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Sonu Sood has a message for trolls

September 25, 2020 13:56 IST
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IMAGE: Actor Sonu Sood with the buses he organised to take migrant workers to their home states during the lockdown.

Sonu Sood's phenomenal work helping people in the last five months, has earned him the description 'new-age Mother Teresa'.

But the trolls have not spared him.

He has been subjected to vicious trolling with his work been called a scam.

Sonu remains unperturbed and charitable towards his haters.

"They also need to run their kitchens, so it's okay. Let them do what it takes to earn their living while I do my work," he tells Subhash K Jha.


Sonu has a requested for the trolls.

"I request them to share some percentage of money that they earn from their tweets with the poor and needy."

But doesn't the misguided attack dampen his spirit?

"I am not doing what I'm doing to earn brownie points. Trolling is their job, so they should be good at it. I feel them must be having their own reasons and responsibilities."

"Everyone can't be perfect. God bless them and make them wiser."

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