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Bigg Boss 14: 'My fights with Rubina were not staged'

February 23, 2021 11:00 IST
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'We still don't know how the fights started, so we have promised that we do not want to take this forward.'

Indian Idol Season One finalist Rahul Vaidya was among the top two finalists of Bigg Boss 14, but he lost out to Rubina Dilaik.

Rahul came across as easy-going, but would get agitated with those whom he thought were fake.

He had fights with Rubina and Abhinav Shukla.

Besides Aly Goni, the singer could not connect with any other house mate on an emotional level.

That was the reason he made a voluntary exit from the show after Aly's eviction.

But he got a second chance and made the most of it.

"I came with the sole intention of winning a new fan base and that has been achieved," he tells Senior Contributor Rajul Hegde.

You were so close to winning the Bigg Boss 14 trophy. Was it a déjà vu moment for you, as it had happened to you during Indian Idol too, when you lost out to Abhijeet Sawant?

It was not déjà vu because that was 15 years ago and I have evolved as a person.

I was so heartbroken after I lost Indian Idol, but I am fine today.

I have learnt with time that you have to win with dignity and lose with grace, and I have always implemented that in life.

I came with the sole intention of winning a new fan base and that has been achieved.

I proposed to my girlfriend Disha (Parmar) through this show and she said yes.

My mom and my girl were a little sad and I feel bad for my fans because they wanted me to win.

It has been a fantastic journey, and I have cherished every bit of it.


Did you see the kind of love you have been getting on social media?

I started this journey with 180K followers.

In four months, I am at a million.

I am not a television actor, so much love coming my way makes me humble.

That's what we live for, right?

Actors and singers just want fans and love.

Was walking out of the show midway one of the reasons why you lost the trophy?

Not at all.

I feel people relate with your entire journey and forgive your mistakes.

As Salman Khan sir said, both of us were at par, but somebody was just a bit ahead.

Gauahar Khan had also left the house for a couple of days in her season, but she managed to win.

I had a weak moment and I walked out.

I own my decision.

Rubina and you would always squabble in the house. Will there be a bond outside the house?

My fights with her were not staged nor was my friendship with her staged.

We got two hours by ourselves while we were waiting for the finale.

As we were the last two, we had to speak to each other.

We still don't know how the fights started, so we have promised that we do not want to take this forward.

The show has come to an end so have our fights and differences.

Did you feel that Rubina had a superiority complex?

I do not want to comment on this because that was part of the game.

She has said a lot of things about me, and it's over now.

I wish her all the best in her professional and personal life.

The most memorable moment on Bigg Boss 14?

When Disha came to meet me, with all the band baaja, it was a memorable moment.

Also, when I re-entered the show, I felt so good.

Everybody was like, 'Why did he come?' I loved that moment.

Did the 'bhagoda' tag ever get to you?

Initially, it did.

Then, I was like it's a show, people are going to use words to bring you down.

After a point, it was okay.

Is marriage on the cards with Disha?


Hopefully, by June-July.

She is the best thing that has happened to me.

I can't wait to start my life with her.

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