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This article was first published 18 years ago  » Business » 'TV Today will blossom'

'TV Today will blossom'

April 26, 2005 17:08 IST
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sriramanv : Ramesh, Are you satisfied with your favourite Nucleus Results?
Ramesh S Damani : Hello everybody thanks for joining. Let's start. Nucleus results were excellent. They had a great quarter.

vatsalshah : Hi Sir again thank you for ur feelings for small investors like me. Sir i just wanted to know bt 2 companies last week but u said u will look those sir today 1 compny of that names bayer diagnosticks moves 50 rs in 2 days sir have u looked it?
Ramesh S Damani : Mid caps are coming strongly. Not seen the details yet.

AayushBpl : Good Afternoon Sir..Liquor stock..we all make a good proft in liquor stock..tahnks to uUBH/Mohan Mikins/Mcdowell/Khoday..Is any one still worth to buy at CMP in ur view..?
Ramesh S Damani : No new ideas in liquor at this point.

kalyan : Mallya has said that UB holdings will have 70% of UB spirits, which he values at 10000cr. Now that comes to 7000cr for UB holding. If the market decides then each share of UB holding will be more than Rs.3000 isn't it? Rameshji, though this looks like a wild dream, it is not something impossible don't you think?
Ramesh S Damani : That would be a dream come true but it is too premature to talk such numbers.

RKumar : VIP/BLOWPLAST:- With merge of VIP and blowplast almost certain, what do you think lies ahead for these stocks. VIP commands 75%(60% + 15% of universal luuggage) market share of organized scetor in india. So It is clear leader in domestic market.After acquistion of Carlton last year, they are also looking for acquistion of Delsey. It may enhance their presence in international markets. Do you think VIP has the potential to give great returns in medium to long term horizon.
Ramesh S Damani : I think they are doing well and would have synergies with changing.
srinivas : Good evening sir! What do you think about TV18 now. Is there any steam still left in it or should we book the profits? Also what is your view on NDTV now after the recent happennings?
Ramesh S Damani : I like both the stocks. Sardesai leaving is a blow to NDTV.

sanujkadavil : sirwhat kind of medicine you given to mallya to change his business strategy. now he also talking about valuation of his overseas peers like the korean liquor companys 3$bilion valuation. i think the complete credit goes to ramesh damani, now only he realised the value of his big apple -MCDOWELL
Ramesh S Damani : Maybe he should send us a free ticket on Kingfisher Airlines

sanujkadavil : sirnucleus end up with a strong note, 5.3rs eps for q4 and 13 RS FOR FULL FY05. DID U GOT ANYMORE FROM THE MANAGEMENT ON FY06 GUIDANCE
Ramesh S Damani : They are quite upbeat.

baracuda : are yu a trifle dissapointed by macmillan although the first qrt is always sluggish their bpo business has not shown impressive growth this qrt even after getting 2 large clients in the last qrt your comments please
Ramesh S Damani : Yes, this company does not deliver 2 strong quarters in a row..

vatsalshah : Sir whasts ur views on linc pen and tvtoday in longer term? Sir one company names clariant india which recently bought by templton sir any views on that?
Ramesh S Damani : TV Today will blossom once FDI in braodcasting comes. Linc pen is a niche bet.

amur : Good evening sir, since the government is planning to give thrust on Agriculture related productDo you have any picks in this sector and if yes which are those scripts.
Ramesh S Damani : Look at VST Tiller and Swaraj Engines

RameshDamaniFan : Sir, I have been wanting to ask you since long....Don't you think the quality of programmes that come in CNBC TV18 are far superior than NDTV profit programs? NDTV profit channel has mostly the same news that comes in NDTV 24x7 or some fashion or cooking program!!
Ramesh S Damani : particularly wizards of Dalal St(Ha !)

kans : Do you still retain your bullish view on Balmer Lawrie - the stock moved over 40 % since you had last spoken about it !!
Ramesh S Damani : Yes, I am waiting for the results though.

vatsalshah : Sir whats ur vies in vst ind after the excelant results delivered by company?
Ramesh S Damani : Stock is cheap and dividend is good. I would recommend holding on.

Shashi : A Company declares excellent results. Next day it is buyers freeze. You are not advised to sell. Subsequent day it is below last days price freeze levels. What shd. be strategy when such situation arises ?
Ramesh S Damani : Why worry about day-to-day price movements.

JesseLivermore : I know Crisil is an old story but it seems Basel II will mark the real growth spurt in Crisl's business. Its no coincidence, as recently pointed out in an article in BS, that S&P's open offer for Crisil came the same day as RBI announced the Basel II norms w.r.t the indian banks. Current market price, or 200 M$ for the leading Rating agency of the II biggest market in the world is a really really cheap acquisition for S&P. I'm sure they are laughing all the way. Any current views.?
Ramesh S Damani : McGraw Hill have great plans for Crisil. I sm sure it has a bright future.

