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'SBI, HDFC are fundamentally strong cos'

November 28, 2006 14:45 IST

PRANAV SANGAHAVI says, Good afternoon people. Welcome to the chat. Let's begin.

Gaurav asked, Can u suggest some large cap stocks which can be bought today to invest for long term(3-5 years) ??
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could look at RIL, TCS, INFY, Bharti, SBI, L&T with a long term outlook.
VINEET asked, Hello Sir.Do u think its time to Invest in Century Textiles
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, If your outlook is 6 months and over, yes you could invest into the stock at current levels.
qasim asked, will the markets trade in a range-bound mode this week?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I think the markets performance will rely a lot on how the US markets do this week atleast. If the weakness which started with yesterdays fall continues even today, we could see a correction in our markets.
Anurag asked, Hi What is your take on the short, medium and long term direction of the markets
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, As I said in my previous reply the short term outlook will depend on how the global markets perform especially the US markets. In the long term I think our markets are pretty much intact. No foreign money also is in a hurry to leave the Indian shores.
rkshankar asked, The unitech shares are going up in geometrical proportion on average 25 to 50% in a month . It is being quoted at more than Rs.509/- now. How far will it go? Shankar
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, The only scary part of Unitech's meteorical rise is that it moves up in circuits. There seems to be no consolidation phase at all. But relying on the recent news developments it could be looked at. But beyond a certain P/E ratio it will become expensive.
KAPS asked, Hello Pranav,Can you suggest me some stocks which i should buy even at such a high figures at sensex.I want to invest for a period of 3-5 years and can take risk.Should i invest in TCS,Wipro,satyam,Infoysys at the rates available today on a long term basis.Also can you suggest me some good mutual funds where i can invest in SIP.This is the second week i am asking you a question and hope to receive some guidance from you
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Hi Kaps, If your outlook is for 3 to 5 years you should surely not be bothered by the high rates. The market looks to grow steadily over this time frame. The stocks you have suggested are good but I would also look at the frontline in the cement, banking and infrastructure sectors too. As far as SIP is concerned chose a fund which is a Large-cap, Diversified Blue Chip fund and you should be safe with a long term plan.
Rocky asked,  What is you view abt VIP and Blow plast merger and its values. Is it good time to buy VIP or Blow plast stocks
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I would like to study the transaction before I would comment on the same. But but companies should fare well in the retail boom that we are seeing. Also the indirectly linked travel sector is also mushrooming.
vmathew asked, what is the immediate trend of the market
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I think I mentioned it just a few queries earlier.
iseeac asked, how much correction do you see at 14000 level
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Please understand that corrections are healthy for the markets and one should not be scared of them. Infact, if you are a long term investor then it should be time to buy. The markets could correct up to 5% to 7%. But one should keep in mind the fund flows into our markets have been very strong in the current month. I think a little over US 2 billion.
KING asked, hai, i have some 2000 shares of accel frontline taken at IPO at rs.75/- each, can i hold the shares or to sell at current price of around 62+ , will i get my money of atleast 75 during around a month or so,,, please advice
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I am sorry, I do not follow the stock so will not be able to help you.
bhola asked, What is your view to buy RPL, ONGC at this level, I am first time investor please suggest some good stocks to invest. I want to invest for long time say 2/3 yrs
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I have recommended a few stocks in my previous replies, please refer. RPL and ONGC with a long term view could be looked at.
prithvi asked, can we expect a correction in mid december ? if yes upto what level ?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, No one can predict the exact timing of a correction but it will come even if it is a short 2 to 3 day one.
Manjul asked, I have 250 shares of RCVL. How can I dispose them off? Why are they currently not being traded?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I am assuming you are referring to Reliance Communication Ventures? They are being traded and are quoting around Rs. 420 odd. You need to speak with your broker.
