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Bigg Boss: 'I will not justify my relationship with Eijaz'

December 04, 2020 09:24 IST
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'In the week before I got evicted, Eijaz and I became really close.'
'We did not leave each other even for a minute during the day.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Pavitra Punia/Instagram

Actress Pavitra Punia started her journey in Bigg Boss 14 with much promise.

Her 'romance' with Eijaz Khan was interesting to watch as well.

Unfortunately, her sizzle fizzled out and she was eliminated from the show.

She looks back at her stint and tells Senior Contributor Rajul Hegde, "The time spent with Eijaz in the Red Zone was the most amazing."

You came on the show with a bang. You were among the strongest contestants. But you have hardly been visible in the last few days.

I was not feeling well.

Plus, my good friend Aly Goni said a few things during the tasks that (something) triggered in me.

Whatever he said came as a shock and it affected me.

I wish I could have done the tasks better, but my health did not support me.

My journey was beautiful but the disgusting fights used to ruin the beautiful moments.


IMAGE: With Eijaz Khan in Bigg Boss 14.

You started off on a good note with Eijaz Khan. The audience got to see romance brewing between you two, but things turned sour after a point. Some people even felt your feelings were was fake.

The feelings were genuine.

He is not a small guy who will fake it for the show.

Those feelings will stay.

From day one, it was a real connection.

We knew that we would understand each other in the show.

In the week before I got evicted, we became really close. We did not leave each other even for a minute during the day.

We had many disagreements during the tasks, as we had to play for ourselves.

We didn't interfere in each other's game but we stuck to each other for support.

I will not justify my relationship with Eijaz to anyone. But our attachment or fondness was not fake.

Will you continue your friendship outside the house?


Photograph: Kind courtesy Pavitra Punia/Instagram

You bonded with Rahul Vaidya and Abhibav Shukla.

Rahul is fun loving and a chilled out person.

From day one, Abhinav and I were kitchen partners.

He is the one person I can't speak ill about because I respect him a lot.

What about his wife Rubina Dilaik?

Initially, I didn't understand Rubina.

Later, Eijaz, Abhinav, Rubina and I spent a lot of time together. That's when I got to understand her better.

She is a strong-headed and stubborn person, but in a positive way.

I really like her.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Pavitra Punia/Instagram

What are your good memories of Bigg Boss?

The time spent with Siddharth Shukla, when he was in the house for two weeks, was wonderful.

Hina Khan is a gem of a person.

I never knew she could be so sweet and understanding as well as strong.

I used to share everything with her in the first two weeks. She would treat me like a kid and guided me well till the end of her stay in the house.

Of course, the time spent with Eijaz in the Red Zone was the most amazing.

The moments with him after our fights were so beautiful. I am going to cherish that forever.

Towards the end, he had started taking a stand for me. That gave me so much happiness.

Salman Khan would make fun of you during Weekend Ka Vaar.

I loved it when he pulled my leg.

I don't know why people felt that he was making fun of me in a bad way.

For me, it was a sweet gesture.

He used to mimic me.

He would give me that screen time.

My name coming out of his mouth was like mujhe to jannat mil gayi, aur kucch chahiye nahin.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Pavitra Punia/Instagram

How much will Bigg Boss help your career?

I will take a break from television for a while.

I need to focus on Web series, movies and music videos.

Sumit Maheshwari has been talking about your marriage to him, and how you cheated on him. Your ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra has also accused you of cheating on him. He also claimed that you were dating him during your marriage.

I don't want to comment on that because I will bring out with my statement on the matter.

These things are not important to me.

I am enjoying the happy memories of Eijaz in the house.

I am supporting him from outside the house.

That news is not bothering me, so you should not get bothered.

That is my personal life. I would not let anyone enter my personal space.

If someone wants to ride on my success and use my name for publicity, they may continue doing that.

I have no problem with that because it is their kitchen and if they want to cook the filth, let them.

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