Srikanth : Sir what is your openion about BEML ?. Do you think we can buy at this level ?. According to BSE website Rakesh junjunwala had picked up these shares recently. Also please give your openion about Mercator lines.
Ramesh S Damani : BEML will have good earning over the next few quarters. I own it.

MAXDXB : sir what about optic circuit, they are planning GDR issue, And use money for new takeovers and R&D centre in banglore, But Still stock is not moving up, I remeber it was once your fav stock? Is it still one
Ramesh S Damani : Stocks can not keep moving up. It has had a great run.

Prabhu : Sir, what may be the swap ratio for the mcdowell share holders in United spirits, is it 1:1?
Ramesh S Damani : That will be decided by valuers.

RKumar : SANDESH/TV TODAY :- I think u are bullish on this bcoz of FDI in media. However at present sandesh has less than 1% foreign holding and tv today has 7% foreign holding, despite 26% FDI limit. Do you think increasing FDI limit will really impact much on TVTODAY and SANDESH as the Foreign holding is still way below the permissible limit of 26% ???
Ramesh S Damani : FDI limit should increse. That would be a big boost.

haywards : Good evening sir are u bullish on any telecom cable stocks like Rpg cables, Torrent cables, Finolex cables If yes which are those and If u were to pick one which one would u pick out of these 3 stocks. Your valuable views pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
Ramesh S Damani : My sense is you could look at Torrent Cables.

FAnsBhopal : SIr last time u told about water & logistic..does Mount everest still a good buy/hold Or will u suggest any other company in water.One pick in Logistic after a decent in ur valuable opinion.
Ramesh S Damani : All logistics are moving well. Look at Balmer, Gati and TCI all are near 5 -10 yr breakouts.

Anant : Congrats on the new show WIZARDS starting on 29th. Will we be able to see the text on Moneycontrol? Could you please suggest that to them as it would be a great help if people are travelling overseas and hence without access to CNBC. tv18.
Ramesh S Damani : I will tell them. Also they will come out with a DVD of al the shows. Thanks for watching.

ahmedabadguy : Mr. Damani do you track Siroplast( an M&M auto ancilliary) company???
Ramesh S Damani : They are getting big orders.

NeerajAggarwal : Hello Sir, May I know your views on Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited. The CDM Project of the company will begin to yield very strong revenues of minimum Rs 100 crores plus Per Annum from 2005 end. If u don't track it at present, I believe that this should be on ur radar. Regards. P.S. Kindly answer my question coz the company makes Refrigerant gases....Which keeps ur Liquor cool.
Ramesh S Damani : Unfortunately I do not follow it. It has had a great run, so congrats.

baracuda : arvind products has delivered a bad set of numbers the loss has increased signifinactly althogh sales are higher expenditure has gone up signifacntly ifeel this co will take a very long time to deliver the management also has a habit of raising capital again and again would yu continue to hold
Ramesh S Damani : Patience
is a virtue as you know. Look at the market cap at this point.

cooldude : Sir, Borosil (502219) 12% up since last week, did u study it? its subsidiary gujarat borosil has gone up 25%. 20 cr. market cap, 180 cr. net asset value, glass is a growing business, capacity recently expanded, debt acquired by ARCIL, what do y think? pleaaaaaseeeeeeee answeeeeeeeeer
Ramesh S Damani : Unfortunately I can't follow all stocks. I hope all of you are learning to catch your own fish.

Siva : Sir, would you please help me out in give the details of where generally are the popular investment/trading books available in Mumbai. I am from Delhi and could not find them. Please help. I intend to obtain them.
Ramesh S Damani : The list is in previous chats. You could order from Strand Book Stall or Oxford books in Mumbai

neha nath : sir am a college student who also works at a call centre , have a small saving and would like to invest it in the stock market .. would you make any suggestions.. I can hold on to it for a long time ..Thanks in anticipation
Ramesh S Damani : Good luck. No names but look at transcripts for ideas.

sn : Sir, I purchased GAIL at around 230 in Feb 2004, last year on your suggestion. It is more than one year and stock is still down fron the price I purchased. I purchased it keeping it in view of 5 year and is still confident it will move up from the price I purchased. What is your suggetion?
Ramesh S Damani : I am bullish on it.

JesseLivermore : I was amazed to see a wary and scared Kishore Biyani in Business Today w.r.t FDI in retail. For a man who thrives on competition, and who single handedly broke open the organized retail market, that's strange. I guess its the monetary power of Walmart, Carrefour & Tesco that worries him more than anything else as he's still not reached critical mass and has a debt heavy balancesheet. FDI of 49% in retail, how does it seem, sir?
Ramesh S Damani : It would be a problem for all retailers once Wall Mart.

kusum : Encore Software has been picked by Ramdeo after Tarun and Ramesh made investments and now that the co had secured good orders from army, Mahindra and it is set to make roars in the street. So far acceptance of simputer itself was a problem but having established one and secured good orders, Encore in on its way to begin new chapter in the product world your views pl.???
Ramesh S Damani : It is still too early to be too confident. My guess is that they will start perfroming from next quarter.

cooldude : Sir, what about about mount everest? is this correction an opportunity to buy? can We buy it at 33?
Ramesh S Damani : Look at it after Q4 results. Q4 results will be poor, I think.

