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Bigg Boss 13: Now, Rashami is upset with Arti!

December 24, 2019 15:24 IST
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Monday’s episode turned out to be fun, as stand-up comedian Sunil Grover shared the stage with Salman Khan.

The Bharat actors indulged in some friendly banter and entertained the audience.

Grover also went inside the house disguised as Salman and grilled the contestants hilariously.

After all the drama on the weekend, Grover’s presence was like a breath of fresh air.

After his exit, Salman played a few games with the contestants.

Salman announces that Arhaan Khan and Vishal are in the bottom two, and picks the former to get evicted.

Hearing this, Rashami Desai gets emotional.

But just when Arhaan is about to leave, Salman calls everyone back inside the house through MeTV and states that no one is going out this week.

However, the nominated contestants will remain the same and the votes will get carried forward.



At night, Sidharth is angry because Arhaan threw tea at him after his altercation with Rashami.

Paras Chhabra asks him to chill and stop poking other people too much.

The next morning, just when everything seems normal, Mahira Sharma decides not to make breakfast. This creates a ruckus.

Shehnaaz feels Mahira is doing this just to create a scene.

Arti takes on the duty to make the breakfast.

The situation turns worse when Madhurima decides not to wash the breakfast dishes.

Arti loses her cool and gets into a nasty fight with her.


Later, in the bedroom area, Rashami also fights with Arti as she did not stand up for her against Sidharth over the weekend.

Arti tries to explain her point of view but Rashami storms out.

Arti doesn't allow it, and the fight continues, even as everyone else looks on.

At night, Sid advises Arti not to get affected by the drama, as he did not say anything wrong to Rashami and proved that in front of Salman.

Another fight erupts between Madhurima, Shehnaaz and Shukla, as the former says Shehnaaz loves both Paras and Sidharth.

This irks all three, and another fight breaks out.


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