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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » What Models Eat

What Models Eat

By Rediff Get Ahead
November 24, 2021 12:39 IST
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Please click on the images for a look at what these models are eating.

IMAGE: 'Just feed this girl and she will smile all day,' Shubra Aiyappa captions this post.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shubra Aiyappa/Instagram


IMAGE: When in Goa, Hemangi Parte can't resist seafood.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Hemangi Parte/Instagram


IMAGE: Toshadaa from a recent holiday to Fort Kochi.
Scroll down to see what she enjoyed eating during her vacay.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Toshadaa/Instagram


IMAGE: Toshadaa's breakfast pic will make you drool.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Toshadaa/Instagram


IMAGE: Anjali Lama has brunch with fellow models (from left to right) Sanea Sheikh, Candice Pinto, Hemangi Parte, Aishwarya Sushmita.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Anjali Lama/Instagram


IMAGE: Priti Jana loads up on coffee.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Priti Jana/Instagram


IMAGE: Sucheta Sharma James enjoys paani puri.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sucheta Sharma James/Instagram



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