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Bigg Boss 13: Say hello to the new wild card!

December 03, 2019 14:21 IST
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While Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s exit was upsetting for Rashami Desai, the television actress isn’t feeling lonely any more as her boyfriend Arhaan Khan is back on Bigg Boss 13. 

The episode starts with Asim Riaz, Shefali Jariwala, Himanshi Khurrana, Vishal Aditya Singh and Rashami Desai planning to steal the rashan.

Asim shares the information with Hindustani Bhau.

The next morning, they get worried because Bigg Boss has not sent the rashan for the week.

Paras asks Sidharth Shukla about it, but the latter gets upset. He asks everyone to stop discussing the rashan, as he isn’t the one responsible for it.



In the evening, Bigg Boss announces a task called Nazarandaz.

Eliminated contestants Shefali Bagga and Arhaan Khan perform the task along with Madhurima Tuli.

They also enter the house as wild card contestants.

For the task, the housemates have to ignore the new members when they arrive.

If the contestants react, the wild card entrants will win and will be declared safe from eliminations.



Arhaan enters first, and tries his best to get a reaction from Rashami. He fails.

It is Madhurima’s turn next, and Vishal has a big smile on his face, seeing her.

But he does not react much and neither does anyone else.

Since Shefali knows most of the contestants, she aces the challenge and gets a reaction from Shehnaaz, Paras and a few others.



After the task, the housemates welcome the new wild card contestants. Rashami especially is ecstatic about Arhaan’s re-entry. He goes down on his knees and declares his love for her.

Everyone cheers, except Sid and Shehnaaz.



Madhurima is initially nervous but starts introducing herself to everyone.

During dinner, Shehnaaz and asks about her relationship with Vishal and what went wrong. She discusses the same thing with Vishal later.

Before heading to bed, Madhurima and Vishal have a word and their conversation doesn’t go well.

Guess the ex-lovers are going to make each other’s journey inside Bigg Boss challenging!



Rashami and Arhaan have a chat too, and he asks her why she is being so friendly with Sid when she can’t stand him. He asks her to up her game and not come across as confused.

Now that Arhaan is back, will Rashami find her form again? Tell us your thoughts in the message board below!


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