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Bigg Boss 15: Why is Devoleena so ANGRY?

December 09, 2021 15:29 IST
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Is Devoleena being betrayed?

The episode begins with the contestants getting ready for the Ticket To Finale task. While the VIP members are the sanchalaks, the non-VIP members will challenge each other.

As the task begins, Devoleena Bhattacharjee tells her co-VIPs Rashami Desai and Rakhi Sawant that they should disqualify the entire first round because Nishant Bhat wasn't climbing correctly.

They agree with her and Devoleena announces that no one is the winner in the first round, leaving all the non-VIP members fuming.

Everyone tells Rakhi to play for herself. Umar Riaz advises Rashami to use her brain and not just follow Devoleena blindly in the task.

Since Tejasswi Prakash was the ideal winner in the first round, she's annoyed with the VIP members and says she doesn't understand why no one is using their brains.


Bigg Boss announces that the VIPs can't cancel the task and deducts Rs 10 lakhs from their prize money.

The VIP members are then asked to unanimously remove one of their members from the task.

Nishant, Tejasswi, Umar and the others make fun of Devoleena for not understanding the task correctly.

She, on the other hand, declares that Abhijeet Bichukle is out of Ticket To Finale task.

This leads to a big argument between the VIP members. Abhijeet attacks Devoleena and the latter loses her cool.

Rashami tries to calm her down. But Devoleena and Abhijeet still get into an ugly spat.

Ritesh, on the other hand, rudely yells at Rakhi when she tries to make him understand the game from her point of view.

Shamita Shetty doesn't like Ritesh's behaviour towards Rakhi.


Karan Kundrra is willing to do anything to win the task. He even tries to get Tejasswi out from the game by destroying her bag, which is being carried by Pratik Sehajpal.

Umar makes a deal with Rakhi and, when he wins the second round, he removes Ritesh from the Ticket To Finale task and saves Rashami, Rakhi and Devoleena.

Later, Devoleena apologises to Abhijeet and tries to clear things out with him.

In the garden area, Karan and Umar strategise about the task.

Karan wants Rashami to be saved as the game progresses; Rajiv Adatia and Shamita want Rakhi to win from the VIP team whereas Nishant and Pratik want Devoleena to be safe.

Karan approaches Tejasswi to sort out their differences.

Karan asks her why she didn't discuss her game plan with him instead of talking to Nishant and Pratik.

Tejasswi defends herself, but Karan is not convinced. Tejasswi says Pratik treats her like his little sister, but Karan doesn't treat her well.

Abhijeet and Rakhi discuss the game. He warns her that Devoleena will definitely backstab her as she and Rashami are a team and have been playing together since the beginning.

Pratik talks to Rakhi, Ritesh and Devoleena about the Ticket to Finale task. He tells Rakhi that Rajiv will betray her at the end and save Rashami.

Everyone makes it clear to Devoleena that Karan and Umar want Rashami to win at the end and will therefore remove her from the task.

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