dharmendra's Kissing Saga

Dharmendra locking lips with Shabana Azmi in Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani was one of the film's highlights , which drew polarised reactions from different sections of the audience.

"Dad can do whatever he likes and he gets away with it," Sunny says.

Bobby added that if there had been some other actor playing his dad's role, it would have not worked.

No Bound Scripts, Please!

Sunny Deol revealed he was dyslexic and so was not fond of reading scripts. That affected him post the arrival of corporate studios around 2000s.

"After Gadar released in 2001 and became a phenomenal hit, my struggle started after that," he said. "I could not get the roles I wanted. I could not get the scripts I wanted.

"After 2000, the world started changing more rapidly. The corporates came in and suddenly those producers who worked with passion, disappeared."

At one point during the conversation, he added, "I am not so fond of bounded scripts; I have never read a script."

The Highs & Lows

Bobby Deol bravely opened up about the low phase of his career and how he ended up finding solace in alcohol.

"I gave up. I started pitying myself. I just took on drinking a lot. I was sitting at home. I used to keep cursing and saying, 'Why don't people take me? I am good. Why don't they want to work with me?'" he said.

He added that he became so negative about everything that there was no positivity in him.

"I used to sit at home, my wife worked," the actor said.

The Turning Point

Bobby, whose next release is Animal, said the turning point came when his son questioned about his lifestyle choices.

He recalled, "Suddenly I heard my son saying, 'You know mom, papa sits at home and you go to work every day.' Something snapped in me. I just said, 'No I can't. It was a slow process, when I got out of it. It took me time to get into the right mind frame to become okay. It can't happen overnight."

Bobby revealed he asked Salman Khan for help in his career.

A Call to Akshay Kumar


Talking about the clash between his film Gadar 2 with OMG 2, Sunny revealed that he had called Akshay Kumar and requested him to push the release date of his film but the Khiladi Kumar said that nothing was in his hand.

"Obviously, I asked him. I said, 'Please don't do it if it's in your hands'. But he said, 'No, the studio and all...' He said he was told two films can release simultaneously at the box office without eating into each other's business. I said, 'Okay, go ahead, I can just request, I can't do anything more than that," the actor added.

What does Sunny Deol DISLIKE about Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan?

Sunny revealed that he likes the fact that Shah Rukh is extremely hard working but what he dislikes about his is that the superstar has made actors into commodities.

Talking about Akshay Kumar, he said he likes his punctuality but he is doing too many films.

About Salman Khan, Sunny said, "He is a very good human being but he is making everybody into a bodybuilder. He wants everyone to be a bodybuilder."

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