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Ganapath Trailer: Been There, Seen That

October 10, 2023 10:24 IST
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Tiring to see Tiger dash from one dumb action sequence to the other, sighs Mayur Sanap.

After their debut film Heropanti in 2014, Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon reunite for Director Vikas Bahl's ambitious sci-fi actioner Ganapath: A Hero is Born.

It boasts of action, romance and a futuristic set-up. Yet, Ganapath feels like several Tiger Shroff films slapped together.

The little over two minute-long trailer gets us right into a dystopian landscape as a voice over introduces to Tiger's messiah-like character, Guddu.

The actor walks into the frame in slow-mo, and his chiselled abs are introduced even before the face reveal happens.

As expected, he quickly breaks into action sequences and does herogiri antics.

He falls in love with Kriti, who is also seen doing stunts. We get a glimpse of Amitabh Bachchan's mysterious senior citizen.

A Star Wars-esque anti-hero then appears with a robotic cheetah (!!).

As the trailer continues, Tiger fights it out with his adversaries and transforms from Guddu to Ganapath to save his people from atrocities.

Who is this villain? What's his motive?

Why is this civilisation going through despair?

Why is Ganapath the chosen one?

With these questions, the story draws similarities to Prabhas-Deepika Padukone's coming film Kalki 2898-AD, which features Bachchan in a similar role.

The Ganapath trailer feels soulless and empty. It wants us to be awestruck, but in spite of all its masala efforts, it looks so bland.

It's tiring to see Tiger dash from one dumb action sequence to the other. Time for him to attempt something new?

Kriti looks stunning, but this movie feels a step down for the actress who was reinventing herself with a performance-oriented film like Mimi and new projects like Do Patti and The Crew.

While the film's dystopian backdrop is mildly intriguing, the rest looks like a trite rehash of everything we've seen before.

Ganapath is set to release on October 20.

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