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Step inside the Bigg Boss house

By Rajul Hegde
Last updated on: September 17, 2018 11:42 IST
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Welcome to the Bigg Boss house!

The Bigg Boss house will have a beach theme in its 12th season, reports Rajul Hegde for

"Last year my wife Vineeta and I went to buy a house in Goa. We did not buy the house but my wife told me that next time, the Bigg Boss house theme should be about going to a beach house," says Omung Kumar who designs the house yet again this year, along with his wife.

Bigg Boss was launched in Goa, perhaps in keeping with the show's beach theme.

It's a challenge to design the house every time, says Omung, adding, this season, the highlights of the house are the shells and colourful surfboards.


There is a huge beam in the centre of the house, and that always poses a problem to the design team.


"We have used the beam as a big tree with wooden pieces, which goes into the ceiling with a lot of lights and shells hanging," says Omung.


The set is designed in such a way that it gives three different lightings during the day, the evening and the night.


The house will have twin-sharing beds as well as single beds.

The bedroom flooring will look as if one is walking on the surface of water!

"From the outside, the bedroom gives an underwater view, where you can see marine life," Omung says.

Omung Kumar gives a tour of the house.


"I wanted sand in the bathroom, but we can't do that, so we made a vinyl cutout in such a way that it looks like a beach," Omung says.

The footsteps going into the sand will be a talking point later, he feels.


Luxury time for the contestants.


"We have storage area separately this year. I used to get upset seeing the mess created, with regard to keeping their stuff," Omung says. "I used to tell the team that Salman Khan should yell at them to maintain cleanliness."


Beautifully done mirrors.


A colourful living area.


Sea horses, paddles and boats hung on the walls and ceiling in the living room.


A wall in the living area has pearl-like shells, which will glow in the night.


Shells, star fish, sea horses and fish decorate the door handles.


A corner for a love story waiting to happen?


Paintings adorn the windows.


A cozy nook for the contestants.


The Confession Room has a closed and compact bohemian look.

The seat, this time, is thorny.

"The look and feel is like a danger zone because you are talking to the Big Boss," Omung says.


The kitchen has a cafeteria feel, with a lot of wood work and colourful crockery. The platform is in the shape of a boat.


A round dining table is used possibly to encourage mealtime conversations...or fights!


"We have played with boats," Omung says. "There is a 'conversation boat' in the garden area, one used as a shelf, and one is on a ceiling, which becomes a light pattern. There is a boat at the entrance wall with shells on it."


The jail has a dingy look.


Omung took two months to design the house, with "200, 300 people" working on it.


There are 89 cameras in the house.


Swings have been added to the garden area.


What much did this cost? "I can't talk numbers; we always go over budget," Omung exclaims.


The swimming pool.


The open-air gym for the contestants.

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