Shashi : PL extend this chat show to 60 Minutes. 30 Min is too short
Ramesh S Damani : It runs 45 mins generally. After that I get tired typing.

Ranga : Sir,UB holdings,mcdowell,gati,nucleus,Balmer lawrie and aegis -all of your recommendations have done very well except fot the TV today network. Should one remain invested in the TVTNET @ current levels. What does the trend look like?
Ramesh S Damani : Stocks don't move up because I recommend them. Please be patient in the stock market.

AayushBpl : sie ur not replying to my anu question why..?please comment on VXL Inst. as it is one of low priced stock
Ramesh S Damani : Keep an eye on it.

vatsalshah : Sir plz its my last question sir ru in favour to invest in paper shares? sir any ideas on jk paper? sir plz reply sir
Ramesh S Damani : No idea at this point.

sanujkadavil : sirwhats your call on GEOJIT, considering the emerging trend in indian commodities market.. fastly catching .. do you think the company well prepaired to tap the boominng commodity trading
Ramesh S Damani : I think they will do well.

bc : Sir, waht is your view on D-Link at theis point of time given the broadband revolution might just start ? Their only major competition here is Chinese. But the amrket is big. MTNL new triband service apparently is using their routers as well
Ramesh S Damani : I would keep an eye on it, the stock should do well.

bc : Are u happy with the Elxsi results? Are numbers on track? Valuations are at about 20 pe
Ramesh S Damani : Yes, valuation is ok. Dividend pay out is good. Mix of business is excellent.

SA : NUCLEUS : Are u going to add or continue holding old stuff , but nos. looks great , is it beyond youre expectation
Ramesh S Damani : I would add at current rates.

shikha : Sir, do u think that Balaji telefilms is still a hold or a sell?
Ramesh S Damani : I would hold on to it.

pawan : sir do you advise investor to buy reliance group shares after recent ipcl issues ? please sir.... reply this.....please sir
Ramesh S Damani : Despite the bad press, settlement seems close. This will lead to a price rise in the share. I own it

Shashi : I am a great fan of yours, following your advice for last few years. Why there is no episode on you as a guest in Wizards of ....It is very important to know about about a modest man like you.
Ramesh S Damani : Thanks for the kind words. I feel priveleged interviewing the guests and acting as a hand maiden to history.

vikrantgoyal : who is your 1 st guest on the new wizards of dalal street ...and who are the possiable guests
Ramesh S Damani : See the promo. They are new to TV land.

baracuda : just finished reading buffet - making of an american capitalist what a great book,now starting from tommorow the end of oil what are yu reading of late
Ramesh S Damani : It is a good book. The Ascent of Man by Richard Dawkins.

sanujkadavil : sirany idea on krone communication. some news that a foreign company acquiring and are looking huge expansion plans
Ramesh S Damani : I am studying it and will let u know.

sanujkadavil : sirwhy are u not coming to COCHIN. its a big blow for us. if damani is there cochin will see highest ever participaion in CNBC camps
Ramesh S Damani : Sorry I am going somewhere else. Do you live near Cochin?

hansraj : sir, apart from reading books what else one should do learn value investing
Ramesh S Damani : Patience and conviction.

SA : MCDOWELL : Finally mallaya said that Liquor stocks including his stocks are not getting right valuation in India because of some Taboos and he will be looking for listing in LSE / SSE . Is n't great news
Ramesh S Damani : That would be good news. But he has to produce profits.

ravi : Sir ur views on the prospects of Kingfisher Airlines? Do you think the concept of the "Kingfisher class" promoted by Mallya would take off in a highly cost-conscious Indian market that has shown clear preference to Air Deccan?
Ramesh S Damani : I am bullish on the guy running Kingfisher.

sanujkadavil : sirlast week i met with ur old frend porinju in cochin. he sold his ub holdings at 160. becoz mallya increases stake in ub holdgs in a wrong way. and says that is negative for investors , i told him some times these -ve news are going to +ve for investors.....
Ramesh S Damani : Yes. Good point.

sanujkadavil : sircochin is only 70km from my house, usually visits cochin , this city has huge potential , vallarpadam terminal is coming here. naval base is there, shipyard is there. BMW also coming. 21ct centurys indian city
Ramesh S Damani : I was in Cochin last weekend. Sorry I did not call.

Ramesh S Damani : Ideas dont come every week.

hansraj : sir do you have chat sessions only on rediff ??
Ramesh S Damani : Yes. Thanks all for joining. See you all next week. Bye.

pawan : sir r u afraid to predict sensex at this time ? why................?????????????????????
Ramesh S Damani : Yes, I am no good at predicting it.

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