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Recipe: How to make Mango Mojito

May 12, 2014 10:20 IST

Recipe: How to make Mango Mojito


We had asked you, dear readers, to share your best mango recipes. Here’s a summer cooler from Rama Muralidharan.

Mango Mojito, a super cool summer drink you can enjoy even when mangoes are not in season.

Here’s the recipe:


Ingredients (Serves 1)
2 tbsp Mango Mojito concentrate
1/2 lemon cut in wedges
4-5 mint leaves
1 tbsp Crystal salt
200 ml. soda water

For the mango concentrate
6 raw mangoes
3 cups sugar
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp black salt
2 tbsp roasted cumin powder


Mango concentrate

  • Boil the raw mangoes in pressure cooker. Peel them and remove the pulp. Blend it smooth (without adding water)
  • In a pan boil 1 cup of water to make a thick sugar syrup adding the 3 cups of sugar. Let it cool.
  • Mix the sugar syrup, mango pulp, salt, black salt and cumin powder.
  • Store this concentrate in small bottles. Refrigerate for 15 days. You can freeze it in small batches for up to 6 months.


  • Chill a glass in the freezer. Wet the rim of the glass with lemon slice and dip the rim in crystal salt.
  • In the glass muddle the lemon wedges and mint leaves well. Add the mango Mojito concentrate. Mix well. Remove the lemon wedges.
  • Add the soda and ice and garnish with mint/ cilantro leaves.

Tip: You can use water instead of soda too.

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Image: Mango Mojito
Photographs: Rama Muralidharan
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