Tulu asked, How do you view the Tea industry for the current financial year. I am invested in Harrisons Malayalam. What is your outlook for it.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, The Tea business is a cyclical one and you should be watchful of the demand supply and price movements in the commodity markets.
saif asked, Good afternoon Pranav,Please can you suggest some good stocks for a long term investment.I am a new comer in this and have 100 reliance petronet and 10 reliance communication shares with me.Which are the fields i should invest to have a strong portfollio.Should i invest now or wait for the market to come down.many anylst say that the market will drop down in december and rise again.Please suggest.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Good afternoon Saif. As I mentioned earlier, Tech, Cement, Infrastructure, Banks could be some of the sectors you could look at with a long term outlook. And stick to the frontline stocks in these sectors.
bhola prashad asked, What is your view for RPL, TataSteel, ONGC. Can I buy at this level. I am first time investor and want to invest for say 2/3 yrs
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I think I just answered your query.
prabs asked, wat is ur say on FCS Software Solution.shl i buy it or not?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I do not follow that stock sorry.
Anurag asked, Why can't I see Pranavbhai?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Maybe you could refresh your browser.
Rocky asked, Good after noon pranav :) Good to see you
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Good afternoon Rocky, good to see you too.
Shake asked, wat abt balrampur chini in the long term perspective(say 1 year)?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, In the short term the sugar stocks may not outperform the markets. If the government lifts the ban on exports we could see the stocks rising.
arun asked, can i start investing around 10,000/month in SIP's now. i know the markets r bullish now, but wud it make sense to invest now? do u suggest any?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, If you continue the investments for about 3 to 5 years then yes you could.
Againstodds asked, Hello Pranav, Stock market is a zero sum game, who actually is making money these days? How a retail investor's perspective differs from an institutional investor.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I beg to differ. People are making money. FII's with their bigger financial strength are making more than other segment of investors as they have the power to actually move markets as we saw in May/June correction.
Manjul asked, I have Praj Inds for Rs.206/-. What do I do - hold or sell at current levels becoz they seem to hv got stuck up in the 190s?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I would hold and if you have some extra liquidity you could buy more with a long term outlook. THey are performing well and look to continue to do so.
iseeac asked, should one buy bajaj auto at these levels
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, With a long term outlook yes.
pandey asked, how good do u look at ion it a good buy
angesh asked, what is the future of uti contra fund & leadership (uti)
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I would need to look at their current porfolio to be able to comment on the same.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could hold.
hitesh asked, sir when is the listing of parsvanath developers. Is it good to sell on listing or a long term prospect. Pls. advise...
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Construction stocks are making new highs every week. I would hold on post listing.
PKB asked, What is the short term prospect of Dabur India at current price?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, It looks good.
priya asked, hi sir, do think it is the right time to invest in DCM Shriram const.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Hi Priya, they have announced some development plans. One should study the balance sheet and invest.
Gaurav asked, wht do u think of US economy getting slowdown....wht impact can it make to indian stock market and is fed going to cut interest rate to compensate that in near future?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, It would marginally impact India. Infact India with it's robust GDP growth rate would attract more funds. The Fed may cut interest rate at some point but I don't think in the near future.
Sureshji asked, Hi PRANAV ! HOW ARE TOU ? Yesterday Diamond shares were in comanding position . is there anything cooking there. how is Suraj
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Hi Sureshji, basically there is a feeling that demand for gold and jewellery shall increase with the growing economy. I have not heard anything about SUraj Diamonds in particular.
Manjul asked, I had bought the stocks of ROHIT FERRO with much expectations during the bull run in May, but seems that I have made a big loss on that scrip. What do u say, Sir?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Book your loss and switch to a growth stock.
guns asked, I am holding 33 stocks of Patel Engineering at Rs.440, what do you think the prospects of it. should i hold it or sell it ?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I think it should do well in the future in the long term.
PKB asked, Any suggestion for margin trding for today??
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, No, I dont give recommendations for day trading, sorry.
rkshankar asked, What is the safest p/e ratio for unitech. Now it is around 105 I believe.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, P/E ration of the exchange is between 15 to 18. So maybe around 20 times could be safe for a construction stock.
