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Step Inside Sunil Grover's Home

December 25, 2023 09:47 IST
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Comedian Sunil Grover and his interior designer wife Aarti welcome us into their beautiful home.

The third episode of Asian Paints Where the Heart Is is filled with laughter, warmth and captivating stories from their lives.


"Home is where you meet yourself. So this is a very special place," Sunil, seen here with Aarti, says.


"I started with a one room kitchen apartment, which was rented. I was equally happy. But then after two years, maybe three years, I added one bedroom and next year, one more bedroom," Sunil narrates.

"It doesn't matter how many bedrooms or carpet area you have. You should be happy. I was equally happy when I was living in a rented apartment and I'm happy to have a home in Mumbai."


The entrance wall features a larger-than-life floral mural, complemented by a wooden dining table. The space in enveloped by rich wood accents and features a double-height wall with floor-to-ceiling windows.


The expansive windows allow sunlight to dance across the room.


Sunil feels like a 'king' when he sits across these windows and takes in the view.


The kitchen has 360-degree rotating windows and open up into an unobstructed view of the balcony.


Moroccan tiles resemble a rangoli design. Vibrant upholstery and abundant sunlight create a perfect fusion of creativity and functionality in their home.


Sunil has a passion for reading.


He also collects the scripts that impressed him.


His TV room, with special soundproofing, holds a special place in his heart, bringing back fond memories of his voice-over and recording days.


The upper floor has a panoramic view of Mumbai. Standing on his balcony, he can see the places he's lived in and can trace the milestones as he moved along to reach better heights.


A better look at the balcony.

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