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'Oil remains a concern'

Last updated on: October 21, 2004 17:11 IST
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Ramesh S Damani : Hello everyone thanks for joining. Let's start

skf : dear sir, good evening
Ramesh S Damani : Good evening.

Seema : Three Ques: 1. what do you think of Dr Reddy? 2. how is its generic grug pipeline for US doing? 3. Which one would you buy Ranbaxy or Dr Reddy??
Ramesh S Damani : Reddy's model is under threat.US co's are lisencing own copies of drugs. Rambaxy and Reddy are a tough choice at this time.

jatin : iam having lupin @670 what is ur call hold or sell?
Ramesh S Damani : Results may be flat this quarter.

profit : sir today market was up subsequently ? will markets correct in future ?
Ramesh S Damani : Oil remains a concern, otherwise markets would be okay.

Newbiesatstock : Sir Goldiam International has been rising for sometime now, whats your view on the stock from here on , do you see significant returns.
Ramesh S Damani : It seems to be trying to get out of the 60-64 band.

ASH : Why despite a dividend of Rs 16 per share Balaji Telefilms is flat
Ramesh S Damani : I think it is a buying oppotunity.

Ramesh S Damani : Looks good.

suven : I am a regular reader of your chat column.This is the 1st time I am putting a question to u directly.Pls answer.Can I have ur views on torrent cables.It is not at all moving up
Ramesh S Damani : You need to be patient in these stocks. Stocks don't move up because we buy them. Let's watch results for a couple of quarters.

Kiwi : Are there any zirconium mfrs. or re-sellers listed in India? I'm aware of the global boom in zircon products. thanks
Ramesh S Damani : None that I know of.

sanjeev : What do u think about HMT and Hindustan Organic (HOCL) after disivestment news from goverment?
Ramesh S Damani : These are companies with huge losses and poor prospects, so be careful.

VAVNATHAN : Mr.Ramesh, what about jagsonpal pharma, Nucleus software and Tata elexi, whether we can buy these sotcks at the current market price for 2/3 yrs. investment purpose?
Ramesh S Damani : I like Nucleus at current prices, I trade in it.

profit : sir can you please today give at least 5 good stocks for us ? its a long time sir ? please sir
Ramesh S Damani : I have nothing really new, I added. Nucleus, Swaraj Engines.

bpshah : what do you think about financil tech. at this price.
Ramesh S Damani : Seems a good bet.

jAWAHARLAL : sir, were you pleased with tata elxsi quarterly results? should we expect better performance in next few quarters as well as a healthy dividend?
Ramesh S Damani : Yes, results are on track. Q3 should be better. Dividend could be between 5-6.

VAVNATHAN : Mr.Ramesh, Your view on Sundaram, FDC, SKF, whether at the current marker price we can accumulate these stocks?
Ramesh S Damani : They all look good to me, I own 1and 3.

Sharma_new : Damaniji r u trying to avoid questions on Elxsi?
Ramesh S Damani : I dislike commenting every weekon stock moves. It remains a core investment in my protfolio, the rest is for you to decide.

Deepak M : Mr. Damani, Good Evening. Whats your view on Tata Honeywell in the short term
Ramesh S Damani : Bullish

Newbiesatstock : Whats the dope on tata elxsi the results were good , the stock ran up too much, is this one of those plays which has a good story but will do well quarter on quarter.also i was talking to someone a lot of the "good staff" has left the company earlier the animation arm of it and joint various other companies (utv etc) your views.
Ramesh S Damani : They are in a good mode for growth.with name they should be able to attract talent in animation.

gops : Sir, do you have any companies in the casting sector . Can u please give one dark horse in this
Ramesh S Damani : You mean like Bharat Forge.

wily : will i get the dividend if ibuy balaji tele now
Ramesh S Damani : They declare it, yes.

profit : sir after a sharp rise on godrej industries from 44 to 91 its is consolidating at 74 level ? what do you suggest ? cab go upto 150 in 2-3 years ?
Ramesh S Damani : I hope so.

sanujkadavl : SirMeeting with you, it was a great moment in my life. And your presentation was excellent on 5-MINDS THAT MOVED THE MARKETS But unfortunately I couldn't ask anything to you.I was totally panic, I had lots of doubts and questionsSurely next time I can talk to you more
Ramesh S Damani : Thanks for coming. I am sure you will do well in your career. Feel free to email any Q you may have.

amanshah : Mr. Damani is there any news on GATI ltd. counter has started moving in higher band.A friend from leading brokerage house sees it going to 50 levels atleast..any feed back
Ramesh S Damani : No feedack it is a cheap stock though.

VAVNATHAN : Mr.Ramesh, what about a company called Helios & Matheson information tech. ltd. they have announced 1:1 Bonus issue and second qtr. result are good.
Ramesh S Damani : No good info really.

shaman : sir what is ur opinion on Sona Koya Steering and Carborundum universal?
Ramesh S Damani : They both are doing well.

profit : sir markets had a good run up in the few months ? now after earning seasons are over do you see a sharp correction ? sir which sector will be the safest to invest ?
Ramesh S Damani : Tech seems the best bet since it's not exposed to oil.