NAGESWARAN asked, sir can hold torrent power or to sell whcih quoted today
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, In the short term it may not perform well but as it's growth plans come into play it shoudl do well.
shyam asked, What is about RPL ?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You should see significant jump only after 2010
after the commercial production begins.
KING asked, hai, i have taken hyderabad industries at rs.315, do i need to hold that or can be sold at current price of around rs. 275, is there any price increase u expect in the near future?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could hold on. You should see your price again in the near future.
KAPS asked, thanks for the answer Pranav.Ur suggestions are really valuable.Can i contact you regarding some suggestions besides this chat.You can answer my queries whenver you have time.If yes can you give me ur email.Thanks once again
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You are welcome Kaps. I am glad it has helped you. You could contact me on the email id provided by Rediff. Thank you.
radhav asked, wat u think abt fed. bk can u tell immediate sl and tgt
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I am assuming you are referring to Federal Bank. You could lhold on to the stock.
asif asked, what is about lanco infra i allout of 50 shares i hold or sell plaese sugesst me
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could hold on.
anil asked, I,Have been incuring heavy losses in sbi & Nifty futures.I am on the short side. Should i roll over my shorts Regards Anil
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, SBI is a strong stock with a long term outlook. I would not carry forward that short beyond the correction.
Light-House asked, Was this "correction" expected/ or is it a sign of things too come?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, It will depend on how the global markets perform over the next couple of days as there is no negative news from our markets at least.
john asked, How does the future look for EID Parry.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, It is a fundamentally strong stock. You could hold on.
Manjul asked, When are the allotments going to be made for PARASNATH developers and when is it going to be listed?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could check the website of SEBI to get that information.
Shankho asked, I have Balarampur Chinni @107/-. Should I hold the stock or take stop loss ???
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, If you are speculating on the governments decision about the ban on exports then you could hold on. Or else you could book a loss and switch.
Swarajnath asked, Sir, Please tell me the future of Reliance Nature Resource Ltd. I have 600 unit of RNRL. Should I retain it? SwarajNath
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could hold on.
uttam jain asked, what is feature of pionner emrodery. hakoba his premium brands. what is target in near features.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I do not follow that stock sorry.
greenbuck asked, Hello Pranav, Stock market is a zero sum game, who actually is making money these days? How a retail investor's perspective differs from an institutional investor.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I answered that same query earlier posted by another chatter.
ashish asked, pls advise me on hindalco
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could hold on with a long term outlook.
raaj asked, whatz your take on bartronics?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, If it continues the performance as promised then it could do well.
ashish-28 asked, i have taken 15 shares of ITC at a value of 193 per shares. Please advise me
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, If you have bought with a 1 year outlook you are fine. In the near term it could cross that price. Hold on.
ashish asked, i have purchased GMR in IPO pls suggest what should i do at current levels.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I would hold on. It is a promising infrastructre stock.
murali asked, i got 600 shares of teledata informatics at the rate of Rs.20.00. Sir, Please advise me whether to sell or buy to average it. urs advice is wanted.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I would sell and swithc to a frontline tech stock like Wipro or TCS.
Rocky asked,  Hi Pranav, What is your view on Agro Tech food in this sector space, Is it good buy at around 88? Also please let us know your mid-cap picks? thankxa
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Yes you could look at the stock.
sksingh asked, what do you think of gujarat ambuja futures. I have short sold at 142.50. should i hold if value comes down or sqaure off my position right now. thanks for your kind advise. regards.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, If you have shorted in anticipation of a correction due to the fall in US markets then maybe once you see a profit you could square your position. But over a longer term I am bullish on the stock.
sidhartha asked, what is your view on aarti industries. The HDFC Top 200 has a stake in it. It fell pretty badly in last 6 months. At 30 levels, does it appear worth investing in. I am an extrmely long term investor.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could invest with a long term outlook at current levels.
amm asked, how is Shobha developers ipo??
