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Meet the lesser known people behind Justin Bieber's concert

Last updated on: May 11, 2017 22:03 IST

The idea of a concert sounds exciting.

All we care about is the experience of the concert and the artiste performing.

But what we normally ignore is the amount of work the security staff, policemen, house keeping staff, doctors and others put in to make sure everything is smooth sailing.

As we entered the venue around 4.30 pm, we meet the people who were there during the concert not to enjoy but to make sure that we all enjoy without any hesitation.

Pravin, Prajakta, Manoj, Chaudhary and Vijay, all policemen, were stationed inside the venue near the entrance. They were at the venue since noon. Certain reports had stated that if needed, some policemen's weekly off would be cancelled.

"There is nothing of that sort," they clarified.

"We haven't had any trouble till now," they added.

They kept themselves well hydrated. "We are taking water time to time. We have had our lunch too."

They would wait at the venue till the last person left the concert.

The planning of the event was going on since the time the application of the event was given to them.

Crystle and Gloria were waiting at the red carpet, escorting guests and celebrities.

"We would be there and in the VIP lounge." They weren't Justin Bieber fans. "But we don't hate him," they said.

The caterers were dressed in black and ready to serve guests at the Royal lounge.

Barol Dias, Joel D'Souza and Arnold were at the beverage counter. "We have been here since 8 am," they said. But they weren't tired. In fact, they were having fun too.

Are they Bieber fans? "Not that much," they said after a little hesitation.

They were expected to be around until 11.30 pm. "We have to wind up after the event."

Doctors were also present at the venue.

"Since the concert is happening in the month of May, there will be a lot of heat and people can get dehydrated easily. There will be a lot of people since it's Justin Bieber," said Dr Amit Komne (with the walkie-talkie), the head of the ICU and the critical care team.

They weren't expecting heart attacks but girls can go crazy, he joked.

ICU facility was also available, one at the backstage and one in the middle.

There were 70 odd doctors from the nearby D Y Patil Hospital, who were posted inside the venue, with the crowd, VIP areas, backstage and outside the venue too.

Was he a Bieber fan? "No, I haven't followed him as such," he said.

They have been preparing for the concert for a month, making sure nothing went wrong. They had teams ready at the venue and also at the hospital.

Dr Vishal and Dr Vineeta were at the venue since morning.

"We have been told that 60,000 people are coming. Even though the show hasn't started, we already have complaints of vomiting and dehydration," said Dr Vineeta.

Dr Vishal added, "We have tried and covered all bases, making sure everyone is taking care of." But the ratio is still one doctor to 500 people.

From the dean to the juniors, the D Y Patil team had volunteered for the concert.

Are the doctors Beliebers too? Dr Vineeta doesn't wait for a moment to think, "I am totally a Bieber fan." She had bought tickets to the concert but she gave them away.

Dr Vishal isn't a fan.

We spot two men sitting in the lobby.

Shankar Ram Gondhare and Sriram Sakharam Jadhav were from the D Y Patil stadium housekeeping team and have been working there since five years.

Initially, they were shy but opened up soon. "Be it a match, concert or anything, we are always here," they said.

They wanted to see the concert too but work was their priority. Usually, their duty is from 9 am to 6 pm but today was an exception. "Today we will have to wait till midnight."

Kumbar Ali was selling soft drinks inside the venue. He's been there since 6 am and would be there till the concert ends.

He was selling a medium sized glass for Rs 160. "Outside, the rate is Rs 150. Rs 10 is what I will get and that much I will have to earn."


Kalpana and Megha were stationed before the entry to check the bags of the people attending the concert. "We are here since 7 am. We are tired."

But they had a long way to go before they could head home. They had to wait the concert would get over.

Since they are present during cricket matches too, we ask them how different the concert is from that. "It is very different," said Megha, "This is better and much sorted. We have to check everything thoroughly during matches but this wasn't like that." 

They too didn't know much about Justin Bieber.

Photographs: Rajesh Karkera/ and Dominic Raja/

Jahnavi Patel / in Mumbai