VAVNATHAN : Mr.Ramesh, Thanks very much for answering all my questions and it is better to wait to buy good stock at the fall then to buy at high price?
Ramesh S Damani : No answer is right all the time. It is a matter of judgement.

sanujkadavl : SirUDAY KOTAK one of the most respected name in Indian investment banking, merchant banking, share broking, Asset management etc.The management is strong, corporate governance is excellent; investors should give a P/E of 15-18 to this emerging starKotak Mahindra Bank – is an emerging story in Indian banking space and has the substantial upside potential over the next 3-4 years. I think It is going to be a 5Bagger in 3-4 years Kotak Mahindra bank has 14 subsidiaries, and the bank holds majority stakes in most of the companies.Like- KMCC (75%), KOTAK SECURITIES (75%), Kotak prima plus (60%), OM KOTAK LIFE (74%), Kotak asset mgmt (100%) etc. at 120cr equity stock trade with a p/e of 13times to fy03 EPS and mkt/cap of 2300cr. This gives lots of opportunity in longer term; a conservative investor can expect a compounded return of 25-30% in the next 5years. And the management is very keen on shareholder value and should unlock the value like, floating of KOTAK SEC and OM KOTAK LIFE over p
Ramesh S Damani : You are on the right track. I've the share. Time to grow though.

Hitujs : Mr Damani Could you kindly suggest any listed Indian company with interests in the RFID space
Ramesh S Damani : I think Tata Infotech, Wipro, Infy will be doing some work in this area

amanshah : in auto ancillary pack banco products with excellent dividend yeild is not moving much...A good stock to accumulate??your views??
Ramesh S Damani : I think so.

gops : sir, i am taling about tayo rolls,magna electrocasting etc. any idea on these stocks and on the sector whole
Ramesh S Damani : They had good results today, but I dont follow them.

Newbiesatstock : Do u find it easier to trade in stocks you dont mind taking delivery ?
Ramesh S Damani : Delievery sometimes is a matter of conviction.

profit : sir please comment on tisco ? please reply sir . thanks in advance.
Ramesh S Damani : Profits should be good , so hold on.

sureshmakhija : sir ji good evening nice to c u on chta after long time as was bussy in my work sir seeing the sucess of four soft prodouct e supplu on logistic which is one of its kind in the world and its acceptance by acompanys how do u consider the future of four software plzz comment
Ramesh S Damani : I have some shares but I need to visit them to have a firm view. I would buy some at current rates.

sunrams : hello sir some time back you where favourable of Bank of Punjab what are your views now
Ramesh S Damani : You can initiate a trading position at these rates.

madhud : Ramesh - Who is the Ramesh M Damani we see on the bulk trades - related to you ?
Ramesh S Damani : Another guy, not me my middle initial is S.

profit : sir do nifty have the potential to cross 1850 in november ? do you think so ?
Ramesh S Damani : It is a barrier, technically.

michelle : Swaraj
Engines reported good results. Can I expect Rs 20 dividend this year?
Ramesh S Damani : I am hoping for a bit more.

chaatu : Sir, What are your views on Praj Ind? Can we still enter the stock at this level? PLZZZZ Answer.
Ramesh S Damani : Good company at a high price.

sureshmakhija : so sir when u r going to vist and what happened to u r visit to nelco do u got the appointment there
Ramesh S Damani : Did not get an appointment.

Hitujs : Would appreciate your views on Amex Info... interests in BPO apart from Biometrics...seems to be a good buy in the small cap..
Ramesh S Damani : Not sure about management.

simplify : any view on Venky's ? company has been paying consistent dividend..dominant position in the market..but very cheap valuations.
Ramesh S Damani : It's a good value buy.

sureshmakhija : sir according to u i m reading a lot i read all news paper related to finance and magazines and good books recomended by u but tell me one thing how to buy the company bcz on reading a lot u will get a lot of good companys how to select the best of then i m really confused by reading so much plzz show me the way thanx
Ramesh S Damani : It starts with confusion and ends up with light. By reading you are just building a database.

rjsvj : Mr Damani,How do you rate prospets of Federal Bank particularly after their row with ICICI Bank.Are they going to give promised bonus shares in near future
Ramesh S Damani : I think so.

profit : Dear Sir htmt & bharat electronics were your favourite stocks 2 years ago ? what are your view on these stocks at present
Ramesh S Damani : They have had a good run. However they still have some gas left.

macmillan : sir i am one of your favourite stocks. pls throw some light on me
Ramesh S Damani : Let's wait for the results, I remain optimistic.

Kiwi : With the lead prices at an all-time high, it is affecting the bottom-line of car battery mfrs. Now might be a time to pick some. Would you agree? Any firms that come in this category?
Ramesh S Damani : The best is Exide.

Anjali : Hi Ramesh, ur the hottest stock broker in town!!! We're a group of girls in NMIMS who follow you regularly :) Which is the latest prospective multibagger u've bought!
Ramesh S Damani : Wow! thanks for the compliment. Stock investing is a game of patience and conviction. I doubt you can make easy money from it. So i hope you are not trying to do that.

profit : sir can you suggest us wether trading in call & put option is good or not ? risk is high but investmnent is very low ?
Ramesh S Damani : Generally a poor idea.

michelle : long term chart of swaraj engines is very interesting. If it move above above 325, target could be Rs 800 in 1-2 years. Market cap is less than 5 times of operating profit. What do you feel sir?
Ramesh S Damani : You are on target. It looks good.