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, From the prospectus it looks good but we will have to see its performance over the next few quarters.
vikash asked, i have 200 shares of greavescot bought at 322.what is its short term prospect
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could hold on. All the Thappar group companies are witnessing a steady rise.
bach asked, I have bought 200 Sundaram Fastener for Rs139.what is the prospect?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I think you could hold on with a 1 year outlook.
bach asked, I have bought 200 Sundaram Fastener for Rs139.what is the prospect?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I think you could hold on with a 1 year outlook.
gauravpth asked, Hi Pranav, what are the prospects of Hindalco
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Hi Gauravpth, although being a metal commodity stock I think it has good prospects with a long term outlook.
sidhartha asked, Considering that Insurance will do well in India in long term, what are the best picks for a patient investor - Max india, Exide, ING Vyasa, SBI,Bajaj, HDFC (all have insurance subsidiaries)
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I think SBI and HDFC are fundamentally strong companies. As far as the Insurance sector not many are making profits besides the state run LIC.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could hold on with long term outlook.
bharat1978 asked, I have MTNL @186 what should I do? Sell it, hold it or average it? Please advice.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could hold on with a longer term outlook.
gauravpth asked, what's the outlook on adlabs
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I think with ADAG taking a controlling stake and large expansion plans it looks good.
sunilreddy_g10 asked, what about the F&O expiry , i have some long positions in i-flex can u comment on this
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could always carry it forward to the next month if you are bullish on the scrip.
Naimesh Patel asked, Hello Pranav, I had GUJ Alkalies@156. What should I do ?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Hi Naimesh, you could hold on.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Switch to a frontline engineering stock like L&T.
rkshankar asked, Whether Adani Exports can be compared to Unitech? Upto whst level the share price of Adani exports is expected to go up in the near future?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, One cannot compare the two as they do not have identical assets. But Adani is also planning to get into large scale development and it could fare well once the projects get completed.
Shake asked, wat abt buying hcc today?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, You could look at it.
ram asked, Hi Pranav How is IVRCL how much it can go up
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, In the long term it should give you good returns.
mahesh asked, Hi..Which is better ? investing in shares or going for mutual funds. If shares then what companies offer good returns in long tem and if mutual funds then which is better ?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, If you have the time to devote to the markets then you could invest directly into the markets. If not the Mutual Funds route is the best alternative.
IA asked, Respected Mr Pranav,what is your opinion on Air Deccan IPO'S in the long run?Are they worth going for? Thank you for your time with us. Jai Hind.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Dear IA, you could look at it but airline businees is tricky and you have to constantly watch its results and other factors like fuel prices and competition.
yogi asked, hi pranav, how about sanjeevani parentrals. i bought at 45 and now it is around 33
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Hi Yogi, sorry I do not follow that stock, so will not be able to help you.
Jitesh asked, Sir, I am holding 50 shares of MSK project @43.50. Can you please tell me whether I hold it or sell it?
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Sell it and switch to a frontline stock.
ashishtulsan asked, hi i have invested in Cipla and ranbaxy at current level how do u see this stocks
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I think they are sound investments and could be held.
pd asked, Hi Pranav after a huge fall in may market is moving higher and higher ..Is it due to fundamental or a market hype or any hidden reason
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, I think it is for the fundamental reasons and strong inflows of FII funds. A May type fall looks difficult.
sangeeta asked, Hello, How do you rate Areva Ltd. I had entered Areva when it was 845 in march and now its at 921. what is your recommendation.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, Hello, it is a good stock to hold on. If you have a long term outlook it should give you good returns.
pd asked, what is the prospect of Satyam
PRANAV SANGAHAVI answers, It should grow at 30% per annum as per the companies guidance. One could hold on.
PRANAV SANGAHAVI says, Well its time for me to leave. It has been great chatting with you guys. Hope to see you'll next week. Bye.

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