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'A Film Is Bigger Than Me Or Anyone Else'

May 30, 2024 13:05 IST
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'I am ready to go an extra mile if I have to. My pain or personal problems don't matter.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Divya Khossla/Instagram

Acting, directing, producing -- Divya Khossla has experienced a wide spectrum of cinematic activity.

At this juncture of her career, Divya is more keen about acting and coming up in theatres on Friday, May 31, is Director Abhinay Deo's action thriller, Savi: A Bloody Housewife.

Co-produced by her husband Bhushan Kumar's T-Series company, Divya plays the title role in the film that shows her in a completely different light.

"There's a lot of untapped potential within me," Divya tells Mayur Sanap/ "It is still to come out."

You once spoke about not getting a chance to prove yourself as actor. Do you see Savi as that opportunity?

I am grateful for each and every opportunity in my career.

Of course, in Savi, I am playing a very different character.

In my last film Yaariyan 2, I played this cute, bubbly, girl. That's how I am in my real life.

In Savi I am playing a housewife whose life turns upside down after a tragedy and how she finds strength within herself and goes against the entire British judicial system.

When I heard that Mukesh sir (Bhatt, the film's co-producer) was planning this film, I pleaded with him to give me the chance to play this character.


IMAGE Divya Khossla in Savi.

What are your quirks as an actor on sets?

I totally believe in not spending time in a vanity van. I stick around on the sets till all my shots are complete.

I have been a director myself so I am aware of the hassles that a director typically goes through during the shoot.

I am an actor who would make my director feel very comfortable.

IMAGE: With Savi Director Abhinay Deo. Photograph: Kind courtesy Divya Khossla/Instagram

Something you learned from direction that you apply in your craft as an actor?

I strongly feel that a film is bigger than me or anyone else.

I am ready to go an extra mile if I have to. My pain or personal problems don't matter, because it is not an easy task to make a film.

For this film (Savi) especially, my director Abhinay Deoji was very good.

We worked non-stop for 45 days in the UK in extreme weather, but he made it seem easy for all of us.

You've donned multiple hats in your career. What's been the most satisfying role for you?

I am a creative person, so being on the sets makes me very happy. It is literally my happy place.

I can't pick just one role, my work in general has been very satisfying to me.

IMAGE: With husband Bhushan Kumar. Photograph: Kind courtesy Divya Khossla/Instagram

You are married to one of the most influential men in the Hindi film industry. Do you think people take your achievements for granted? Does it ever bother you?

It is always difficult for women to prove themselves.

When I got married, my husband was not this successful. He had his own journey and I am on my own journey. We have become successful through hard work.

It might look easy from the outside to people, but ultimately it is your journey.

My mother taught me as a child that to become extraordinary you have to put in extraordinary efforts.

I have always put in all my efforts, and my work will always speak for itself.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Divya Khossla/Instagram

Is there a talent of yours that you think is still unproven?

There's a lot of untapped potential within me. It is still to come out.

I have a lot of hunger within me, and that's what keeps me on my toes all the time.

Are you open to doing films outside your home banner?

All the films that I have done were outside productions. It's just that T-Series produces 90 per cent of films in the market.

I did Satyamev Jayate 2 with Nikkhil Advani's Emmay Entertainment.

Yaariyan 2 was with Rao and Sapru Films.

Savi is Mukesh Bhatt's production.

(The afore mentioned films were co-produced with T-Series.)

I am looking forward to my next, which is a Telugu film, Hero Heeroine, produced by Prerna Arora.

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