Anjali : I think the gujju community stays away from chicken companies, so Venkys will always have poor discounting.
Ramesh S Damani : They will, but we have enough other people.

Ramesh S Damani : If you are unhappy sell it.

jatin : sir what is ur call on tisco,hdfc bank and tcs ? hold or sell
Ramesh S Damani : I would hold on to all of them.

madhud : Ramesh - how will Nucleus benefit from the gMAC tie up; most people say that it has banking solutions and body shops
Ramesh S Damani : And solutions for NBFC like GMAC. They are well positioned at the time and I am impressed with Vishnu Dusad's integrity.

rks25 : Sir, Housing financing sector is doing well. Will you kindly your comment on SBI Home Finace? It is available at cheap price.
Ramesh S Damani : I am not sure of SBI H Numbers

kanchan : i purchased hitachi home appliances. what is the prospect... please
Ramesh S Damani : I did too, lets watch it for awhile.

sanujkadavi : SirHave you looked RADAAN T.V.? This is a company promoted by famous Tamil actor Radhika. The company is producing famous Tamil serial CHITTI. Also number of other serials. Raddan recently announced their entry into Hindi entertainment market. Also they are looking to enter the fast growing ANIMATION industry. And they have made an arrangement with a Singapore based company.They also have an film education institute . and conducting courses on acting, editing , etc.Promoters holds over 70% and FIIs holds 9% stake , including 3% stake by marc fabers matterhorn ventures. At 10cr equity , 2rs face value stock is trading with a mkt/cap of 50cr.I kindly request your view on the company………
Ramesh S Damani : I don't have a b/s to judge.

HARSHADKABHOOT : Please share your views on Cranes Software, Havell's India, KPIT Cummins & Matrix Labs. Thanks a lot.
Ramesh S Damani : They are all having a good year but geting on the expensive side. No great buy per se.

sanujkadavi : SirUb holdings latest shareholding pattern seeks winstar investment holds around 1.2% stake. winstar is a marc faber company. He bought it at 40 per share. Do you think marc faber betting ub holdings as a value buy or a real estate play.. I think he only invested a mere 1cr RS. But he think it is enough to make 50cr in 5-6 years.
Ramesh S Damani : Let's hope so. You can send him a e-mail.
michelle : I am based in Saudi Arabia and following your chat transcripts since last 3 years. I feel you are an unusual personality in stock market who talks sense and helps small investors to learn tricks of the game. God bless you !
Ramesh S Damani : Thanks, I enjoy the art of stock picking.

skf : sir your view on LIC Housing Finance
Ramesh S Damani : Bullish.

profit : sir i want to rule over stock markets ? how can i do it ? i am ready to work for 16-18 hours a day ? please suggest sir. i am a graduate ? please suggest sir
Ramesh S Damani : Start by reading 4 hrs a day for1-2 years.

rks25 : HMT is in tractor business and also in heavy industry. Can it be another BEML in future?
Ramesh S Damani : Too much of a legacy problem.

Ramesh S Damani : Look at earlier answer.

ven : Hi Ramesh..What is your view on Valecha engg.The co's holdings in jyoti stuctures + cash is rs.80 per share and biz is available at Rs.35 plus. Co. is in the infrastructure biz. pls comment
Ramesh S Damani : Sorry, havent looked at it.

profit : sir thanks for your reply. sir can you suggest me 2 books to study. please reply sir
Ramesh S Damani : See earlier chat for books recommended.

makhija : says, sir i want u r id and i know u will say that this right place to give the id sir mine id is sir plzz if u dont mind juts give me u r id if u have a time for this little fellow who is hard core fan of u r s thanx says, sir i want u r id and i know u will say that this right place to give the id sir mine id is sir plzz if u dont mind juts give me u r id if u have a time for this little fellow who is hard core fan of u r s thanx sir plzz reply
Ramesh S Damani : I'll try to send it to you.

Ramesh S Damani : They are doing well and should declare a dividend

Newbiesatstock : Sir which are some other companies you know of in which the sum of all parts are greater than what the stock is being traded at currently
Ramesh S Damani : Sure quite a few including Godrej Industry.

kanchan : please comment on my portfolio with cummins,pfizer,apollo tyres,hitachi and ficom organicmahavir
Ramesh S Damani : Looks okay.
profit :  sir i have searches your chat transcriptys from jan 2004 till date. i havent found. sir please give only 2 books please sir
Ramesh S Damani : One up on Wall St - Peter Lynchbull - Maggie Mahar

profit : sir only last question ? maruti ? please sir.. last question ?
Ramesh S Damani : No view at this time

Newbiesatstock : your view on the shipping sector, and your best bet
Ramesh S Damani : Large tanker capacity is coming next year, so prices will fall. Be careful. Thanks for joining and see you next week. Bye.

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